Thursday, January 22, 2009

Incoming storm

The newspaper predictions were right on. We got the rain that was forecast for Wednesday. The smell was in the air long before the first drop fell to the ground. I had to laugh, I wondered for a second, when I wished for rain did I forget to mention that it was for Africa? oops.
For me it never gets old talking about the weather. I have tide charts, lunar phases & The weather channel all programmed into my phone. The state of the weather plays a big part in all that we do. Farmers have to pay close attention, their lives depend on it. Or at least their crops which is money, which can be the same thing. Yes, its a good thing to know before you set sail out to sea, plan a full moon hike , throw an outdoor get~together, or climb a mountain..the weather is a part of it.
Sometimes in planning a trip, the weather is considered as much as the location. I don't know many who would want to go to Death Valley, California in July, one of the hottest places on earth. Temps reach 120 F regularly and there was even a record of 134 F (57 C) in 1913. But sometimes you just have to take your chances. Especially when planning mountain climbing adventures.

Mt.Meru in the foreground and Kilimanjaro behind, from a Kenya Airways flight headed for Nairobi.(taken by me, errm, a few years ago?)

My husband returned Saturday from East Africa. He told me what it was like to stand on top of the roof of Africa, and in the best possible of all situations. And the thing we hoped for the most, happened... the weather was his friend. It may sound crazy to some but it was my first question to him after I heard that he'd made it home safe and sound. I wanted to know how was the weather? He said that the porter's told him the group that had gone up the week before had to turn back, because of bad weather. They also told him that another group they had guided up made it to the top but couldn't see anything... the weather. They even told of some that were blown off the mountain, with strong winds. So, you can see why it was so important for me to know. He had gone such a long way, prepared not only for the trip but for the leaving (being an editor,writer, deadlines and all).
So, he was blessed with good fortune, the trip was a success on every level. He climbed Mt. Meru in 2 and a half days then Mt. Kilimanjaro in four. Hiking through Arusha National Park on the way up he saw Buffalo and Bushbuck, Warthogs and Colubus Monkeys, a Crowned Eagle, Chameleons and GIRAFFES! He stood on each peak and watched the sunrise over all of Africa and in his words it was Epic. Cover your eyes if you don't like sentimentality, He said he was so moved it brought tears to his eyes. Mostly because I wasn't there to share it with him, he said. Ok, you can uncover now :)
...these followed him me!
Thank you weather gods.

xxx Lori

oh. um. gratuitous photo. here it is, my photo which was published in the travel section of The Los Angeles Times last Sunday! I had something of my own to share when Mr. Adventure got back home ;) . And yes, he was moved...
xxx, again, Lori
p. s. the top photo was untouched, unfiddled with, that was the sunset tonite! Bless weather heh?


  1. lori, what a STUNNING sunset!! beautiful photos, and great to have an update on the Kili trip, with successful weather, sentimentality and all!! love the little wire and bead creatures (I'm a sucker for them too!). And congrats on the pic in the paper.. good for you! :-)

  2. The weather is insane right now.

    I live in the Canary Islands which are pretty close to the coast of Morocco, and until two days ago it's been raining here- the coldest winter in seventy years!!!

    The houses here aren't built to withstand that kind of weather.

  3. Bonnie Lori, can I repeat everything Karen said? And add that you are just marvellous.

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  5. Glorious sunset photo, Lori! You made me giggle about the disobedient rain - I've been doing mad rain dances for Janelle and the others as well. English rain clouds obviously don't like travelling!

    So pleased to hear that Mr. Adventurer had a wonderful trip. Next time he'll have to take you with him to share the view from the tippy-top of Africa!

  6. Beautiful photos! Wow! Wish I could take phots like that! You have a beautiful blog site.

  7. I'm with Karen and Angela!!
    Lovely to know that hubby missed you. Makes his coming back even better.
    You'll have to start charging soon to visit you as you're getting so famous, what with pics in the paper and blog of note!!!

