Monday, January 26, 2009

Interview By Karen

After agreeing to be interviewed by Karen at the completely charming Border Town Notes, she sent me a selection of questions to answer. The rules are to choose five and then let her know when I've posted so she can link to me. So...getting right to it...

1. What is the nicest thing anybody's ever done for you?

This is the hardest question by far for me. I thought about the answer for a long time, probably too long and my list of nice things was threatening to become this whole post. So...i choose this as the one.

One of the nicest things anybody's ever done for me was done by my Mother~ In~ Law and Father ~In ~Law. They love me like a parent loves a child. Without condition, judgement or reserve. Here I was, a newly separated mother of five with a huge mortgage, a villa villakula house (no monkeys or horses, just 20 or so neighbor kids and all their pets on our porch), an ex who was still in the picture and i was a bit older than their lovely son. A Single, without children or baggage, son. He wanted me to meet them. He insisted they would love me...since he did, he reasoned. I thought not the same thoughts. I was mortified. I thought they would faint and shoo me away, out the backdoor even.

But they didn't. And they did, love me. And not just me, but my kids too. They either didn't care about all that i came with or they chose to look the other way. I'll never be able to show them how that made me feel. How it still makes me feel. And are you wondering what the above picture is about? Not only are they incredibly loving but generous as well. A year after we'd met, my M.I.L. was wishing she could go to Paris, but, alas, she wouldn't dream of going alone. This was our dinner conversation one evening. My F.I.L. turned to me and said "Darling, if you'll go with her I'll send you too." Yes, he did say that. My daughter who was 10 at the time cried "Oh, I want to go too!" so, he said Okay, I'll send you too. Then..... my own Mother (who was already friends with M.I.L. said, "Me too!" . So... no, he didn't,but I did (bring my Mother.)

On the afternoon we were to leave for the airport, everyone arrived at my house. I was kissing the other kids, be home soon!, when Chuck pulled me aside and said we need to say goodbye now. I said no, when we get to the airport. He was supposed to be taking us. He said no, i won't. He pointed out the window...look... and parked in front of our house was a limousine, waiting for us. My F.I.L. wanted to surprise us. Well, it was. But a limo? goodness! My husband said, just enjoy, it's only this once. And it was true. None of us are limo taking people, what i mean is we definitely wouldn't ever choose to do this. But Hannah was thrilled! All the neighbor kids were jumping up and down and peeking inside. Hannah tells me to this day she felt like Cinderella. The driver opened the door for her and then told her if she had a favorite movie she'd like to bring he would play it for her on the drive down. ALL her friends ran shrieking into the house, grabbed The Lion King and back out again and then all the way down the street after us as we drove away.

So that's why they deserve this, from me and my kids. For all the Love.

2. If you could turn back the clock, change one thing, what would it be?

This. Right. Here.

This is my ankle after being punctured almost all the way through by a stingray. Oh, it's a long story, but suffice it to say, I would like to have my old ankle back. The stingray that I blindly stepped on (my own fault!) whipped it's tail into my foot and just nearly exited the other side. There is nerve and tendon damage , its permanent and all. I've tried physical therapy, acupuncture, energy healing, magic on me, I should've done the "stingray shuffle" like we were taught as children. It hurt like hell and its hurt everyday since. So, yes, this would be the one thing.

3. would you like to share a profound or life changing event that's happened to you?

Without any doubt the chance to be in the presence of

His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Not once but two times, I had the opportunity to listen to him speak, the first time in Hollywood and another in Germany. I'm sorry I can't figure out how to link to my own posts, but if you are interested in reading about it, its called A Different Anniversary.

4. What's your favorite inspirational saying?
...there are so many...But if you came to my house, you would see this painted in my teeny little meditation room, so i guess it is one of my favorites. (yes, i painted it). It is by

Antoine de Saint ~ Exupery.

"It is only with the Heart that one can see Rightly; what is essential is invisible to the Eye"

~The Little Prince~

5. Which websites to you visit everyday without fail? and why? (excluding blogs!)

Everyday, without fail, I definitely go to :

everyday i click to give on the pink button. 100% of sponsor money goes to charity.When you click you help provide mammograms to underprivileged women. My Mother and Sister are Breast Cancer Survivors. They are the most inspiring, strong and beautiful women I know. And so is a special F.B.

next, almost everyday, is my favorite :

if you've never been here you are in for a big treat. It's
"Free Yoga Delivered Daily" from the gorgeous Jackson, Wyoming. Everyday is a new class that is set outside, so it's always fresh. Last August or September they even started a blog. It's a great website so if you've got decent Internet speed(the classes can take a little time to load) you might want to check it out!

...and just one more, ...

is a great place to
"Nurture Mind, Body and Spirit"
you can register to have The Daily Om sent to your mailbox

...thank you Karen for the great questions, it's been my pleasure to answer them, it was fun for me to go back and remember! except for my
stingray ankle :( ...

let's forget about that :)

xxx Lori


  1. thanks for the great answers, Lori!I can relate to so much of what you say, including the family-in-law loveliness!love the Parisian trip story, and so sorry to hear about stingray ankle..

