Wednesday, March 25, 2009

29 years young

My baby is 29 today...

if you've been a parent, then your probably like me,

and wondered,

where does the time go?

It was like yesterday (sometimes) that I found out I was going to have my first baby.

Then, driving home from the hospital for the first time, taking the beach way so

my girl could see the Pacific Ocean, wanting it to be one of her first impressions.

It's hard to describe a person in so short a space, but if I say that Kimberly Summer is one of the kindest, most generous, friendliest persons on the planet I don't think anybody that knows her would disagree. She's also a free and WILD spirit. She can get into more trouble than any body I know. I knew I was in for it when her Kindergarten teacher said she'd not had a child like this before! But she makes me laugh, almost everyday, I love that she does that to me. I can't remember what life was like before her, she's been my best friend and mama's helper (even when I didn't ask her to) all my adult life. I may have let her down in the past, it's not easy parenting five children under 1o, or being the oldest of the lot...

yet she's done it with grace and dignity...

and now, here it goes again... baby, and her babies, the doodles...

can life get any sweeter?

me and my bestfriends

my girls, my daughters

~Happy Birthday Sweetheart~

...and honey, 29 is NOT old ;)

xoxoxoxo Love Forever, Mom


  1. Aw Lori, what a sweet love poem. Happy birthday to your daughter, she is gorgeous. And very lucky to have a mom like you.
    In my family (primarily made up of women!), it's a custom to wish the MOTHER of the person celebrating happy birthday too, it is after all your day too. One in which you were born anew. Auguri!

  2. i have not commented before but wanted to tell you what a touching post this is...motherhood is a lifetime of love....ELK

  3. Dear Kim, I congratulate you to yourself, the beautiful, wild and free spirit you are, and the lovely woman you are becoming (your peak being around fifty! At 29 you are still almost a girl). And I congratulate you equally to your sweet and unmatchable children - and mother! You are lucky to have all of them, and I know you know it. I lift my glass to your whole family!

  4. Happy Birthday Kimberley!
    29 is still a spring chicken, not an Autumn duck like some people I know!
    Have a wonderful day with your beautiful family.xx♥

  5. Ohh! What a lovely tribute to a beautiful daughter! I am sure she is lovely as you inside and out. The doodles are precious!
    Happy birthday to you beautiful young Kimberly!

  6. Lori, what a beautiful sentiment. Happy Birthday to your baby.

  7. Sister!! I love the photo of you and your girls !!! BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I think i am forever 28 or 29 i stopped kind of counting around there LOL. Afterall as you well know, and KimberlEy will discover, it is just a number, it does not measure how old or young you feel on the inside. Some days I walk with the wisdom of an 80 year old and some days I spend my time viewing the world through the eyes of a 8 year old LOL.
    Look at your kids and their kids Lori WOW congratulations to you, you are a beautiful beautiful person.
    love M
    P/s the pregnant mother earth photo on my blog....that was me pregnant with the twins!! I was only LOL 3 months pregnant LOLOLOLOL...OMG how big was I for 3 months :) I was the same size with one baby at 7 months...too funny!! No more planned for me....but you never know i guess hee hee hee!

  8. Happy Birthday to your eldest baby!
    Love the picture of you and your girls.... difficult to tell who is the most gorgeous. You can definately tell where they got their looks.

  9. What a very sweet post! Your daughter is very lucky to have such a wonderful mom!

    She's the same age as me! 1980 was a good year! I turn 29 in August, though, so she's older than me. :)

  10. Lola, thank you dear friend, I like that custom, i agree, i think it is the Mother that is affected more by the birthday, whoo, what a day(the birth day!).

    Thank you Elk for making the effort for me, I am most grateful, and I am in complete agreement with you,what a beautiful sentiment.

    Janelli, thanks darlin, you wait and see when your beautiful doodles grow up, ♥♥♥♥♥ ahhhh

    Geli, dear unmatchable Geli, your words were like opening a gift for Kim. She read them at dinner tonite and said"I LOVE Angela".

    And the same Natalie, thank you dear. We have girls born in March, spring babies, heh? You made my girl laugh, love you.♥♥♥♥

    And Janis, read Angela and Natalies comments, the same for you, Happy Birthday to Sergio too! A good day!

