Saturday, September 25, 2010

green sleeves

the first green sleeves are ready for my shop, but they'll have to wait till tomorrow, this morning i was playing here and tonight we're going here!
each sleeve has been named for a tree. and along with a name, a meaning. i had fun researching these and i learned something too.
i realize that not taking a paper cup is the best policy, and hopefully that will be something that will happen in the not too distant future. i try to bring my own, but it's not always possible. i guess it's still best to do what we can!

(hee hee, i keep changing my mind which colorway i like best)
if you'd like one too, please go here (i'll do my best to get them up tomorrow)
and now, my first customer...

it's Amanda! from Travels with Persephone!
She's here in California for family and came out of her way to meet me!
it truly was like greeting an old friend, we couldn't stop talking and smiling.
I was lucky enough to meet her husband and sister as well. So wonderful.
I hesitated putting up this photo (aggg! here we are! ha ha), but then i thought how better to show the genuine kindness written all over her face. blog friend meetings are like the next frontier heh?
good times.

♥ off to the ranch lori


  1. look at you 2 adorable wonderful....
    a special friendship, indeed

    and i LOVE what you are making...

    are you in the Heat Wave down there too...must have been 1000 here today...but we made it :-)

    happy to visit here today, lori

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  2. A wonderful post - but I must say first of all, how envious I am that you have met Amanda! Isn't she wonderful! I really enjoy her writing, her humour and her love of John Fowles! A great shot of the two of you!

    I love your "Greensleeves"....I know what you mean about paper cups - bringing one's own cup IS the best - but as you said, it isn't always possible. (I am trying wean my Opera casts from paper cups....but I am not having much success.....yet.)

    The ranch looks HUGE and inviting!
    Have you bought it?

    Have a great sunny (hooray) Sunday!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. I'm liking this phenomenon of bloggy friends visiting one another in person. How good for you!

  4. These are so cool! I love them - the colors and leaves and the whole feel of them! Gorgeous!! As are you and your friend... Love, Silke

  5. How fun to meet Amanda! And for her to met you! That is truly interesting to meet & feel like an old friend. We learn so much when we put it out there and speak from the heart.
    Love the green sleeves. You know I will be ordering one! (or 2)♥

  6. I think you are both beautiful and those smiles are beyond sparkling. It is so wonderful to meet blogger friends! I love your greensleves! I no longer go out for coffee, but make my own or I would be buying one of these, they are a great idea!

  7. LOVE the greensleeve - they will be stocking stuffers for a few friends. and lovely to meet bloggy friends (met KJ today for coffee - fun!) and I swear we will meet next time I am at my brothers house.
    OK - I don't think I've ever even thought of a house for sale for 42 million dollars. wowee. Nice digs

  8. another fine post where i don't know where to start:

    first, the alpacas. so while i'm on the turnpike you are being sniffed and maybe kissed by an alpaca. :)

    next, 5600 Armour Ranch Road. I got fixated on the bedroom and bath. how spacious and beautiful. how come you visited, lori, or as robin said, are you buying it? (hee hee)

    next, amanda! how utterly totally wonderful. i like that you called this the new frontier. that is a wonderful way of looking at loving someone from the inside first. i love this picture of the two of you.

    last, i want to tell you about this friend i have and we have so much fun texting eachother, sometimes just checking in and smiling from afar. she is the best friend. just sayin...

  9. kary,

    oh my gosh, we went from soggy fog to yes almost 1000 degrees! owen had so much fun playing in water today.
    it's good to see the sun,but hopefully it won't stay at this temp for too long. how is teddy doing in it?



    i was so excited to meet Amanda, we had a great time together, and yes, she is completely wonderful!

    no, we didn't buy the ranch (although i wouldn't mind) it was gorgeous!



    it was a great meeting, less planned and more impromtu, but just right. it really is just lovely.



    thank you! i've been having a lot of fun making them (the best part!), and it really was great to meet my friend!



    thank you! that's so sweet.

    it really is an amazing thing to meet a blogging friend in real life, the whole idea is so amazing to me.



