Sunday, September 19, 2010


dear diary,

:: this week my eldest son turned 29

:: he called breathless "i was on a paddleboard two miles off the coast, we were surrounded by at least twenty migrating blue whales!"

:: my youngest girl called " i got a job!"

:: my youngest boy called also "i got in! "(the school he was hoping for)

:: my middle son sent to me in the mail a letter and an apple gift card! he said have fun!

:: my oldest child made a commercial for lexus

:: my husband was offered a job as editor of a (big) magazine (he had to turn it down though)

:: my sister heard my mom sing the words to a james taylor song

i felt immense joy and pleasure at all these things
(* so i won't ever forget)

then i
took a hike
visited a gallery where my friend has a showing
spent four days with my dear friends here from germany
went on a date with my husband
showed a friend how to knit cables and she gave me some of her handmade beeswax candles
and then, after work, i started working on these...

i am going to call them green sleeves. the embroidered patch is my own design, the knitted pattern is found here. instead of wasteful paper cardboard sleeves, i hope others will want to try these reusable cozies. they keep your tea or coffee warm and keep your hand comfortable. because a comfortable hand is important indeed!

little friends approve of the soft wool

and now for the winner of the give~a~way

nice to have helpers

3 years housewife and bhavana! congratulations! yes, it seems i couldn't help myself and chose two, please email me with your addresses, thank you everyone.


p.s. thank you so much from Chuck (and me too!) for all your kind words on my previous post, i love that photo of him!


  1. How wonderful. All of these things are simply joyful. Just reading them made me smile. You never cease to amaze me with your awesomeness...such talent..these cup things are really awesome. I am happy and thankful that you are so blessed. :) XX

  2. Lori, Honestly -- is there anything you can't do?? I love the green sleeves. Any chance you would sell a few. They make awesome gifts. I am so thrilled for you to have a week filled with good news about the ones you love most. Very touching about your mom ... I hope that lifted your spirits. You are attracting wonderful things in your life. And you deserve every bit of goodness. Love, Lyn

  3. What a cool idea, I love the green sleeves, and love that it's the name of one of my favorite songs, to boot!

    I'm so grateful to alive during such an amazing time in the world, where people are thinking up such cool things!

  4. Lori, darling one, you live such a wonderful and charmed life and you deserve it! These green sleeves are wonderful, and good for the earth too :-). Congrats to the winners, lucky ducks! xoxo

  5. I LOVE what you've done in making cozies. Awww...I need one or two of those. :)

    Happy Sunday. Hugs!

  6. I LOVE your green sleeves!! That patch just makes them. And I loved your post as much. It's inspiring how you celebrate life. ♥ ☺

  7. So happy to hear all your wonderful news. Yay!!!! for everyone. ♥xx♥

  8. Ahh what a delightful post Lori!
    So much to be grateful about!
    And those coffee sleeves! What a brilliant idea! Put them on the market, before someone else does!
    Congrats on the winners! And what cute little helpers you had there!

    Happy to be back home again!

  9. Love, love, love, LOOOOOVE this post! So much to celebrate this week, so many wonderful blessings. Awwww, Lori, you deserve every one of them.

    Green Sleeves! How awesome! I love that leaf! And I love your little assistants, too. Hahahahaha. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  10. This morning I thought, I want to write my next post about how EACH individual counts. That it is always the ONE who changes the world.
    And then I read your post and thought, see? That`s what I mean!
    And it is not only you with your love for the world around you, and your gift to create, it is also each one of your children who add their share. And your mom singing when she is not really able anymore. And Chuck going on dates with you, his wife. And also all your blog friends who write you comments and give you their love back.
    Hugs to you, Lori. I wish I had been your German friend, visiting.

  11. Lori you are so beautiful and I love to read of your happiness in this post.

    I like the idea of the 'green sleeves'. Practical and good looking.

    Congratulations to the winners too.

    Wishing you a fun filled week ahead and best wishes for all your creative adventures.

    xx Robyn

  12. you deserve all this goodness xxx
    what a neat idea - green sleeves

  13. LOVE the green sleeves - what a clever idea. Leftover yarn - watchout!!

    and a great family - what could be better

  14. I know I've said it before, but there is SO MUCH ♥LOVE♥ here!

    Your posts literally make my heart sing.
    I'm glad you have such a wonderful family.

    Congrats to those lucky winners! And how cute are those little helper photos!

