Thursday, September 2, 2010

summer in the city

How to New York City in ninety six hours or four days.

Walk MILES. Ride subways, taxi's and boats. Attend college orientation, meet friends of friends. Drink cosmopolitans, window shop on 5th avenue, Lexington, Madison Avenue. Eat street cart hot dogs, wave at Miss Liberty, gaze up at the Empire State Building. Sit on the grass in Central Park and people watch on Park Avenue.

We pretended we were still on California time and stayed up till 2am New York time, talking, laughing, knitting. We talked about all we saw and all we didn't (theater and museums), and how we'd have to come back.

Although, as long as my girl is here, a part of me will never leave...
























































I have posted a record (for me) 55 photos. SO sorry. In order for anyone to go through this post quickly I've not labeled the photos (less reading), but numbered them instead and added the labels below, for anyone interested in knowing what's what. Thank you for putting up with me. I missed you and it's nice to be back.

1.) Street art and Hannah
2.) NYC manhole cover
3.) Park Avenue
4.) Hannah and Momma
5.) Grafitti/street art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
6.) "
7.) funny NY sign
8.) "
9.) "
10.) photographing a window of chandeliers as a subway train passed by.
11.) Manhattan Bridge
12.) Brooklyn Bridge (walking over)
13.) sitting in Thomas Paine park
14.) posing with the locals in China Town
15.) this is for you Carolina, found at at a flea market in Williamsburg
16.) shopping in Brooklyn
17.) Williamsburg waterfront and the Manhattan skyline
18.) Ice cream trucks bring happiness and joy
19.) The Roosevelt Hotel
20.) The lobby
21.) One of the very few alone moments in NY
22.) People watching at breakfast, 45th & Lexington
23.) Meeting a friend of a friend and seeing a bit of Africa in the city.
24.) my daughter's college
25.) walking down Park Avenue, a taxi stopped in front of us and this man stepped out, carrying 2 bags from Tiffany's. We spent the better part of the next 30 minutes making up stories about it.
26.) I am love. I am.
27.) Dior
28.) Dolce & Gabbana purse lust
29.) Sheep's meadow, Central Park
30.) 5th Avenue at night
31.) YSL
32.) Times Square
33.) Momma & Hannah
34.) Elevator at world's largest department store, Macy's on 34th st.
35.) Madison Square Garden
36.) Miss Liberty
37.) Cute photo of Lindy, Hannah and the Statue of Liberty
38.) Ellis Island
39.) Financial District
40.) Purl Soho! a favorite website and blog
41.) inside Purl Soho
42.) "
43.) Manhattan
44.) "
45.) inside a NYC taxi
46.) moving day
47.) recommended restaurant in Soho
48.) salon visit in Greenwich Village
49.) "
50.) view from our 17th floor room
51.) "
52.) our purchases from Purl Soho. I own a hank of Jade Sapphire cashmere, my first cashmere! One of the best parts of the trip happened in Purl, when my sister Lindy asked me to teach her to knit! and Hannah my daughter wanted to knit again (and learn more). * H A P P Y* Lindy chose the blue bulky Cascade and Hannah the white.
53.) Lindy knitting!
54.) Hannah knitting!
55.) I don't know who's more proud, me or them (me!)

Thank you for joining us and for all your lovely lovely comments on my previous post. Hannah loved the quilt, which she confessed she saw here first.



  1. Really loved this post, Lori. My husband and I were married in NYC 15 years ago on Sept. 1st. We looked at our photo album last night ....and your photos added to the mental tour. Thank you!

  2. Welcome back Lori and thank you for taking the time to share all of these wonderful photos.
    26 and 46 are favourites, but I love them all.

    I've never been to NYC and passed up the opportunity a couple of times, but maybe one day and
    I know for sure that I would like it.

    What are you knitting?
    I'm just doing the usual... the odd pole here and there ;)

    love to you
    xx Robyn

  3. Such an adventure! And I don`t even have to go to see NYC! Just sit on my chair and marvel at all the sights! Thank you for the trip, Lori! I will cme back and enjoy each picture slowly. And yes, welcome back home!

  4. I was just wondering how your trip was and here are your gorgeous photo's. (I recognized Purl Soho - love that store). The way you've posted gives such a great view of your days there. thanks for taking us on the trip with you. (your daughter is so beautiful!! wow)

  5. Lori, ya captured NYC perfectly!
    love yer post.

    and, darn! ya walked right by us, and we missed it. :-(

    glad to have come by just now,
    its been a while.

    keep on postin' :-)


  6. What a whirlwind!
    Thanks for taking me with.
    Never been to NYC (or the US for that matter)


  7. oooooooh! what a way to start my day. this is a photography course for me.

    but more on that later, after work. for now, just a true blue ♥ and welcome back.