    You're an inspiration as ever, as seen here! From the Dalai Lama experiences, to your favourite quote, and even your inspirational websites...

    thanks Bonnie-Lori! lol xxx

  2. Lori, you are sensitivity and kindness personified. And I am honoured that your still have time to visit MY blog. Thank you for sharing your answers.

  3. lori your paris story made me want to cry - how amazing to be surrounded by so much love! omg the stingray story - what is the stingray shuffle?? you are truly inspirational. thanks for being interviewed xx

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  5. I loved your questions and answers. You sound like a very nice, soulful woman - no wonder you were blessed with such loving in-laws.

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  7. Well, I for one am not surprised they loved you ~ You even shine through cyberspace. !
    Loved the interview, your Hub. must be special too, to take on everybody. What a real man. xx

  8. Dearest Lori, I'm not the least bit surprised that you are surrounded by people who love and admire you to absolute bits and pieces. Your warmth, enthusiasm, creativity and generousity shine very bightly indeed. Please check my blog for an award which I think you so richly deserve.

  9. In-laws can so often make life complicated. How marvellous to hear such a story instead. But Lori, no wonder, no wonder!!!

  10. Lori, my mum just emailed me in raptures about your interview, after finding it via my blog - i am going to fwd it to you by email :-) xx

  11. Lori, like you I am also blessed with great in-laws. My sister-in-law is my best friend.

    I love your favorite quote so true.

  12. I love your stories. How wonderful for your father-in-law to do all that for you! I'm so glad to hear that you have such a wonderful family! Isn't that what makes life great!?

  13. Lovely post Lori, could do with some of that calm myself sometimes! Blogthatmamax

  14. Hi Lori!
    Nice words and nice answers!
    I´m using the same questions to make a post in my own blog!
    My best wishes!

  15. Hi! I love your blog. You inspire me with your beautiful photos and insights. Thanks.

  16. just found you via Blogs of Note and love your site - I'll be back (meant in a totally non menacing, non Governator sort of way)

  17. Nice interview and what an interesting person you are. It was great to get a little peek inside your world.

    Oh, and well done on the award from Tessa!

  18. Dear Lori,

    My old friend ;)...

    How wonderful to find you here... My heart is full of your gentleness and warm light...

    It is summer here in Melbourne, I am in the doctors room... looking out at the wild blue sky rising up from the old hospital car park...

    It is beckoning us to open our wings just a little more...

    Im glad that the same wild sky beckons you too...

    I honour you,

    I send you my love,


  19. Thank you for the yoga link! What a great website!

  20. lori! your posts are all so beautiful and i've been reading them only since a week!i have made it a point to read your post first thing in the morning keep writing many more wonderful things

  21. ah Karen, its so nice to hear that you have great inlaws too, it's a wonderful thing! thanks so much for your~as always~ lovely words...still blushing...

    Katherine, i love your blog, i still can't get over the paddle, fantastic!and thank you :)

    Val, oh yes! the shuffle! well, stingrays swim in to shallow water to feed and rest. then they bury themselves right under the surface of sand.It's hard to see them. So, when you enter the water you are supposed to shuffle your feet,instead of stepping. This serves two purposes, one,so you won't step on them and two, the vibration gives them a warning to leave.And they usually do. I'm sure they don't want to get stepped on either!

    thanks so much Lover, that was so kind of you to say!

    j2moaoc8, thanks for stopping by...

    big blog, oh, i'll go check it out!

    Natalie, you are a love. he is :)

    Wow Tessa, all this and Zuri is coming home friday, i may have to get a bottle of champagne! you are so so sweet...sigh.. thank you.

    dearest geli, thank you so much...and say Hi to Mr.Fish for me! will look for it!

    xxx and thank you. everyone of you, for reading and leaving such wonderful comments, amazing!

  22. dear bhavana, how lucky for you, thank you for telling me that, It is a true blessing.

    Colleen, thank you so much for saying that, oh and welcome, i'll go check you out next!

    mama, so glad to see you are back on track, everything all sorted out then?

    Sarah, thanks so much, you are so kind! will come to visit soon!

    Andrea, wow, what a sweet thing to say! i'll be by soon too ok?

    Elaine, thanks, and thanks for coming by, welcome!

    Rob, why Thank You! that means alot!! i always love your comments that i see at all our mutual friends blogs, so sincere and lovely :)
    I am truly honored that you've come to mine.

    xxxx everyone!