  8. omg, the top picture is just amazing. so heart warming to hear about how much you two miss each other when you are apart :)

    Congratulations on the picture in the paper :)

  9. Hello, I live in the granada (Spain), I like very much the blog, saludos.

  10. oh thanks! karen, i thought the pic looked fake, it was just gorgeous last night, i even saw a rainbow over the mountains, wrong camera for a shot tho!

    welcome Sammi! going to google earth Canary islands now. i hope you can stay warm!

    thanks ((geli)). get well,ok?

    kin'xp, oh thanks so much, ok, i'll go check it out.

    tessa, could you put up a video of that dancing darling? i am pictureing you right now! thanks for your sweet words.

    thanks so much eight hh, just keep taking photos, lots of them.

    Byrd, I'd like one ticket to your fabulous party, if thats ok with you ;)thanks for the kind words.

    thanks so much Bhavana!

    Welcome Nieves,thanks and i'll go check out yours now.

  11. Hi Lori :)

    I don't think I have any photos on my blog- I will have to get to posting some. I'll take some fresh ones when the weather is better.

    No, not my Etsy shop just my wish list :)

    I look forward to your wrap recipes and your next blog :)

    Sammi x

  12. fabulous photos and we are all weather watchers for sure - its a survival thing! well done on getting that beautiful pic in the LA Times ... so glad `mr adventurers trip was a success - hope we get to see some of his pics somewhere somehow... `you and your blog are awesome xx

  13. fantastic blog fetiche

  14. fantastic blog fetiche

  15. Ohhhh Lori! Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!
    Also I know you are happy to have hubby home! Love the beaded animals, how cute!

  16. Lori, I find your blog very interesting to read. I think that your writing is intriguing and makes me want to read more. You are a talented photographer, and I look forward to reading future posts! ~Candice
    Juneau, Alaska

  17. gorgeous pics lori. and so glad that the climbs went well and he is home safely. safari craig still in america.... . . . x j

  18. Exciting times for you both, Lori!

    Congrats on your newspaper article and the great photos. Love your blog, it always makes me smile. xx

  19. Sammi, ok great, i'm looking forward to that!

    gosh val, blushblush,yes his pics, will remember to show you some...

    tangas, thanks.

    janis, glad you liked it!

    Candice, wow, thanks for the very kind words!

    janelli, still here heh? oh he'll be home soon and then you can warm him right back up with your beautiful smile(and hugs).

    Natalie, thanks so much, off to see you now!

    thanks everyone so much, your comments always mean alot to me!
    xxx lori

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  21. Congratulations on your photograph in the newspaper - how exciting! Are you allowed to post the pic on your blog so we can see it? Glad your hubby came home safely and had an awesome experience abroad.

  22. hey lori,
    I really love your blog...check us out? Cause it's good karma.


  23. That is an amazing sunset, great picture. We are in the middle of a gale here in France, the wind is whipping around the house. Congrats on being Blog of Note, really like your blog and shall be returning for more!
    Take care, Frances

  24. I like very much this blog.



  25. Gorgeous photos. So important the weather, I completely agree. Being a farmer we do rely on a good forecast but rarely do we get one. I am glad your husband made it back safe. It sounds like he had a wonderful trip.

    CJ xx

  26. tutorial, thanks so much.

    bodaat, oh its already on here, under Somethings Going Around in Nov. i would put a link but i've no idea how to do that yet!

    apt1227, ok i will, i like good karma!

    frances, welcome! i love the picture of the wind whipping around your house, although i hope your staying warm and dry!

    paolo, thanks so much.

    CJ, it was you i was thinking of when i said farmer!thanks so much for the compliment!

    Thanks everyone for the lovely lovely comments.
    xx lori

  27. What gorgeous sunsets shots, Lori.

    And I'm so glad your husband's trip was such a success - and yes, the weather really is pivotal when climbing big mountains.

