Sunday, March 15, 2009

watching grass grow

Saturday morning we woke at 5 am for the days adventure. The plan was to photograph the Guadalupe Dunes, one of our favorite places, it's only about an hour and a half north of us.
When we arrived we found fog. The dunes were hardly visible. So we ate the breakfast I prepared the night before (mini crustless quiches, banana bread and a thermos of chai, yum) and hoped it might clear.
It didn't. So, we decided on plan B.
Here is a sign for the Western Snowy Plover. They are protected here at the dunes by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

Plan B.
We'd visit the oceanside town of Shell Beach. Mostly we pass this charming little town traveling up and down the coast. Today we got a closer look.
For a very different view, you can rent a kayak and go for a paddle.

...look at the dramatic rock formations on the beach...
...there goes a group now...
...while my husband was waiting for the perfect shot from up above, I wandered around on the beach to see what I could see...


...tide pools disappearing...

...pieces of beach glass and shimmery shells and seaweed... I'm back up top and looking down to my husband, who is still waiting for that shot. Sometimes it takes time. Most times it takes time. I wave to him, see you honey! he knows I'm going to do some more exploring...

...or daydreaming... (i like this photo, but it seemed kind of empty so I practiced some haiku on it, better? hmmm...)

...He got his photos, and we decided to drive on. Up the coast an hour further we made Montana de Oro State Park our next destination. This place is one of my favorites of California's Parks. It's so rugged and wild, and not the easiest to get to. There is so much to do here. There are trails all over the place, some are for hiking, some for mountain bikes, some for horses. All the trails are well marked. We thought we could be here for a week and never run out of things to do. There are a couple good places to camp so we looked around for the future.
Indian Paintbrush
We arrived around noon so had some time to spend before heading out on the trails for pictures. We went in the visitor centre...

Monkey flower

...I went exploring on this trail,while Chuck was at the truck. See it? Our truck? that tiny white dot? Hi honey! I'm on Rattlesnake Flats trail, don't worry about me!

...back at the truck, I teach Husband to play solitaire on my phone, and we wait...

...and wait...

...and wait. and even took a little nap in the warm truck, ah...bliss.
In case your wondering why my feet look huge, i grabbed Chuck's socks instead of mine. And then i got blisters on our hike. That'll teach me to pack in the dark... :)

As we headed out on the Bluff trail we passed people on their way back. Most of the time we were alone, just us and the birds, vultures, bunnys, lizards and butterflies. Oh and the wind.

...I don't know the temps but it was cold and windy, I was glad I'd brought my warmest jacket and hat...

...we walked along this trail for a couple of hours, stopping here and there to wonder at the spectacular views, take photos and talk about everything we'd seen... is my lovely and talented husband standing next to the edge of a cliff, again, to get his photo... I've learned to be very patient
and look the other way...

Montana De Oro ~ Mountain of Gold
Bye for now.

We found a fantastic little Mexican food restaurant on the way home, so tiny and charming there were only 6 tables. After ordering 2 Negra Modelo beers, so perfect with the homemade tortilla chips and salsa, i checked my mail and messages. It was ok, Chuck was watching the surf movie on the pretty flat screen (which we don't have, and won't get any time soon!). And now it was the perfect ending to the day...all the kids were good, checked in and all, great. And then this: mail from Bali!
My son had made it, he was fine and already found surf, said it was beautiful and the people were all so nice.
He was happy.
So, you know of course, now, so am I.
xxx love, lori


  1. Good morning/evening! I spent several days in bed as a good flu fighter would do. I am better now but still feeling weak. Anyway, I enjoyed your pictures as well as your narration. I almost imagined hearing your voice being tender. I think besides everything you must really love your husband's company.

  2. Delightful post Lori. Another 'journey' to enjoy with you.

  3. Ah just beautiful. So peaceful!

    (sorry been so bad a commenting of late. Blogger comment thingy sulking with me for some reason and won't post my comments. Ah well)

  4. Lovely post. You do take us to impressive sights. Now, the whole world will want to move there.

  5. Thank You, Lori. I loved the grass photo and the cute one of your feet!

    I commend you and Chuck for having these adventures together ~ it is wonderful to see.I love love too!xx♥

  6. Thank you Lori for the wonderful journey with you. The pictures and narration are so relaxing and beautiful. Oh, how I yearn for hearing the coastal wind and walking in the grass growing my the salty sea air. Glad your son reported back and allowed you to resume sleep. Ciao

  7. What a gorgeous day! Thank you for taking me along, and thank you for peaking in over at my blog. Happy Monday!

  8. 1/ The Haiku
    LoVe lOvE LOVE it!! Really love it...i adore the simplicity and complexity of haiku. Beautiful

    2/The Trip
    These trips you take us all much fun, seeing the world and your journey through your eyes and words is a always thank you.