  23. Maithri,
    ...w o w...

    the power
    of your words,
    I could probably
    run a marathon
    on that

    thank you for coming,

    bodaat, i am so glad you liked it, enjoy!

    recipes, thank you for the very sweet compliment.

    xxx thank you dear friends,

  24. I loved reading every bit of this Lori! Thank you for candidly sharing yourself with others :)
    So many similarities between us...the Dalai Lama, well that is obvious LOL! I DO KNOW the stingray shuffle, people always look weird at me when i say it, but 12 years in the tropics right on the beach...yes I know it well :)
    ...and like you I have fantastic in-laws, you know out of all of the other Mums at school that I know...I am the ONLY one who genuinely LOVES their in-laws, who gets EXCITED when they are coming up to stay...and like you I was nervous meeting them all those years ago because I am 6 years older than Mr de facto Sweetmango!!! hee hee hee :)

  25. Lori, how glad I am to have come across your blog. I loved your answers to Karen's questions and you are so right about clicking on the breast cancer site each day. I will now also do that too as I have been much more haphazard about when I click on these things that are actually very important.

    The stingray situation is awful I can't believe it hurts every day - will it always be like this?


  26. What a fascinating site you have. I love the way that you speak from your soul. I shall be visiting again; Congrats on being chosen as a blog of note au revoir from a newbie in France

  27. wonderful, wonderful answers, it was a joy to read them. how lovely to have your in laws, must be where Chuck gets it from!
    And I'm very envious of your getting to see the Dali lama.
    It is a pleasure to know you a little better.

  28. dear Michelle, that makes me laugh too...and sigh...we share the same blessings we've only begun to count! sending cool ocean breezes your way ~~~~

    Frances, that is so sweet of you. If you like you can go to the site and register so it will be sent to your mailbox daily, so easy!
    ah..yes..always i think, too much nerve damage, the surgeon did his best..

    Delphine,welcome and thank you very much, how lovely of you to say, i will be over soon to visit you too!

    xxx love, lori

  29. I found your blog through Pink Dogwood's, and it was very interesting to read this post. I heard the Dalai Lama give the graduation address at my university a year before I graduated, and it was so moving. The Little Prince is one of my favorite books too. Looking forward to reading more here!

  30. In response to question 1, what a wonderful answer, that you would be loved unconditionally and have someone's graces poured out upon you and your children so willingly. These kinds of people I'm finding are rare but are out there indeed.

    Glad to have found your blog. From one Lori Ann(e), to another Lori Ann. :)

  31. 5 kids and a blog of note ... nice to meet you, superwoman ;)

  32. Спасибо за полезную инфу

    Приятного аппетита вместе с Домашним Рестораном!

  33. Oh! I love this! Great interview questions, great responses.

    So sorry to hear about the stingray. Ouch! And so great to read your fav websites. I will check them out today.

    Take care of your lovely ankle. Enjoy your run and your yoga and your daily OM.

  34. Hi Lori, I so enjoyed your interview. I was able to listen up close to the Dalai Lama once and was impressed by his absolute comfort in front of a crowd. (Naturally,I'm inspired by him in numerous ways.)Those of us who have lived intentionally healthy lives are so surprised when something unexpected occurs in our health! I know I was when I had a car accident. I love the community you have created here. Your readers are charming and heartfelt. I hope you will welcome me among the group. (I've added myself to the followers list.)I want to check out the earlier postings as soon as I can. I lived in Southern Calfornia for over 20 years and now I'm in Puerto Rico. Lori, may you continue to be surrounded by loving and uplifting people. It's obvious that you are a source of love for all of those who encounter you. <3

  35. Okay, so I have to choose any blog on this enormous site to read and then talk about. I chose the blog, lori times five. I read some of her blogs because I noticed she had a blog of note, and I can see why. Lori's blog is full of colorful photos and interesting fonts, making it very appealing to the eye. She does an excellent job of making the words flow together. One of my favorite things on her blog is her pictures of California, where she travelled recently. She seems to have many ideas, with many varying blogs. Some may be about everyday life, while others contain lessons she has learned in life, values, and shocking stories, such as the time she was stung by a sting-ray. I find her blog interesting because I can relate to her writings, and therefore I really think this blog deserves having the Blog of Note award. I will continue to follow her blog, anticipating every upcoming entry.

  36. Bindu, welcome! i am so glad you enjoyed, i will come see you too.

    lori D, lori anne, welcome also! I used to be a lori d. too! thank you for the kind words.

    Lateral Drawer, finally! someone noticed! ;)

    Riche, thank you for the comment, now I need to go to translations.

    Reya,thanks, will do :)

    Cynthia, what a lovely thing to say, i truly appreciate your words, and yes welcome to this wonderful community, aren't we lucky? I'm glad to know you!

    Caitlin, I am completely flattered by your words, i will write more to you later. Thank you.

    xxx thanks everyone for all the lovely comments!

  37. Paris is the city of love and good you got to experience it.......

    BPO work from home

  38. Dear Work Hard, thanks so much for the kind comment, I hope you don't have to work too hard :)

    xx lori

  39. Not really, thats why i gave myself that name ;)

    just love your blog; its so refreshing

  40. you and your posts are so easy to relate too. Thank you
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xoxo lori