Tuesday, March 10, 2009

getting away

(my picture of a postcard, no photographer noted)

Anyone desiring a perfect weekend getaway need look no further than Cambria, California...

...often described as the Jewel of the Central Coast, Cambria is a beautiful oceanside village with something for everyone, shops, galleries, quality restaurants, hiking trails, and beach walks ...

....my sister, her friend and I drove up this weekend for a little get~a~way...

...we all decided we'd have no agenda, we would do whatever we felt like for two whole days! no work, no laundry, dishes or kids...

...one of the things I like best about Cambria is the fact that there isn't any cell phone towers nearby, so the phones were put away...

...and with no phones ringing, we were free to concentrate on each other and the quiet of this charming creekside town, for me, that's heaven!...

...we walked and walked, peeking in and around every little shop, I like this deer here, and the pretty mirror...

...we loved this place, with beautiful music playing and this welcoming sign, the shop owner didn't mind me taking this photo...

...there's my sister and Alicia enjoying the beautiful weather. The sun was shining with temperatures in the 60's.

The Three Runaways
Alicia, Lindy and me!
...lunch would have been the predictable thing to do in the afternoon, so we had cocktails instead, ...
...and then walked and talked some more...

...best Lobster Bisque in California... If you go, and you order the Bisque, let me know what you think...
...can you see her? this was the meadow outside our hotel...

...and their fenced in yard...

Four miles north of town at San Simeon you will find the home of the Elephant Seals.These amazing creatures mate, birth, sleep and fight here at San Simeon. In this picture you can see the difference between a two ton adult male and a newly weaned pup (around 300 pounds) around 3 months old. The mother's are gone now, leaving the pups to learn to fend for itself, I think the statistics say 1 in 3 survive.
Here is why they are called Elephant Seals. See the proboscis on this big male. The sound that comes out of there is similar to an outboard motor. And so loud! Can you see the baby in the little pool right behind him?

Here are a couple of the kids now! these weaned pups are teaching themselves to swim. Be careful you two, it's a big ocean out there.

"The Northern Elephant Seal, Mirounga angustirostris , is an extraordinary marine mammal. It spends eight to ten months a year in the open ocean, diving 1000 to 5000 feet deep for periods of fifteen minutes to two hours, and migrating thousands of miles, twice a year, to its land based rookery for birthing, breeding, molting and rest. The Piedras Blancas rookery, on Highway 1 seven miles north of San Simeon on the California Central Coast, is home to about 15,000 animals. The area is open for viewing every day of the year and there is no admission fee or reservation required."
Friends of the Elephant Seal ~ to learn more you can go to

...our state flower, the poppy, is already in bloom...

Time to head home, back to the cell phone zone. But happily renewed and with a few souvenirs...

...a tiny vintage petal sugar and creamer, just the right size for doodle tea parties...

... and a beautiful old copy of Merry Men to add to my Robert Louis Stevenson book collection. Fantastic.
Tonite my middle son is on a plane heading for Indonesia,
his first solo adventure,
a dream surf trip,
please be careful son, it's a big ocean out there.
love, Mom ~ Lori


  1. Bonnie Lori, as usual I am overwhelmed and hardly know where to start commenting! Such beautiful pictures (loved the bright shining poppies! We have poppies in our garden, too)of the sea elephants, the shops, the green hills, of you and yours. How lovely to take us along for a relaxing outing.
    And behind it all - the sadness of parting. I`m hugging you!

  2. I love Cambria and have stayed at that same nice motel. really enjoy that town, lots to explore. I love all your photos and it really makes me miss the coast.

  3. I had to re-read this a couple of times, to just enjoy the loveliness - what a beautiful trip, with wonderful company and no chores. gorgeous images, as ever! I like your sea elephants of course... I do hope your son is having a brilliant time, and a safe dream holiday!

  4. Lovely Cambria, the charming restaurants, the art scene, the beaches... We had chosen this town to retire in;five years ago, nothing was affordable. I'm glad it has kept its charm. It doesn't hurt that it is next door to San Simeon and San Luis Obispo.

  5. What a great getaway...that would be just lovely! The Indo surfing trip for your son....now that sounds like a blast!! I can only imagine what it is like to watch them go off like that....a wee while for me...but you better be there for me when it is my turn to watch them venture out!! Heck Ill probably be out there myself LOL....I'll take u with me for a holiday! :)
    Have a beautiful day my sister.
    Love M

  6. I loved that post ~ the poppies, the girls, the trinkets. Hey wait! I think I will just ditto Angela cause she said it perfectly.

    Kids growing up and doing scary things all over the place! Big squeezie to you, Lori xx♥

  7. no agenda, no cell phones, cocktails for lunch - sounds like a perfect getaway - I need one of these :)

  8. Wow! Lori how cool!
    1st~ I love Cambria! Sign me up! Just having a phone free area is enough to sell me, then the Lobster bisque has me salivating!
    2nd~ the deer is sweet, yes I see her!
    3rd~the elephant seals are amazing! How sad they have to learn on their own so young. one in three is not a great statistic! How fascinating to be close to them and learn about them. I can't imagine how large 2 ton is. Certainly larger than our Zoo Elephant Seals.
    Once again thank you for sharing a journey.
    Your son is in my prayers for a safe and happy journey as well!

  9. Looks like you had a good time. Loved the pics!

  10. How lovely to share some quality time with your sister. It looks a wonderful place to visit.
    Such a bitter sweet post with the last paragraph. Just say it quick and it won't feel so bad!
    He'll be back before you know it, and all that worry that you'll do whilst he's away will have been for nothing!