    thanks! when i no longer work i'll be making my own tea most of the time too. but picking up a tea or latte really helps my day! meeting amanda was so great, it takes blogging to another level indeed!



    haha, not quite 42 million, it was 14.5, but i guess when your talking in millions its all the same. it was a gorgeous place and the owners just as nice.
    thanks so much for the kind words about the cozies!



    yes, i got to visit with the alpaca's and i'm going back tomorrow! it's open house at the alpaca farm this weekend! they are so cute.
    we went to a wedding reception tonight at the ranch. and yes, the bedrooms and bathrooms were just that amazing. but the surrounding land is what i liked best, it's incredible there.

  10. First, you two ladies are simply beautiful! How nice that she stopped by. I know I love the blogger friends I've finally met in person, and this weekend I get to meet Robin and Suki!

    I love the thoughtfulness and love you put into every Green Sleeve. That is SO you ;)
    I think you'll sell out quickly!
    I'm not much of a coffee girl except for my 2 cups in the morning. KJ, however, is an ADDICT!!

    I love the alpacas. I'll bet you have some wonderful yarn from them! The lady who owns the gallery I'm in dates a guy whose dad is a veterinarian and he owns an alpaca farm in washington state.
    This lady is a weaver and she gets first dibs on their offerings.

    Oh my, what a hacienda!!!!! Stunning on the inside and outside. I can't imagine the staff you'd have to have just for the upkeep. And I was admiring their taste in art. I think I saw a whimsical raven ;)

    Thanks for the nice Sunday stroll through your day!


  11. Where did my long comment go?!!! I will write you a mail then, but bleah!!

  12. Oh look at you beautiful ladies...I've never met her but I can tell she has a good sweet soul just looking at her...I am so excited about your green sleeves...cannot wait to order some for some special people in my life. Hope your Sunday is wonderful! XX

  13. Wonderful creations, Lori! You are so talented!!

    This is some sort of karmic force that hold us all together. My latest post on Roma Every Day is dedicated to Amanda!! I'm so glad my 2 favorite blogland ladies had a chance to meet. And I'm sure the conversation must have been beautiful. I wish I was there too!

    Hugs, always,
    Lola xx

    PS: word verif MISTS ... love it.

  14. I love your faces! So glad you had a nice visit with a fellow blogger and the green sleeves are a stroke of genius! Now Starbucks needs to get on board.

  15. Love the sleeves. And you are both beautiful!

  16. i came back to look at the smiles of lori and amanda.

    and mr. greensleeves. haha! wasn't he a character on captain kangaroo?

    i am preparing for the YART and it's not right you're not here. (quick whine passing through) :)

    tsupmwah loritimesfive. ♥

  17. How fun to meet a bloggy friend! I'm still so very impressed with your greensleeves!

  18. Ahh, look at those beautiful smiles! Straight from the heart.

    And I LOVE that the green sleeves are named after trees and given meaning! How fabulous is THAT! They are so cute!

    Are you going to buy an alpaca??? Owen may not like that. Though I'm sure you'll get plenty of soft wool for your knitting. :)

    Glad to see you had a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  19. lori dear, i am finally home and able to comment on your wonderful post!! it was so great to finally meet you in person and i completely agree that we could have sat and talked all day over coffee (using my precious new green sleeve - love that name!!)

    you coined it exactly right that blog friend meetings are the next frontier and i'm happy to be charging headlong into it!!

    love and hugs from amanda

    p.s. that ranch is to die for!! can we all go in on it? hehe

  20. Oh Lori how beautiful are you two.
    What a wonderful surprise to see you both in a loving photo.

    I have been wanting to post a photo of myself, but since taking up cheeky monkey business I have felt the need to remain anonymous for a little while longer.

    I love you.... I think of you often and am very grateful for all that you share.
    You inspire me.

    best wishes for lots of sales of those lovely little cosies.


  21. I love your green sleeves, especially your own little touches with the gorgeous embroidery and wee tags...beautiful work !
    Wonderful that you could meet up with Amanda.


xoxo lori