  8. I didn't realised there were that many photos until you mentioned it. If it goes to a 100, I would still enjoy looking at the pictures. Thank you for taking me through the tour. Would love to go to NYC sometime.

  9. Lori - you took us along on your NYC adventure. Such great shot. You really captured the quirky energy and eclectic sizzle of the Big Apple. Was it hard to leave your little one there?

    Thanks for sharing Lori.

  10. I love your photo's and that you took us there with you by sharing in these wonderful photo's. I love your smiles the most. You are right, as long as your daughter is there part of your heart will always be there. I'm curious...what does your daughters tattoo say? Glad you had a good time and made it back safely. XX

  11. Fun, fun pics! They make me long to go again...We were there in early December of '02, with all the snow, but it was lovely and so much fun! Now that your girl is there, you will have a good reason to visit frequently! Some of life's transitions are just sooo hard for us moms, aren't they?...but we get through..with friends and loved ones. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I've been waiting for these!!!

    I loved every one of them. I even love the blurry ones because that's how life goes by in the big city...WHOOOOSH!!
    And I'm sure that's how your time went.

    Hannah is taller than you, you peanut :) Adorable peanut I mean!

    Hannah is as beautiful as her momma, and oh so photogenic.

    I'm glad you're home safe. I've really enjoyed this vicarious trip with you!


  13. Oh my, I love New York! I have only been there once for five days, I did not sleep amd went to every Museum! Thank you for taking me there, wonderful photos! Glad your back. xoxo

  14. Lydia,
    Happy Anniversary! How fantastic to be married there, I hope you get the chance to go back often! thank you so much for the kind comment.


    haha, Hannah basket head always makes me laugh. She had a few children look twice at her as she walked down the street, but mostly she pretty much blended in, in NY anything goes!
    I am knitting the cowl in the new Melanie Falick book, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts (love her books). It takes only one skein of the Jade Sapphire cashmere. Gorgeous yarn.
    I really hope you get to NYC someday, it's a fantastic city.


    it was indeed an adventure, mostly just figuring out the subways! we had a fabulous time, i'm glad you came along.


    thanks so much. I wondered if you'd been to Purl Soho, it really was a highlight for me, i LOVE their website and blog. I am sure i won't be able to visit the city without a trip there too!


    Bare-eyed Sun,
    thank you so much, i was thinking as i was taking photos (over 700) that i would love to stay longer, it's an amazing subject with endless photo opportunities. I LOVE NYC. Maybe we'll meet one day. :)


    we found a bit of Africa in the city, i'm sure you could find anything you want there, it's an amazing place. I'm sure it's the ultimate urban safari.


    thanks! i hesitated to put up such a long post, knowing i probably ought to separate it into parts one two and three, but laziness got the better of me. It also helped to edit ruthlessly.


    3 years housewife,
    thank you for such kind words, i am hoping i don't stall anyones computer. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away. I hope you do get a chance someday, New York City is like no place else.


    thank you, i really appreciate your words.
    and yes leaving her was the hardest thing i've ever had to do. :(


    Thank you! we had a wonderful time and laughed our way through all the days. Except for the leaving part (but i made sure Hannah didn't see me cry). Her tatoo is a quote by Walt Whitman, Freedom- to walk free and own no superior.


    this has been by far the hardest, but we did make the most of every minute we were together. I can't wait till i can return. maybe it'll be when it's snowing, i've only ever seen NYC in the heat. Thank you for commenting, i am sure we'll meet soon, your in Carp? :)

  15. Lolo,
    thanks so much! I hope one of these times i can make it a bit further north :)
    I am now shorter than everyone of my children :( (in my heart i still feel taller and bigger than them though!) I'm so glad you enjoyed, I love sharing! I LOVE NY.


    I'm looking forward to the time i can spend at all the wonderful museums too, this trip was too short to fit everything in!

  16. welcome home dear lori!!! congrats on launching your hannah -- she looks like she is ready to take on the city!!

    love all the fotos - esp #s 4, 14. 18 (pure joy!!) and the mom alone shot #21 -- all of them are great. I remember those 'no honking $350 penalty' signs - my girl says people honk anyway haha!!

    what a fabulous time you had --- thanks for sharing these lovely moments and glimpses of the big apple through your ever-creative eye!! sending love and hugs xoxo

  17. Whew, I'll be soaking my feet later from all that walking ;)
    Love the bridge photos!
    all photos creative and lively!

  18. Wow,wow, wow! Love NY more because of these pictures.

  19. I love this post, such a great way to see NYC!

    My favourite picture is the first one.

    What does your daughter's tattoo say?

  20. wow - NYC is so beautiful through your eyes. Loved all the pictures - I love the color of your daughter's hair :) Wishing her all the luck in NYC and wishing you a lot of strength to be without her :)

  21. Great photos! Your daughter is so cute.

    I heart NYC!

