Friday, January 16, 2009

January 15, 2009

Oh my.

I didn't get to my email until well into noon yesterday. After logging on I discovered 3, 4, or 5 times as much mail as I usually get. My first thought was there was an awful lot of commenting going on while I slept, since most of my friends are half way around the globe. But then I began to open the letters. One after the other turned out to be for me. Lovely people I'd never heard of before. Congratulating me on being Blog of Note. Well, my second thought was there must be some kind of error. Sometimes the Internet is good at playing tricks on me.

I didn't mess up. It wasn't a misunderstanding. My blog was chosen to be the Blog of Note. Oh. My. I stared at the computer. Then I shut it off. I thought to myself, time for a run, burn off some of this Excitement. But I got as far as the end of the driveway, when I turned around and came right back here. I logged on to Blogger. And there it was, my name, my blog name. Well, I can tell you I stared at that screen on and off for most of the day. I also took about 10 pictures of it.

I want to say that I don't really know what I'm doing here. Just what comes naturally to me, taking photos, writing a little, loving it all... alot. I don't know who decided it was me that should have this honor, but I want to Thank You. It is a great feeling. Validating. A little overwhelming. A lot overwhelming. Blogging isn't for everyone, I've found that out already. But for those of us who've taken the chance and share our selves here in this format, know the rewards it brings. The prize is all of you. My friends . The ones who I already love, who share so much with me, and the ones I can't wait to get to know. And one more thing I didn't think would happen... the gift of getting to know myself better. And the more I learn the more I know, We are all connected.

Thank you,

Love, Lori

p.s. Karen, i'm on that interview...soon as I make it through the mails, and another run :)


  1. Congrats!!!!! New to blogging and I am loving it. I will read you again and again!

  2. silly billy! of COURSE your blog is notable!!! HOORAH! CONGRATS DARLING LORI! is husband back yet??? how was his trip? mine is still in NYC freezing his balls off..... xxx j

  3. kinda Late but congrats! I like your page. And I also like blogging but usually its about randomness

  4. congrats Bonnie-Lori, it is always such a feel-good blog, where you are just You! xx

    PS no stress re that interview :-)

  5. Lori - congrats and well deserved! always knew your blog was notable.. well done xxx

  6. Lori ~ Woa Woa! You go girl! I am so not surprised. When I stumbled onto you, I knew you were a Blog of Note. Don't forget about us little guys! You cheer me up so much, I hope you will still have time to catch up with me from time to time.

  7. Well kori, I'm just another that has come to see what all the fuse is about... well its about you silly! And just from reading your friends comments I can tell you should be a blog of note. I will bookmark you and stop in again.

    P.S. I would take more pictures of the blog of note thing ....just in case! Congrats

  8. Coachdad, i like that name, welcome and remember,its not about winning, its about having fun!

    Janelli - can i give it too you??? and val and karen and geli and nicky, oh geez... he just landed in Amsterdam 20 minutes ago, just one more sleep and then halleluja! i'm sure you know just what to do for safari craig when he gets back eh?

    kleo, thanks so much for the kind words.

    Karen, love the new pic, you cutie.

    Val, see above(comment to Janelli) I am sending everyone to you.

    Janis, silly!

    Ken, thanks for stopping by and yes come back whenever you like and I'll check out your blog i think 10 photos was enough. :)

    xxx hooah. Lori

  9. before the visits go up to 400 -I'll say, Congrats! seeing your pic, I thought, she looks so Californian. then I saw one of your pics, hmmm, that could be Laugauna Beach or somethin' Okay, my hunch was good - this time. cheers, jeannette
    PS I live in L.A. area

  10. What an achievement! Can I have your cyber-autograph?

  11. Congrats!!
    Ur language has power and IS notable.
    Will follow you.(ur blog, that is.)
    Happy blogging!!

  12. Congratulations! It's lovely blog and well deserving of the honor. Much of what makes it so special is the essence of you that comes through.

  13. Welcome to the club! It's SO right ... yours is definitely a blog of note. Very very cool.

    p.s. I know how you feel, that sense of overexposure. I felt it, too. But it's all good, truly it is.


  14. Well done you, it's well deserved you are such a warm and giving person. I'm pleased to be able to be one of your blog friends.
    And having 123 folowers is definately something else!

  15. Oh my Gosh, Bonnie-Lori, I couldn`t understand what you were TALKING about in your mail! NOW I know! OF COURSE you deserve every honor, and I also want your autograph and one of the pictures! I am so proud of you (I know your mom is!!)as if I had detected you. Hugs all the way from the other side of the world! And now just enjoy yourself and your returned husband! (veri word is rumpelsi, yeees!)

