Thursday, September 9, 2010


(running red hot mama)

(at work red hot mama)

we are a family of note leavers. it makes me happy coming home (or waking up) and finding notes. i like knowing where everyone is. here are two hastily scribbled ones left for me not too long ago. the first was from my husband being silly. and the second from my girl, imitating the first, being sillier.

it's one of the things i'm missing, now that my daughter is living across the country. when she was here it was what we'd do, with all my children, let someone know where you are. of course this doesn't happen now. i don't expect to know where she's at, no no. but now i'm not sure how to find the balance between texting and calling too much (let her go ~ i know i know) and not enough (of course i MISS you). how much is too much? or not enough? i worry. i miss her. what is a mother to do?



  1. lil notes like that are fun. i wud leave notes to my hubby in his wallet to find usually near his money..

  2. I love such notes,too! Red hot Mama, tehee! You and your family, you are all so smashingly beautiful! And silly, what a gift!

    Thinking of notes, when we visited my brother in Africa, I bought him a memory note-roll to hang up on his kitchen wall, and then I rolled it off half-way and wrote a note on there: A letter to Geli is due! Rolling it carefully up afterwards, of course, and then I got my letter, months later! Fun!

  3. Sweet post Lori!
    You look so gorgeous! I guess I should have taken 5 children instead of 2.......:-P
    You Look like sisters .
    I can imagine you must miss her....


  4. I can imagine how much you miss her, Lori.
    When Camila traveled with my brother and sisters in law to Disneyland I left her small packages filled with marshmallows and chocolates with notes for her to open each day, she loved it!

    But the best thing is when we meet again and you can hold your daughter very tight, isn´t it?

  5. Sweet little notes are like treasures..keep them safe and in your heart.
    Right now I am staring at a note hubby left me after I TRIED to kill a bug...I dont like to kill anything...but I had to try because I didnt know what kind of a bug it was and the idea if the kids finding it...eek..Anyway,could not bring myself to do it and had to call hubby at work..hehehe..After placing bowl on top of bug,I come home..only to find a note on top of bowl.. note reads..."Try and kill me..I will get you for that!" Eeeeek..Now I'm sure to have buggy nightmares..( :
    These little notes mean sooooo much to me..they make me smile and feel warm inside..they make me appreciate the life I have..they help me keep a teeney weeney piece of that someone special close to my heart.

    I dont understand the loss you feel sweet Lori,I can only try to imagine the hole in your heart and it makes me want to cry.But,I also feel blessed to know you,blessed to know about your beautiful family.Stay strong and know that we are here for you.Your friend,Cat

  6. that's so sweeeeeeeeet!

    being single and living on my own, my notes are limited to the maid's shopping list: "grin bins" means green beans

    have a lovely weekend

  7. When my brother was leaving for Australia to do his Masters, my mom was strong until he left, then she cried rest of the day. I asked - 'why are you crying, he will be back in a couple of years' - she said - 'you will know one day'

  8. I love the silly notes that make us smile and keep things fun in our homes...what a nice picture of you and your husband...I can see where your children get their beauty.

    I know exactly how you feel...calling too much or not enough...each child is takes some time to get in the grove of keeping a first one went far away 9 years ago...and now I have 3 far away...I miss this constantly even though I'm happy for will figure it out red hot mama!

    Happy weekend to you and yours. XX

  9. One of the reasons I love this blog (and you) is the abundance of pure love here.

    It's in your eyes. Your words. Your family. Your heart♥.
    And it's in those notes ;)

    Opposite coasts is hard. You will both be stronger, and if it's at all possible, closer.


  10. I love those notes!

    Such an intense and challenging thing to strike that balance between holding them close and letting them spread their wings. I think you are wise enough to find that place.

    This is the 3rd day of school, my first day at home, not working, while she's away, and I am MISSING her. But she is thriving, and all is well.

    Love to you!