  22. Awe.... those are the greatest pics!! I loved them all! You are both so beautiful!! Can't believe you are the mom!! xo

  23. Lori - you captured your whirlwind four days beautifully! Great job!
    A spendid potpourri of photos....

    You and your daughter....two beauties.... one can see how close you are...the parting HAD to be hard....but I am here to tell you NY is GORGEOUS in the Winter!

    Love the sign shots....aren't they a riot! one listens....honking and sirens going on 24/7.. but, I confess, I miss it a lot.

    Glad you saw the wooden escalator steps at Macy*s (my "old" company for 14 years)... the Flagship store on 34th is not very pretty - but I love those wooden staps.... not everyone would notice them!

    I am DROOLING over the Dolce & Gabbana bag..... waaaaaaah!

    The Museums will all be waiting for you next time....

    Oh, so glad your daughter loved the quilt..... it is perfect!

    Welcome Home! We mised you!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  24. Hi Lori!!

    So nice to see all these shots!
    Brings back memories of a trip not so long ago...

    Good to see you have such a good time with your beautiful daughter!

    Too bad we just missed each other.....

    The Roosevelt.....That used to be our crewhotel :) I have stayed a couple of times. Now we are in the Radisson Martinique, both are ok.

    You look just as old as your kids..... How do you do that?

    Glad you are back safe with lots of wonderful memories!


  25. Ps I also showed Felix the wooden escalators at Macy's :)

  26. I have been to many cities of the world but not New York, so this has been a delightful virtual tour for me...

  27. Amanda,
    i'm so glad you appreciated my photos, i know you were just there too, and your daughter lives and works there. We are going to have to coordinate a trip so we're both in the city at the same time! thank you so much.


    we must have walked 500 hundred miles at least. and ice bags were applied frequently! But oh my nothing was going to stop us from discovering all that the city has to offer!


    thank you. I think it's hard to go wrong photographing this incredible city. I love it too!


    i love that photo too,it's a painting of a bottle of Absolute Vodka, a limited edition featuring Brooklyn. it was on a wall. Her chest piece says own no superior, it's part of a quote by Walt Whitman. I cried for a while after she got it. 3 of my kids have tatoos, so i guess i'm getting used to it. Now i think it's beautiful on her. She is for sure.


    thank you. i like the red too, but i still wish she'd go back to her natural blonde.
    I so appreciate your wish, because it is so completly hard right now. Lucky we have cell phones where we talk and text as much as we want.


    Kids are just cute, I love em! but thank you. i love NY too, it's a fabulous place.


    haha, i say the same thing to you! i'm so glad you liked the photos, i really appreciate it.But I am sure you are glad i stopped at 55, i took over 700!


    you always make me smile! you say the nicest things.
    I loved! those wooden steps of the elevator, and the sound they made, clackety clack! That's so cool you worked there.
    I am a bit worried about Hannah in the winter, i hope she'll be warm enough.
    and how gorgeous is that bag??


    that is the first thing i was thinking, our timing was off by only days! darn. The Roosevelt was a beautiful hotel, we enjoyed it so much. I'll have to go back and have another look at your photos now, I love NY!


    I'm so glad you enjoyed! NYC is a fabulous place, a real melting pot and so welcoming to all. I hope you get a chance to go someday!

  28. fabulous fotos and such fun browsing them! liked seeing no23 too :D different photos download each time so i keep coming back. welcome home Lori. NYC in summer looks so different. H should do a lot of knitting - she is going to need serious warm clothing for winter!!! xx

  29. TOO COOL!!!! Thanks for the mini tour! I haven't been to NY in too many years, this just gave me the itch! My Sis lived there in the 80's as a flight attendant. My visit was in '83 I believe. What a vibratant city. My fav cousin lives in NJ but works in the city. I have visited her, but at the time she was still healing from loss from 9/11 so we didnt get to go into the city. But, she tells me she will take me now. Hoping to go in October.
    Love your 55 photos! SO VERY COOL! Hannah is a beautiful girl. What is she studying & what university is that?
    Oh my... so many miles between you too. Thank goodness for technology! Can you imagine your Mothers? How hard for them to see us off. And I was only a 4 hour drive!

  30. Val,
    we got a few good photos of #23, i'll email them to you. I cannot imagine living in snow, i know Hannahs got no idea either, more adventure!


    I'm so sorry for your cousin, i can't imagine what it was like for the people living in the area at the time of 9/11. I hope you do get to go soon. There is a vistors center next to the site, a place of healing, i hope you and your cousin can go.
    My daughter is going to Marymount Manhattan, It's a very small liberal arts college, she's studying to be a writer.

  31. dear friend, have i ever had the pleasure of your company this morning!!! and that friend who may be willing and interested in swapping her mary oliver book for my signed mary oliver book, well, guess who that special friend is?

    guess! if you guess right, you may win a special friend prize!

    this comment mentions the word 'friend' a heck of a lot of times. i wonder why that is?