  16. OH LORI! Girl, I'm so proud of you! And not the least bit surprised. Your blog caught my attention from the word go...your photographs are always an absolute delight, 'specially from an artist's point of view...I want to paint ALL those you post! Your warmth and joie de vivre shine out like the brightest beacon - it's a real joy popping in to visit. And to have you stop by our blogs, too, with your lovely, heartfelt and encouraging comments. Three huge cheers and a standing ovation! We love ya, Lori m'darling! (How proud is Chuck going to be - wow! And you're now a published photographer as well. He's gonna pop!)

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  18. Always good to discover new blogs. Congratulations!

  19. Jeannette, welcome and hey we're practically neighbors!

    Tim, haha!

    AD,welcome and thanks!

    Diana, that was a really sweet thing to say, thank you.

    Reya, gulp...hope your right!

    Byrd, can i pass this on to you like we do the memes?? you are a blog of note my friend!

    Geli! i had a feeling, i thought i'd let you come see for yourself! this is so crazy. I popped your letter in the mail today, and sealed it with a kiss(one for paco too!)

    Tessa, I've already contacted Blogger and told them you should be next!! thanks sweetie for all the kind words, yeah, Chuck, he is not going to be able to get a word in edgewise!!TODAY he comes home!!!

    Marco, ok and thanks!

    Melissa, thanks!

    thanks so much for the lovely,lovely comments.
    xxx Lori

  20. I'm glad I found you through "blogs of note" I quite like your site. How can I not like someone who knits! I'll be back!

  21. No mistake - you deserve this honor. Great blog!!!

  22. Congratulations Lori, very well deserved, your blog is always such a pleasure and the run pictures looked wonderful, by the way. The next time I'm in California I'd love to join you on it!

  23. Your blog is amazing...beautiful.. peaceful, interesting and enjoyable. I loved it! You not only are a great photographer but a great writer. Great job!

  24. Lori, I appreciate the sentiment you wrote, "we are all connected". So true! That's what the experience of blogging brings home to me. Congratulations!

  25. Dear Lori,
    Its just a great blog you know? I used to have a blog ages ago that would get 'fans' coming in to my work (after they figured out where I lived/worked) and it wasn't creepy- a bit of a shock- but really lovely. Once two 17 year old girls came in and just gushed and giggled and said, "Oh my you're much prettier than you make out on your blog!" and I thought- well isn't this a strange and wonderful place? I still know one of them and its been lovely watching her grow up.
    So, congratulations and I'm glad you were made a blog of note- otherwise I would never have found you!

  26. Congradulations Lori! I found your blog via blog notes and I'm glad I did. I love the pictures and your posts.It appears one of your interests is travel. Visit my blog where I feature different destinations and free travel information. Follow my blog for daily travel updates!

  27. Congrats! I recently started blogging, but seem to find more time to take a look at the blogs of note. Such interesting reading...

  28. Hi there how are you? I was looking through your blog and found it interesting and wanted to leave you a comment.

    I have an invitation for you to come and visit my art blog here in San Diego, and comment if you will.

    I think that you may enjoy the various labels and music videos I design for my art blog, hope to see you here soon and take care :)

  29. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and hope that you will visit mine, too.

    Look forward to reading about more of your adventures.

  30. awesome blog BECAUSE you don't know why you're here, but love doing it. :) congrats, neighbor.

  31. Lori...congratulations! I am new to this blogging thing and in that short time I have become addicted not only to getting 'me' out there but finding all those 'others' as well. Yours was a real find and thank goodness for blog of the day, I say! I have been a person (family for 2 generations) that has moved around a lot although we are firmly planted in Townsville at the present we have still moved house 8 times in 30 years and so your history of being around Bay of Plenty facinates me. Ownership and love of your space on the planet. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  32. congrats on blog of note. Like your page, keep up the great posts!

  33. How fun for you!
    From what I have read you are a lovely person and lovely people always deserve lovely things happening to them!!
    I will be back :)
    sweetmango x3 LOL!

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  35. Hi Lori, I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words you left on my blog in December and sorry for not responding sooner. I don't get online much when I am not coping that well so have not been around. Thank you again for the kind words. Becka

  36. congrates..
    Anyway, may i knw wat's the meaning of blog of note?
    Not reali knw about tis. Thx..

