Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Future

His Holiness The Dalai Lama and President Elect Barack Obama,

Compassion & Hope,

Our Future.

Life has been an emotional roller coaster, the ups outnumbering the downs 10 to 1 or something close to that. What I'm trying to say is, Life's good. We Americans, actually, we, the Citizens of the World are about to welcome a new President. I know one man can't do everything, but it has to begin somewhere. Each of us doing our part. I won't talk about politics, there are many people out there that do already. So, I'll just say that I am proud to be an American today and so grateful that I am here to see it all happen,

history in the making.

So... the roller coaster...my husband arrived back home safely (UP), my daughter received her first acceptance letter from University (UP), I had my first picture published on Sunday in a National newspaper, The Los Angeles Times (UP) I was honored to receive b.o.n. (UP) and quickly became overwhelmed at the exposure (DOWN) but then everyone was SO nice (UP) and that made me really happy (UP,UP). Although it's still overwhelming, I am trying to come to this blog with the same intention that I always have. I want to be positive. I want to show Love. And I hope that my pictures will show beauty. Now if I could stop thinking of all those little tiny smiling faces under that follow thing. When I said in my profile I was a loner, what I really meant is I am a quietsitinthefarbackuncomfortablewithattentionkindofperson. Well, maybe I'm changing, it is in the air...
Mr. President

xxx lori


  1. The future is bright we can see light at the end of the tunnel! I believe that Barack Obama is definitely what this country needs. I've followed his great words and he is going to turn this turmoil around.
    We the people reviewed all the applications and elected the best person for the job. We have seen history in the making and it's because of us that it occurred. I'll leave you with some thoughts I had today!
    "Time is too slow for those who wait, Too short for those who sleep but for those who rejoice, time is eternity!" Let us rejoice in our day in history.

  2. I've just watched the inaugaration and just after got a text from my 23 yr old son in London, it said.... 'We now have a new President' And were British
    I think that says it all that if both my sons are seeing President Obama as a good thing then there is hope in the world.
    I think it was President Roosevelt said ( but could have been another one!) the only thing we fear is fear itself.
    Go America Go

  3. I just watched the inaguaration and have CNN on as background to my day...

    I am so excited to have a new fresh force in the White House. Obama has an energy that uplifts the soul. It is amazing how I feel like I know him and Michelle...just goes to show that he has really beleives we are all connected, we are all one!

  4. I have to echo the comments of others. I feel emotional and hopeful, and grateful today. I'm glad to be alive to witness this piece of history today. The future feels bright!

    As a side note, I love the photo! anyone know where it was taken? I live near Ithaca, NY, where the Dalai Llama has his US home base.http://www.namgyal.org/

    Happy Inauguration Day to all!

  5. I watched the inauguration in GERMANY on CNN, and like Fire Byrd from the UK, I also feel connected! It was a great speech. Up, up, up, Lori! And you can quietly sit in the back and STILL we`ll feel connected with you!

  6. your pictures ARE beautiful. they're full of grace, style, and iwannabethereness.

    your posts ARE positive. trust me, where i live three bullet holes in your doorway and not a scratch on your body is considered a good day. i love coming here.

    here's hoping that all that UP just keeps on comin'

    oh, and just in case, i am SO glad we've turned a political corner.

    even if Barack Obama turns out to be the worst President we'll ever have, today is a great day!

    don't ask me why - - - i may go on a rant.

    ok, . . .
    the last eight years were brutal.

    to paraphrase: the last eight years have left me depressed, paranoid, and suicidal, luckily i live in New York City.

    oh, congratulations on the recognition of your work.

    bye. :-)

  7. couldn't agree more with your admirable sentiments. congratulations on blogs of note.

    masterymistery at cosmic rapture

  8. couldn't agree more.
    love your writing and photos!
    brightens my day : )


    a *new blogger

  9. what is wrong with you multiculturalists, you think this racist negriod is going to solve all your problems? Our forefathers did not want a multicultural society! That is why the minorities didn't have the right to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. A day we can be proud to be an American. Nice post as always.

  11. I think that the future HAS to be better. Since we have hit the bottom things will certainly get better and I think the changing of the guard in the White House along with all the replacements the President is putting in place should really change things for the better!

  12. Just breath :)

  13. I'm a first time visitor to your blog, just wanted to tell you I love it and all your pictures are just beautiful....

  14. I'm enjoying your blog. Don't feel any pressure - just write as you always have. I admire your photography and your ability to share your life through blogging. Today was an awesome day. Everybody at work stopped for an hour and huddled around one computer in a stuffy cubicle to watch the Inaugaration. There were cheers, gasps, lots of clapping and even some dancing! GREAT DAY!

  15. you are a rare breed lori :) and embrace it. I am proud I had the oppertunity to witnessed history with so many others. I too am proud to be an American. Thank You for your postive outlook on life, and free spirit way of putting it out there for the rest of us to read. :)

  16. Good for you Lori, Growth is good!xx

  17. Bonnie-Lori, i just love your positivity as always.. xx

  18. Congrats on the blog of note thing.
    As an irish citizen of...well.. Ireland, I think Obama is totally what America needs, your country needs a face lift after all that Bush did! Nice blog...