  32. Wow Lori! What a wonderful time you had in NYC!
    I've never been there and I have to admit that only thinking about being there frightens me. I am not a city person and NYC would probably be overwhelming for me...
    I loved to go on tour with you though - fantastic post and pictures!
    Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  33. Lori, back for another visit....miss NY and you captured so much of what makes it "The Big Apple"... I actually did not work at Herald Square, but at the SF Div. Headquarters... still, I spent a lot of time at that store - shopping and networking....

    It WILL get cold...there WILL be snow, and sleet and perhaps a blizzard...but your daughter is YOUR daughter....she will buy many hats (or perhaps make her own), buy some boots (what a joy to HAVE to buy), a heavy jacket....and learn (as I did) to embrace a white, cold,'s magical and stunning....Bloomies has a great collection of Winter hats....

    Love the taste of snow on my tongue....

    And, I have to say, although I can relate to how you feel about tattoos....I think your daughter's is brilliant....and evocative of HER spirit - as well as you and your husband's. It is perfect.

    Just had to tell you.

    Love and special kisses to Owen!

    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. Also glad you found a "taste of Africa" while in NY....I KNOW how much of oyur heart resides there..

  34. Man I need some of those noise control signs for my neighborhood!
    NYC is awesome, thanks for sharing your pics!

  35. Ahhh Lori, it looks like you guys had so much fun! I will be there on Tuesday! Looks like you went to a lot of places I want to go from the obvious (statue of Liberty) to mpre off the beaten track (purlsoho!)
    Your photos make me laugh, many of them as I have taken, funny signs, manhole covers, graffiti...
    Thanks for the gallery, it was lots of fun.
    Shame we couldn't be there to share a drink together.

  36. wow!! You certainly didn't disappoint us with your coverage of NYC.. how beautiful and vibrant it is.. and you looked as if you were having the best time together!

  37. Kj,
    WoW! I guessed! or i should say i hoped! I am so thrilled. WOw!
    ♥! and visiting was my pleasure.


    I do know what you mean, it is overwhelming and can be frightening too. I am not really a city person either, but I did really enjoy New York City. There is something very special about this place, it is captivating. Thank you so much for the kind words.


    thank you so much for all your sweet words. i will believe in everything you say, the winters will be magical and exotic for a southern california beach girl, i'm sure she'll love it. and honestly i can't wait to see NY in the snow either! it'll be part of her adventure i'm sure.
    Thank you for saying that about her tatoo also, it is a beautiful work of art and i do love the words, and i am getting used to it being a part of her now.
    i'm so glad these photos made you so happy!


    RSA online,
    you are most welcome, i'm glad you enjoyed!
    p.s. the signs were mostly ignored. ;)

    i can't believe my timing, i just missed you! have a wonderful time in the city, it is fabulous.
    i hope you get to PurlSoho, i loved it! You'll love alot of Soho i think, great shops and restaurants.
    A nice break from the streets and noise, there is a restaurant we were recommended in Soho called Le Figaro Cafe. There is a pond and waterfall in the back, so cool and quiet, really lovely. The food was delicious too. its at Bleecker and MacDougal near Washington Square.


    it was hard to choose photos for this post. NYC is so grand. Glad you enjoyed.

  38. So fun! My daughter is a doctor in NYC (Manhattan, Yorktown) and my wife and I visit her when we can. I've grown to love NYC.

  39. I thought about your trip to New York so many times and now I get to experience it. THANK YOU.

    Your gorgeous daughter.

    Love the knitting store and maybe when I'm in NYC I'll go visit it. It seems so life-filled.

    Wonderful that two new knitters (one and a come back) are emerging.

    SO HAPPY for you and all the adventures.


    Love and enjoy your long weekend.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  40. wow, what a trip! you did a lot! thank you for sharing pictures. :)

  41. New York, New York, what an amazing city! Wonderful, lovely pictures, dear Lori, you are so beautiful and look so happy! Your daughter is a princess! Thank you for sharing , I love Purl Soho , it´s an attempting store, isn´t it?
    Welcome back and have a wonderful week!

  42. Dan,
    That is really exciting, I remember when you showed photos of your daughters graduation. What a blessing. We are doubly lucky that we have such a cool place to go visit!



    Thank you! While I was on the east coast i thought of you too. Do you make it into the city often? I hope you make it into PurlSoho someday, I think you'll love the energy and inspiration! You may come away with a new project!



    Thanks! and happy honeymoon!



    You and Camila would LOVE Purl Soho. It's a beautiful store with everything you could want for knitting, quilting, embroidery...such pretty things. I hope you are feeling well dear Mina.


    hello :) :) :)

  43. Ida,
    I know how you feel, I love NYC.


xoxo lori