  11. Oh Geli, I was sure you would like this place! have your poppies come up yet? are they orange? red? thank you for the hug, i feel it,xxoxxoxxoxxo

    Hi Linda, then you know just what I mean, it's a really special place.Thank you for the nice words!

    Thanks Karen, we all need this once in a while i think,a break... I could spend an entire day watching the Elephant Seals,i think you'd love it too, they are so fasinating.

    Lakeviewer, all true, but still more affordable than Santa Barbara County. SLO,is a great town, I agree. I love the central coast.

    ok Michelle, that's what we'll do then,when your babies take flight, we'll be off too...Dharmsala? Mt.Kailash? tahiti? hawaii!

    Thanks Natalie!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    and XXX

    Bhavana, i hope you can make it happen, you know how good for the soul it is! and i bet there are alot of interesting places near you...

    Janis, thankyou sweetie, i so appreciate your words. And if you ever get to the coast you should put this place on your todo list. Hearst Castle, Big Sur, they are all close by, you'd love it. And those seals.

    thanks Ken! it's fun taking pictures in such a pretty place, it really helps with making a good shot.

    Dear Fire Byrd, you have it right, you are a very good therapist indeed. my thinking, is sad thoughts and worry won't change anything, so i don't dwell. I cried, yes, but I won't stay there.I know he'll be ok, or that he'll just be, with or without my worrying or sadness. See, there? I feel better already! you lovely lady! xoxoxoxox

  12. Looks like a really nice trip. The perfect place. I think when I go to NO this weekend I will turn off the phones. Nah. I am such a worrier. But as my daughter who is about to turn 28 said...it is a shame we act like we can't live without you for a day.

  13. Cambria, here I come! Lori, how beautifully you describe these places to us and how we delight in those delightful images. I'm so happy to have 'joined' you and the girls on this visit!

    And 'humba khale' to your son. (It means 'go well' in Zulu :)

  14. Coco, you are so right, i don't think i could turn it off on my own, that's why its nice when its enforced, no worry on your part! have a great weekend!

    Tessa, we've been to Norfolk and Cambria(and it was wonderful!)where'll we go next??
    thank you for my son,

    xxx lori

  15. Hi Lori ann,

    Wonderful photos! Don't worry too much. Your son is going to have a blast in Indonesia. Bali is particularly nice.

    I did get your lovely messages. Thank you. I can still see them. But, I do find some wacky html glitches in my posts sometimes.

  16. Thank you Lori for taking me along on your beautiful Cambria visit. The photos are gorgeous, and your descriptions made everything sound so appealing! I'm in a wild ocean-craving moment of my life right now, and your portrait of that perfect place made me want to jump on a plane and move there.
    The bittersweet ending paragraph projected me forward 15 years, when my little toddler will say "mom, I'm off to Indonesia on a surfing vacation, ciao." Aaargh! I'm with you, mamma. Ciao ciao brave woman.

  17. Dear Butternut, oh good. Thank you for saying that, Bali is where he's headed! I know your right.Take good care.

    Hi Lola! thank you for flying over! Oh, if you like the ocean, youve come to the right place. Thanks for the words for my son, do they ever stop being our babies? it is never easy to watch them go...

    Thank you so much for all the thoughtful,helpful comments.
    Love, lori

  18. Happy Spring! Such beautiful picture you take, Lori. When I see a new post from you, I get so excited! I love California poppies.

  19. Hello you have such a beautiful gift..... the gift of sharing.

    It's awesome what you choose to share.

    Yep you're definitely one of the inspiring people.

    best wishes Ribbon :-)

  20. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    But now all I can think about are those baby seals that dont survive :( How can anything so wonderful meet a tragic ending? Too sad.

  21. i don't even know where to start with responding to your post today. so i will simply say this...your blog is very special to me because it somehow infuses my soul with a calmness that feels luxorious. thank you for that gift. :)

  22. must have been an unforgettable getaway as you'll have done the unusual. I chanced upon your blog and it was great. liked the vintage items too.

  23. Oh happy day indeed! There's nothing so beautiful as the California hills in the rainy season.

    Love the bicycle "open" sign, and the seals and the fact that you literally can NOT answer the phone. Bravo!

  24. Hi Aden, ah, thanks so much! i really appreciate your words of kindness. And has your weather warmed up any yet? any more hail?

    Ribbon, There is so much out there, to be inspired by! thank you for saying that about my place,and now you see why I come to yours? :)

    Dear Lifestudent, I know, being a new mama, it's so hard to imagine. But it's nature and the circle of life, everyones got to eat.

    those words, oh my. I love those words, some of my favorites. I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your blog break. Hugs.

    Vinita, welcome! and thank you for dropping in and taking the time to leave such a nice comment. Yes, we did have a wonderful time!

    Reya, you are so right!These pics don't do it justice, they were taken out of the car,going 70! watch Sideways for some more views, have you seen it? be sure to have your bottle of wine ready though.

    thank you everyone for such great comments.xoxoxxo lori

  25. Beautiful pictures. I am going to have to visit Cambria! I hope your son has a wonderful and safe trip. My daughter is heading for Costa Rica for spring break - her first trip out of the country with friends. I am so excited for her, too.

  26. Oh yes, I've been. It is a perfect getaway. Enchanting little town.
    Great vibrant pics too. Glad you had a nice time!

  27. dear Lover, oh Spring break! yes, we survived a few of those too! I hope your daughter has a wonderful time,and thanks for the kind words for my son!

    Lori Lynn, Maybe we'll be there at the same time and meet!


xoxo lori