  37. hi, you have very interesting blog, congratulation!!! peace

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  39. Congratulations Lori! I've been blogging for about a year - and only to keep friends updated on my progress as I trained for an event. Now I am continuing and am SO glad to have found your blog! I hope you don't mind me, following your journey as well!

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  41. CONGRATULATIONS - that is excellent news well done!! Is your husband back yet? Lx

  42. Congratulations. I just started a new blog and decided to look at some of the blogs of notes and yours was the first one. Looking forward to reading more posts.

  43. Woohooo. Congrats on getting B.O.N. The pressure is on now! :)

  44. eight, thanks! knitting = good people, right!?

    ?, thanks

    darkman, thank you

    Rachete, you are so sweet to say that, thank you.

    Mama, there you are! Coming to California? soon? yay!

    Chris, wow. Thank you so much.

    Cynthia, thank you for saying that.

    Alexandra, thanks for sharing that story with me, i loved it, made me smile.

    xxx lori

  45. Doreen, will check it out, thank you!

    Deb, thank you.

    Jesse, thank you I will.

    Leah, Thank you and will check it out.

    Missy, your so sweet, thanks!

    Kez, wow, thanks so much for the kind words.

    Nature, Thank you!

    Sweet, thank you, it is much appreciated.

    afif, ok.

    Rebeckajane, take good care ok?

    Ant, thank you. It means a blog to notice, or to look at.

    Editor, same to you, thank you.

    R2K, thanks!

    Anon, ok?

    Amy, welcome and thank you!

    Amanda, ?

    Family, Oh Hi! thanks for coming over and for the congrats! yes, he is..sigh... :)

    Tamara, thank you

    Sam, :( oh dear, i know, i know. Thanks!

    CD, thank you

    thank you so much everyone for the really lovely comments, they are all truly appreciated!

    xxx lori

  46. What a great blog- how can you be so serene with 5 children? Your photos are amazing, so its no wonder to me that your page has been noticed and identified at notable.
    Please take us with you on your next adventure through your photos and picture words.

  47. Congratulations! Lovely blog you have here :)

  48. Great post! interesting read.

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  49. Sunflower, thanks for the kind words! haha 5 kids and serenity, i guess one woulden't normally put those 2 together. I think it's a self preservation kind of thing, its how I want to be. Peaceful. I keep trying :)

    miss., thank you!

    Fred, thanks! your site sounds wonderful, great job.

    xx lori

  50. Blogging is like a breath of freshair! We realise how capable we are to make friends and learn about other people's lives. It's a wonderful experience. Hope you continue to enjoy yourself!

    CJ xx

  51. I just wanted to add my comment, and to say that I had to add you to my small list of who I follow, I just started blogger and I love your blog, I hope mine will someday be as good!

  52. congrats!

    Hey check out our blog: Thanks!

  53. Today is the first time I saw your site as I am new to Blogging but I really enjoy reading some of the of the sites. I loved yours a s Its nice to know I am not the only one who is new to this and it encourages me to keep trying. My Blog may say I started last year but I never really had the time to keep trying. Tonight my husband isn't feeling well so I sent him on to bed without me and I said I will try again. Keep up the good work. Congratulations

  54. Congratulations Lori, on being the blog of note. This is my first day using, and I hope to someday acquire the title you have, lol.

    Sidebar: Lori is a GREAT name. Very novelique (pardon me for making up a term).

    So, I've decided that you will be the first blog that I click to "follow." I look forward to your future postings.

    Music is inescapable,
    -Rohzi E.

  55. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I just came to visit. I love your pics! Continued success blogging. You are talented and appreciated!

  56. CJ, thanks dear!

    Blogamator, ahhh

    Miranda, Yes, i'm sure it will!

    UppityDiva, thanks, ok!

    NoMore, thanks!

    Sunnyday's, yes, keep trying and i hope your husband is better soon.

    Rohzi E. Thank you very much, you will undoubtably be a BON with your sweet charm.

    Licious, Thanks!!

    YKDWhat? thank you!

    Bhavana, thank you dear!!

    thank you everyone for the lovely comments.

  57. fantastic blog fetiche

  58. Sounds really overwhelming - although, you should have noticed that OF COURSE your blog is totally notable!! Congratulations. =p

    Lauri xox

  59. ybinin, thanks

    tangas, thank you

    lauri, yes! and thanks!

    thank you all for your comments, i so appreciate them!
    xx lori

  60. i like your blog! i also found it through blogs of note. i just got back from Patagonia.


xoxo lori