    D always asks me how I know what the weather is doing, I say it's from years of sailing and climbing mountains!

    And congratulations on the photo in the press!

  28. Hey Nicky thanks! mountains? you, climbing mountains? tell me!

  29. Wonderful post! I dated a farmer (from the Red River Valley:) for years. It was amazing to be able to feel,smell, and see the weather coming. I watched the weather like a hawk because back then it meant we could "go out"....that is the distant past now. Funny how one's life can be led by the weather.

  30. Wow! I arrived at your blog via Blogs of Note. It certainly was worth noting - very interesting and nicely done! Blessings!

  31. rain is horrid, but your country is beautiful x

  32. Lori ann thank you for spreading too

    blogging for Healthy Wealth and helping people too

  33. That first photo is fantastically amazing!!!!

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  34. Hello there Twin!

    Born in S. P. ??? That is way too much coincidence. Here's another one, my brother climbed Kilimanjaro. His photos and video were amazing, they had a window of good weather also.

    Whoo! Hoo! Published in the LA Times. Congrats on that! Please keep in touch, sister.
    Lori Lynn

  35. Hi i saw your blog please make me a follower

  36. I just found your blog and I must say your beach photos are tremendous. It must be so wonderful to live this close to such beauty and experience it every day.

  37. Pour 2009, voici mes voeux : je souhaite régler un petit problème du genre détail avec cette grosse tache de si peu président de la république Française, en lui envoyant un avocat. Et toi, cher blogueur ?
    voila. Sinon ça, c’est une tentative de gros scandale public, ça peut toujours servir à calmer du monde. Merci pour l'espace d'expression.

  38. Hi Lori I have to say your Blog is superb. The photographs are stunning. Thankyou for following me back, I was worried that noone would look at it!
    I have to say I admire you greatly it looks like you have your hands full with your family and still make time to do cool stuff.
    Take Care
    Louise xx

  39. Just me, you are right!

    shelly, thanks!

    kylie, i agree, too much rain can be horrid!

    Its me, your welcome, and thanks.

    MacGaff, thanks for saying so!

    Thanks LoriLynn, and one sisters name is Lindy, sometimes called Lynn...!! and you knew already that i love to cook!!
    will def keep in touch!
    xx lori

    Jerry, i cant do that, you just have to click on the follow button up top!

    Hi Roy, yes, thats how i feel, everyday! thanks so much for the nice comment.

    anon, will now go look up what you said.

    louise, of course! thank you for such sweet words! see you soon!

    thanks everyone, your comments are very much appreciated!
    xx lori

  40. Not big mountains, Lori, just the one around here - and in "my youth". Multiple routes up Table Mountain, the Cedarberg mountains - stunningly beautiful with silence that is loud in one's ears. It's hard to avoid wandering on mountains when one lives amongst them! ;-)

  41. love that defeaning silence Nicky, lucky you, you must have some wonderful memories. we once stayed at a plushy place in the cedarburgs, long story, but gorgeous area.

  42. The photos in the first one are so beautiful. Would make a very pretty abstract painting.

  43. I am a weather freak, too - definitely! and I love the weather channel too, proving beyond a doubt that I am a total nerd.

    I must be more specific in asking for rain for Arusha. Thanks for the reminder!

    Congrats again on your pic in the LA Times. That is so cool!

  44. Great photo of the beach!! You should check out my blog, i post alot of photo's of beaches as i visit them alot in little old New Zealand :-) Keep up the good work!!

  45. lori,i'm a newbie blogger.yours was one of the first blog i was the day your blog was "the blog of note".i liked it.been following it since :-).
    liked the new post.really amazing pics.keep on the good work we are waiting for more :-D

  46. the pictures are beautiful. i live in kenya, and i had the priviledge to work for a year at a hospital athe foot of mount kenya, the view took my breath away every morning.

  47. i like it, good one, it would be great if you could post at this way more people can read it


xoxo lori