Sunday, September 26, 2010

at the ranch(s)

hee hee hello
more on the alpaca farm below! but first...

after putting my green sleeves in the shop this morning, i walked to the alpaca ranch again,
and when i got back home, i found this! someone made a treasury and included one of my
cozies! (she sent an email, so nice) along with all these others green finds! can you see it? thank you so much!

back to last night, on our way to the ranch,

i felt a little self conscious taking photos, so the ones i took were kind of made quickly, discretely. (so not very good) :(
i also had the wrong exposure set all weekend agg! oh well...

but they do show some of what we saw...

the weather was spectacular


we took a walk and found a pond on the property, and frogs, hawks,
horses and deer

we ate oysters on the half shell

and then sat down to a candlelit dinner

we were serenaded by an acoustic guitar,

~ and then a pumpkin arrived to take us
back home :)

next morning


the owner of the alpaca farm is south african, some of the alpacas have african names

here is where the wool is sold and new knitting classes are going to be held!

i love it here

bye for now alpaca (and horse) ranch,
have a great week ahead everyone!

♥ lori


  1. what a fabulous breakaway
    Oysters look divine - yummy

    thanks for 'taking me with'

  2. What a lovely weekend you must have had!
    Congrats on the treasury and I really like all those sleeves together with all those different meanings. Such a great idea!
    Couldn't resist picking one...
    Lovely pictures and how come oysters and alpaca together? Well anyway it looks like heaven there.


  3. What a lovely weekend it looks like you had on the farm.

  4. Aaaaaaah! If only short comments are being taken from me, then it will be another aaaaaaaah!

  5. What a sweet, sweet face on that first photo!

    I'm envious of your's feeling a bit gloomy here today!

  6. Congrats on the fast treasury!! How do you post the page? I have been in many and I don't know how to share :(

    I love those furry faces!!
    And again, that hacienda..oh my. I just love the night lights too. magical!

  7. What wonderful place! All of it looks and sounds perfectly delicious. That is so cool to see your sleeves on etsy! Hope you have a marvelous Monday! XX

  8. Lori! How exciting to be featured on ETSY! You deserve it! I love the ranch and all the photos capture the fun and beauty.
    Happy week. xoxo

  9. can I comment on it all.... ALPACAS! Love their sweet, inquiring faces and their soft lovely for hats, scarves, doesn't cost them their lives!

    The Ranch...what an ideal site for a wedding..... and how perfect the weather COOPERATED! (We COULD get used to all these consecutive sun-filled days, couldn't we!)

    The oysters.....eek! Once-upon-a-time, my ex and I adored them..and they were always such a special treat....but three years ago, after having some in NY....
    I became violently ill.... it seems that now as I am growing older...I have developed an allergy to, sigh...the champagne, the magical lights - YES....the Oysters.....(alas) NO!

    Your Etsy pieces.....outstanding - and so saleable! You will make many, many people happy!

    Love all the views, love you capturing everything in photos and you!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Janet,
    it did feel exactly like we were on holiday at that gorgeous ranch, it was fun to dream (while dining on oysters) and then good to go home.

    thank you so much ;)
    there were 2 different ranchs last weekend, the fancy night time one, and the alpaca one! both very different, both fun! AND we finally got the nice weather!

    yes! indeed :)

    oh dear, i wish i knew what blogger was doing, i hope it stops so you can feel free to write!

    alpacas are super sweet, they are said to make the best pets, oh i wish we had room! This has been the first few days of sunshine in over 6 months! it was recorded that we had the gloomiest summer in history, we didn't have a summer, so yes! it was really nice.

    i had so much fun petting and feeding them, they are SO cute!
    to save the page you make a screen capture. press the print screen button (Prt Sc) unless you have a mac and then i'm not sure. Oh, and first reduce the size of the page so the entire treasury will fit when you take the snapshot. i hope this helps.
    we did have a magical time at that ranch ♥

    thank you! it was really exciting to see the etsy treasury. it was a really fun weekend.

    thank you so very much,i was really excited. You would have loved the ranch, both of them!

  11. Robin,
    Oh no! i've heard of people getting ill eating them, i'm so sorry! I made sure to eat the coldest ones, maybe that doesn't matter, certainly if you develop an allergy! Well, at least you have champagne! and that's wonderful!
    You would have loved the alpacas, they are adorable and yes, i do LOVE their fiber!

  12. I love that there are only 8 left in the many did you start with? I know there were more for sure!

  13. Wow, what a super gorgeous evening! Very romantic, and how lovely for the weather to cooperate.

    Those alpacas! I'm in looooooove. Don't they have the most adorable eyes? I want to run my fingers through their wool!

  14. Hi Lori, you've been having some fun days since I last visited :)
    Wonderful surprise seeing you and Amanda together in that photo. And the action shot of your hubby - brilliant. You can brag you are married to a centrefold now Lori.

  15. hi Lori - you live in a gorgeous place! what was going on at the ranch? it looks lovely there - and the alpacas :) no doubt many more greensleeves from alpaca wool. such a clever idea. oh and i loved the pics on the last one - chucks amazing surfing pic, and to see the lovely one of you and Amanda together!! two beautiful faces indeed xxV

  16. diana,
    haha! thanks! there were 12 ☺

    they are softer than soft! i LOVED petting them!

    you would love it!

    haha! that's true! thank you for visiting now, it's always a pleasure.

    val, hi! we were at a wedding reception at that beautiful place. it's so good to see you back, i hope you'll tell about your trip?

  17. I can completely understand why you love it there.
    To me the Ranch looks and is romantic.... even just to say the word Ranch rather than Farm sounds sweet.

    sorry to read that the photos didn't go according to plan. I understand that frustration too... but I guess that just has to happen sometimes --- as long as you are not the official wedding photographer and then maybe it's not okay :)

    Have a great week.
    I am loving the school holidays with my little boy who is growing like a weed and not so little on the outside anymore :)

    thinking of you with love xx

  18. I adore alpacas and the wee furry face in the first shot looks so cute !
    What a fabulous time you had. I wish I could spend some hours in the knitting studio !

  19. Hi Lori, catching up as ever.. I love the idea of the Greensleeves - you are so clever!!

    Those alpacas are gorgeous, as is the whole place - what a wonderful atmosphere!

    Have you sent Hannah her bicycle yet (i loved that post!!)

  20. Lori - received my Oak Green Sleeve yesterday and I love it! Thank you for sending it out so quickly. Your handwork is beautiful. Can't wait to use it/show it off at coffee on Saturday after our run! The pictures of the alpacas and farm are great. Can't wait to have a few of my own someday. So nice you can walk to visit them. You need to get some alpaca 'beans' for your garden and potted plants!

    Enjoy your day - Susan

  21. Dear Robyn,
    that is the best thing to hear, you and your (growing!) son enjoying together time. It is the best time spent. Thinking of you always (especially when needles and wool are in my hands!)

    I wish you could be there too (i would love to learn from you). The alpaca is so sweet they make great pets, and their fiber is like cashmere.

    it's so good to see you, have been thinking of you and Tiennie and wondering how your (busy!) lives are. I always feel like i'm in catch up mode too, ah well!
    the bike, almost. :)

    thank you so much for letting me know, that's great, i hope you do enjoy!
    i am still in awe (envy) of your new farm, i am looking forward to spending time there (via your blog!) it's just fantastic!

  22. Hi Lori,
    Just catching up on your wonderful blog! How I love visiting you here!

  23. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing! The view, the dinner, everything!!

    Ps Those lamas (?) sure seem friendly ;-)


xoxo lori