  11. That darn Bloggercommenteater just devoured my comment! WAAAAH!

    I have every confidence that YOU will find the right balance of communication while your lovely daughter is at school. You have an exceptionally strong, loving family.... and those bonds will always remain so.

    (And Christmas is only a few months away.....she will be flying West before you know it!)

    Sending you love and strength,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Funny you posted this. We are on the same track. Last night as I lie in bed on the verge of sleep, I heard my phone chime. A text. From my daughter @ college. It said: "Love you". Even though they are miles away (not across the country, just a couple of cities away) we text or call every night. Usually me saying: "Sweet Dreams & I love you". Then they reply: "Love you too", "night", or sometimes, "can u talk?". It is comforting to "talk, text, IM or email", with them daily. Even my husband & I have tiny conversations throughout the day. When they lived at home, you always found a note sitting on the counter.

  13. oh jeez you son of a gun.

    you've gone and made me cry.

    i'm not sure it's because of the love that is so obvious here or because of the chance to see my beloved friend happy with her family.

    these pictures are OMG wonderful. you and hannah are pretty gorgeous, you both.

    no offense to chuck, who is also pretty gorgeous. :)

    i love you lori. over time love grows. and then, quietly, the roots are strong and the flower is so sweet.

    ps. do you think textmessages are notes? i do. but i can't figure out how to put my special ones on my kitchen tablecloth.


  14. lori - as you probably would guess i'm going thru exactly the same thing right now with my son -- and am wondering: should I call? should I text? arghhhh --- all part of the process, right? we miss our kids and want to stay connected but it's SO tough sometimes to let go as you say......

    i love reading about your ritual of notes --- shows what a warm, loving family you are with a sense of humor -- you are one red hot mama and i love the gorgeous fotos of you with your husband and daughter which prove it!!

    here's hoping you get a text from hannah -- and as kj says in her comment - i DO think they count, even tho they don't have that same warm feeling as do napkins on a tablecloth ;-)

    sending love and hugs,


  15. marjnhomer,
    good idea, he's sure to find them there!


    thank you and that is the best idea ever! you are the cleverest! your brother must have laughed when he found it. :) i will remember that trick!


    i was thinking i'm glad i stopped at five, my heart may not have survived another! thank you for your sweet words dear.


    those tiny notes do mean so much don't they? camila must have been thrilled to discover your little surprises. and yes, when i see her again. (tears here.)


    cat, thank you for such a beautiful message. those notes do mean so much, even your funny little bug one! thank you for sharing such a cute story, i loved it.
    it may be cliche, but time does fly by, it was just yesterday my children were the age of yours. enjoy everyday, every moment...before the babies fly off too.


    that just made me laugh out loud. i would love to find that note (and i'd love even more a maid) ;)


    now thats what i tell my own kids. it never changes. or gets any easier. oh dear.


    thank you so much, it sounds like you know exactly what i mean. your so right, each one is very different. i'll keep trying to find the way.

  16. lolo,
    just reading your words here makes me feel better. thank you dear for that. if absense really does make the heart grow fonder then you will be absolutly right! :) missing all my kids has been the hardest thing. maybe i have gotten stronger. i know they have.


    oh how i remember those days. i cried everyday in the beginning (after i dropped them off). this is similar. it doesn't matter that they are grown (pretty much) and confident (at times), they are our babies.


    aggg...blogger :(
    thank you, i think your right, we're both finding our balance at the moment. and yes, christmas, :)


    yes. you know. that's me with my girls, the boys...not so much! they are different, ;)


    a beautiful analogy, a beautiful mother you are too.thank you my friend. i'm so grateful for the support you've given me, because you've been there too.


    aggg...i'm permantly attached to my cell phone. this has got to get easier for us, don't you think? i found my son's to be even harder than the girls sometimes. people assume the opposite with boys. but they have the same exact feelings. good luck with your boy.


  17. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  18. Love the notes... now that we all have cell phones and texting, the notes are few and far between. I'm sure your daughter appreciates the texts and calls from you. Ours are both still home, so I've no idea how we'll handle that!