    Lucy...teenage blogger...with no life...

    I hate to plug but any takers to read mine?

  19. hi Lori so glad the ups are winning! and congrats on your new President. we were watching yesterday - a great day x

  20. Doreen,a day to rejoice indeed.

    Byrd, i love that story and i told it a few times, love the Roosevelt quote!

    Momo,what a day.

    Diana, Happy I.D. to you too,yes, to us all!

    ok Geli, just get better and we'll go up together.

    Bare, thank so much for the very kind words.

    MasteryMistery, thanks alot.

    Vickie, I'm glad you've been enjoying!

  21. I really feel like the opinion of America, which has been so negative for so long in the rest of the world is finally changing

  22. Cute pic.


  23. Anonymous, what I believe is he is just a man and change takes time.

    Coachdad,yes it is! and thanks.

    bigtiger7, change is needed, the one thing most seem to agree with!

    sweet, good advice, yes, thank you dear.

    Ken, thanks.

    Tracy,thanks so much for saying so, your words are much appreciated.

    Bodaat, wow, thanks for the kind words, and yesterday..dancing sounds great!

    Nature, thanks so much!

    Natalie, right! so right.

    Karen, well, the feeling is mutual. I'll be right over!

    Lucy, thanks and i'll be over to see you too!

    Val, yesterday..great..so you were able to watch? will mail with news soon.

    Thanks everyone!
    xxx Lori

  24. Your blog header photo is beautiful!

  25. Keep breathing! And enjoy your morning run. Life is good and I am grateful.

    Congrats on being published in the L.A. Times. Wow!! That is an UP!!

  26. I read an article this morning and it said "President Obama", even just reading that phrase made me happy! I read a great blog that has a European's look on this great time in our history. It's not just Americans that are feeling this happen around us, to us. The link is under my Inauguration Day post. It's a good one. Glad you were BON and it lead me to your great blog and outlook!

    PS- I also LOVE the photo! I'm SO curious about Buddhism, but I'm embarassed to buy the "Buddhism for Dummies" book! Any suggestions for someone with a new interest?

  27. Nothing new to say but I can't help but to feel hopeful.

  28. Lori, thank you so much for the welcome and the joining my own little (very little) group of smiley faces.
    I think that- even when blogs explode and a sense of almost public forum takes hold- the personal and the people who really feel a connection with you will always win out.

    In regards to your new president...

    Here on the other side of the world its a great feeling to see the winds of change.

    I have had quiet a few friends, and a few partners from the states and its always been a touchy point with Australian friends- comments such as 'oh I can't stand Americans... look what they're doing in Suchandsuch, they don't care about the rest of the world...'
    Its great to feel this shift from the outside but also to feel that the American people are stretching, rubbing their eyes and saying, 'Oh hey we're part of a global community and we can use our power for good and peace!'



  29. Gia, thanks for the comment!

    Cam, thank you, i'll tell my husband, it's his pic(that's me in the front kayak!)

    Reya, yes! yes! you have the right advice, and thanks, the paper came out on sun, Chuck came home a few hours before!

    My frogs, thank you for the great comment. Buddhism...the first thing that comes to my mind is Pema Chodron. She is most clear in her thought and words. For me anyway. I suggest reading "When things fall apart". The title is not what it seems. Also "start where you are", you can find these and many more at shambhala.com.

    Tamara, yes and thats just enough :)I feel hopeful with you.

    Alexandra, Great! of course you have a lovely place! thanks for the kind words and for the story, one by one heh? we're getting there..

    xxx lori

  30. This blog is a piece of shhhhhhhhh......

  31. Oh Lori, I SO understand how you feel about the kind of 'spotlight glare' of attention! Oh yikes, it's kinda squirmy, isn't it? But remember that you bring your own special light to all those smiley faces on your follow thing! And we can't all fit round your kitchen table so visiting your blog is the next best thing to being there!

    I'm not...but I really FEEL American right now. I could pop with excitement! Wosa Obama!

  32. Lori Ann,

    Thank you for stopping by, via Angela, thank you Angela. You are in a beautiful place, the Paradise of all things Californian. I loved your pictures and your attitude, and what you said about our new president. We're all taking a big sigh of relief and look forward to a collectively responsible future.


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  35. Lori, well done! Be proud of yourself it's an achievement indeed. It can be whatever you want it to be. Tears in my eyes at the inaugaration, can't imagine what it was like in California, let's hope we're not expecting too much of a mere mortal but he's looking so good so far!

  36. Congrats on the photo! How did you make that happen?

  37. Anonymous, peace.


    Tessa, ah love...what would Zuri do?? hmmm...thanks millions! and Obama, yes!

    lakeviewer, thank you so much for the very kind words, and yes thank you to Angela...

    Mama, thanks dear. I agree with you, we have to give it time...

    Carrie Lynn, its a real photo.

    thanks everyone!!
    xxx lori

  38. I think for once I wish I were American. I feel quite sad to be British right now. Our government is appalling.

    Your life looks very beautiful.




xoxo lori