    Thank you Rosaria, those are words I love to hear.

    Michelle, oh honey you make me laugh too and nod my head, yes yes yes. I love the saying that to be young, we are every age we've ever been. I am all ages too. I love the picture you made.that was you? awesome. you amazing beautiful talented mama.

    Mandy, thank you my friend, i was feeling a teensy bit o-l-d today. just a bit. those are really kind words.

    English Shepherd, my sisters first dog was an english shepherd, Osha. We loved that dog and Kim laughed her first laugh ever because of Osha. I loved that dog. Thank you.

    Colleen, you are a baby, like my daughter. But i can still finish a tri and she can't. hee hee. she would love to train with you. And yes 1980 was an excellent year. Thanks sweetie.(even though now I feel really old ;)

    Thank you everyone, we Both appreciated all your Birthday wishes very very much!
    xxx lori and kim

  11. Congratulations!!

    How lucky you all are to have each other and from what I can see and read you all know that :-)

    best wishes & thank you again for all the joy that you share.


  12. Beautiful family! It is amazing how time flies.

  13. ah lovely and a happy birthday to you BOTH xx

  14. Happy birthday to your baby! What a gorgeous family.

  15. Happy Birthday to your daughter. My brother turned 29 this year as well.
    I absolutely love the last picture - you are one good looking bunch of people.

  16. On our way home from the hospital (not too long ago) we also opted to drive by water :) Though Lake Michigan is not quite as beautiful, we did it for the same reason ... so our daughter's first trip in the real world was one with a view.

    I hope I remember it 29 years from now with the same happiness and pride!

  17. Thank you Ribbon, I really appreciate that! you are right i think, we are so lucky to have each other, but then I think we blog friends are just as lucky, to have each other too♥

    Linda, I'm thinking as i get older, it might slow down? maybe?

    Hi Val! glad to see you back and safe. I missed you. Hope all the stuff is behind you now.

    ah Thanks Diana, I know yours are still young, but they'll always be your babies!

    Thanks Bhavana, their ok i think ;)

    Dear lifestudent, Lake Michigan is beautiful I bet, and yes, you will remember it clearly. Here i am thinking it was last year.. enjoy every single moment, it does go by fast. I'm envious of your little tiny precious doodle girl!

    Thank you for the great Birthday wishes!Kim got them.

  18. That was such a beautiful tribute to your daughter's birthday. She is a lovely young woman. Good job, Mom! (The three of you look like beautiful young models!)

  19. I'm a bit late - but Happy Birthday, Kimberley!
    What a lovely tribute to your beautiful daughter, Lori!

  20. That picture of you an your daughters looks like it is straight out of Endless Summer. I truly hope you have that framed in your home, it is fantastic!

  21. Oh, beauteous beauty. Happy birthday to lovely Kim and happy birth day to you, dear Lori!

    Just look at the three of you - a modern day version of Raphael's 'The Three Graces'.

  22. Dear Life, thanks so much for the good wishes and kind words, i love that picture of my girls!

    Nicky, not too late, my m.i.l. says we get the whole month! i'll tell her, and thanks!

    thank you Boomka, we do, it is, on my husbands desk, he feels the same. And you are a very funny man, I had a good laugh at your last post! thanks

    Thanks Tessa for the birthday wishes, and wow, what a comparison, perhaps tho, The Two and a half graces? hehee.

    xoxoxox lori

  23. As a parent, this post was very special to me. I am extremely close to the Authorbloglets as well and I'm delighted (but not surprised) to read that you are so close to your girls.

  24. Happiest belated birthday to your daughter!

    My gosh all of you are so gorgeous, like angels every last one of you. Wow!!

  25. Lori, how sweet! Here's a happy birthday to your daughter from the Emerald Isle.

  26. Wow you are the most gorgeous family. Wow. You are all so physically beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to my fellow Aries.

    Thank you for coming by, and don't you just adore Rosaria. She is so amazing.



  27. David, that was a really lovely comment, it's easy to see why your children are close with their Dad. I love that, Authorbloglets!

    Kim says Thanks Reya and Aden!

    Hi Renee! i hope you had a lovely Birthday and lots of Cake! Thanks so much, and yes, Rosaria is a gem, such wisdom.

    Thank you for all the great wishes! love, lori


xoxo lori