  19. You are a good and loving Mama, of COURSE you miss your redheaded fire bomb. Oh lord, poor New York.

    Too much texting? I think that is ok, but don't call too much.

    I love the photos, the glimpse into a rich, full life.

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment.

    Life is good.

    Sending love,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  20. oh my sweet soul sister. my life (and I know that you of all people understand this) is upside down, inside out crazy out of control busy. SIGH. my first year of study is due in just over a month and i am behind, I am burning the midnight oil in ways i never dreamed i would. i start my day so early and i end my day so late and i feel like i never rest, people tell me to take some time out, but i just cant fit that in right now. I know that i should and i dream, yes dream of nights that are free, weekends spent laughing and exploring.....but the reality is as you well know that I have to support three babies, all on my own and in august next year the agreement that i signed with my ex takes place....i can live anywhere i want in australia with the kids, but he no longer will pay maintenance. So i dont stop right now, I keep going even when im so tired i feel like i will fall over, because i have no choice. I have to support my babies and i have been at home caring for them for 10 years, i need to re-train. I know that you understand this, this sort of responsibility.
    then one day, a while ago now, although it feels like yesterday, i received a package that made me cry happy tears, (they are the good ones because they clean up the sad ones :) and in that package was the BEACH that i long for, that i dream of almost every night. You see there was this person on the other side of the world who woke up and thought about me and how tough the single mum life can be when you have no family with you, and how tough it is to live so far from where you really belong, (hearing the waves at night) and she wrapped up the beach in envelopes made of maps and she sent it to me and I smiled and i cried and I smiled and i thanked God for women who are really sisters that we havent yet met, who on a tough day, can pull us back up to a standing position with shells and sea glass and words of love and friendship and understanding.
    I thanked him for YOU.
    I have been trying to send you a little thank you package for weeks now, but it still sits on my desk, incomplete. Some days i try to write a little more, or make a little something else to put in it. Some weeks i say just send it already and those are the weeks the gas bill comes and it wipes out my pay and i struggle to put food on the table and so it has to sit a little longer.
    So i wanted to stop by and tell you and the world, that you are beautiful beyond what our eyes see, that you're heart is beautiful in ways we cant imagine that your soul has the magic to hear tears on the other side of the world and know just exactly what will remedy those tears. I want you to know that your journey inspires my own, and reminds me that against all odds it can be done and that like you I will do it.
    I wanted to say thank you for your gift and thank you for the gift of you.
    I love you
    plain and simple
    p.s as usual our families are so kids greet me in the morning (hair everywhere, eyes all puffy) and they say, "Good morning sexy mama" LOL

  21. I just sent you an email red hot mama and btw i like your haircut, cute!

  22. I LOVE little notes...especially funny ones. I am more a note leaver than Marky, but when he does do it, it is heavenly.

    In regard to baby bird who has flown the nest ~ let your heart be your guide.xx♥

  23. Lori, you have such a beuatiful family. How lucky you are. I knew if I came here, you would make me smile. As a daughter I would say calling 3 times a week, and emailing daily is acceptable :-).

  24. Notes are like little stars in my day. "have a good morning" or "think of me on this trip" are keepers - little things to pull out when the going get's tough.

    I sneak into my hubby's day planner and leave notes as appointments - like "kiss your wife" or a simple "love you".

    I love your pictures - you have a beautiful family....and I also like the painting around the window - your work???

  25. Oh, I love notes! What a gorgeous family you are! And how amazingly gorgeous you and your beautiful daughter look alike... I can imagine you miss her. I think she'll always love hearing from you... Love, Silke

  26. Love this! And you are a red hot mama!! I am dueling with this same dilemna -- feels weird not to have the daily interaction and knowing. We are becoming big girls now with no babes to baby! Love the pics too Lori of your beautiful family.

  27. lovely family pics lori. :) i too love seeing notes.


xoxo lori