    Have a sweet Monday Ms. Lori.


  15. Lori this is a lovely post! Simple joy!

    And how cute are those sleeves! Love them!

  16. (panting, out of breath...) whee! i finally made it here! what a week!

    that wise universe--she knows when it's time to sprinkle together a dozen reasons for one woman's well earned and infectious smile. yay yay yay yay!

    i have favorites in this list of wonderful happenings. :)

    and the lean green no peeve sleeves? AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

    love you, love you!

  17. Lori, what a glorious week you had!
    (Despite the 'eternal" fog....)

    The "Green Sleeves" are fabulous!
    What a fantastic idea - and so ecologically appropro! Brava!

    Love the photos of your "little helpers"! Adorable!

    May this be another week of wonderment and joy for you and yours!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  18. what blessings, dear lori, to see your loved ones thriving in life - enjoy basking in this moment because you so deserve it -- you give so much to others and it's the universe's way of giving back you ♡♡

    these knitted cup cozies are incredible!! you need to be in touch with the starbucks folks and market these - they would catch on like hotcakes -- i know for sure i would buy them!!

    love and blessing to you xxx


  19. s.i.w.e.f ? sorry bit slow here... love the pics in your last one - very very cool x and these Green Sleeves are such a clever invention, and i love how you display everything - so so clever. its always a joy to spend time in your blog Lori; wonderful to hear all that good news!! xx

  20. OMG Lori - My luckiest day - I can't believe I won this. I am so super excited - yippppppeeeeeeeee

    Seeing you list all about your kids makes me want to have more than two.

    I love those sleeves - I should make some too.

    Again, I am so excited about winning this :) I will email you from home tonight.

  21. Green Sleeves!Cozies...
    I love them, are you interested in selling them in a gallery? I have a wonderful gallery in Honesdale, PA. I think they are great, and they would make a wonderful addition to our eclectic, charming gallery. Especially since a coffee shop is going in next door!
    What are your thoughts?

  22. It's funny, as I always feel i see a glimpse of joy when reading your blog! What exciting/lovely things to have happened!

    And as for the green sleeves- just awesome!! A perfect thing to knit for beginners like myself too, perhaps?

  23. My heart just blew up like a huge balloon after reading about all the blessings in your life. I've been camping for the last week so I've been doing great (thank you so much for checking in - you are too, too awesome) and I love hearing how well life is working out for you too.

    PS are you selling any of the green sleeves? I know quite a few coffee addicts who would love some as Christmas presents...

  24. lori, you should see my new header! it is glorious! i 'borrowed' it from my kitchen windowsill, well, actually, from one of my dearest friends. my blog has never looked better.


  25. Where is Owen these days?

    That hedgehog is super cute.

    Your family have had a good week, it seems.

  26. Splendid! I hope to see these on your Etsy.

  27. I love your list! So many good things on this post that made me smile!!!

    How is Owen, by the way?

    Lovely cozies!!! I wish we had more tradition of these cups here in Brazil... anyway, they are really lovely!

  28. Fantastic, fantastic and now I can't stop grinning. I won, yeay!
    I'm requesting your permission to post the pic announcing the winner in my blog. Thanks.

  29. What a wonderful post. I felt your joy in every one of those very special things.
    I love the cup holders too....great idea !
    ps. Thank you Lori for your comment yesterday..I am feeling a little better today :>)

  30. These are so cute, and green and the fact they were made with love, by you...priceless!

  31. Wow! you must be in a very good place right now. Gratitude is just dripping from this post. I love your green sleeves idea. Are you putting it up on Etsy? I think that I must have a couple. Brilliant idea.

  32. Dear L,

    Have been away but am glad that you are seeing such beauty everywhere. The fact that your happiness is because of their happiness just shows how special you are.

    Cool Chuck pics, my goodness you married someone who can surf that well? OK you've done it all... and I adore the green sleeves, FAB idea.

    Love, peace, x.

  33. oooh, sell those on etsy! or maybe your next give away. :) they are so adorable. and congratulations on your week of good news, good vibes and overall awesomeness!

  34. Sounds like you've had a pretty busy week by the sounds of it.. such special memories! Such an awesome lifestyle.. when I'm older I hope I have a life remotely close to yours! The little cup holders are adorable! I am so glad someone else is going green :) xxx

  35. You have such a joy-filled life! I'm so happy for you.


xoxo lori