    3/Lori and Chuck
    I love LOVE...which you know, giggle, and I am in love with the love you two are my inspiration..which you also know.
    Big smiles.

    4/The Son
    Yay!! he checked in....PHEW! LOL
    He will love indo!

    Much love to you and chuck and the whole family.

  9. It's so nice to hear you accepting the patience needed to take "the shot". Mostly eople get bored and fidgety and it's exactly the reason I don't take photos (and especially not videos) when I'm on trips and gamedrives with friends and others.
    Fab day - I'm definitely going to plan something to get out of Joburg soon - even if it's for one night.

  10. Loved the pictures of limpets and beach glass and absolutely loved your haiku - you should write more of these :)

  11. Absolutely stunning photos. As beaches go I'm not a fan but to see them pictures as beautiful as this makes me awestruck.

    CJ xx

  12. oh i love these travels with you. you live in a beautiful place for sure. thank you for taking us with you on your heavenly hikes. hope the blisters mend soon :-)

  13. I love that you live in a place and spend your time going to others nearby. I'm so looking forward to being able to do that whenever it happens.

  14. Great pics, Wish we had weather like that here. I woke to snow and more is falling!

  15. Dear Maximus, you are a good flu fighter, i hope you'll feel completely better soon. Thank you so much for your very kind words and you are so right about my husband.

    Katherine, thank you! and thanks for taking us to the shorebird centre,such a fabulous place. I LOVE the Coromandel.

    Miranda, have you moved yet darling? how is baby? i hope all is well, and please worry not about blogger! ♥♥♥ (one for you,husband and babe)

    Lakeviewer, you are probably right. But thanks to the Coastal Commissions restrictions on housing, not everyone can.But a visit is nice!

    Natalie, heehee, i'm glad you liked my funny feet, so silly. When your babies get older you and your man will have more time too. But I sure loved the days you are in now...

    Thanks Lola, how far are you from the sea? is it possible to pay a visit? quench your thirst? have you seen Il Postino? The postman? I love this movie, made in Italy if i remember right, the setting is beside the ocean, it's really lovely!

    Dear Diana, of course,it was my pleasure. Thank you and happy monday to you too!

    sweet michelle,
    here is your light again,
    i hope it's reflecting back to you.
    Namaste my sisterfriend.

    Janet, i could write an entire post on this subject, but i'll just say I know what you mean. I do love to take photographs too and luckily i am a very patient person so it is Chuck's luck to have me(heehee, thats what i tell him!) But you have to be a photographer or filmmaker to understand. I can't wait to see where you'll go.

    Wow Thanks Bhavana! i think i may, a little here and there. do you find beach glass on your beaches?

    xxx love, lori

  16. I'd be happy to watch grass grow with you, Lori, you make eveything so beautiful and memorable. Those are wonderful photographs and I loved every moment of the trip, even the nap in the truck! Someday soon I'll be exploring that glorious coast 'in real life' - thank you for the compelling introduction!

    PS. So pleased son is happy and surfing. Aaah, what adventures he will have, what memories he'll bring back and keep forever!

  17. C.J., Did you take your camera to the beach? I'm so anxious to see your seaside pics. Thank you so much for the seriously kind comment.

    Of course Val, it's always my pleasure, wish you really could come. Blisters are better, thanks!

    It will happen for you Dear Byrd, you'll make it i'm sure. I can't wait to see it all come to light.

    Hi Ken, it's still snowing? that's hard for me to picture right now, hoping spring comes soon.

    Tessa? you'll be coming to California?? I'll be your tour guide. Fantastic!

    thanks everyone for the great comments, they are all very much appreciated.
    love, lori

  18. Everyone loves Bali.

    I love the beach still life with glass and shells, and the idea of sitting around daydreaming. Just read an article about how valuable it is to daydream, so you just wear some big socks and zone out while your husband gets the perfect shot, yes?


  19. My oldest son thought it was a bit too crowded for his taste, and we also chose a less popular part of Indonesia to visit, but I've see beautiful photos of Bali...
    haha! we kind of zone out together and go out together for the shots too, I do like to take some photos, but yes, daydreaming does find it's way in...

  20. gorgeous everything... stunning photos, and I love your togetherness that shines through. Oh,and your haiku, and the reassuring news that the young man is safe and surfing in Bali!

  21. Before I get to read your post, all your other friends have been here already! I can only nod and say, yes, that`s what I wanted to say! Such a beautiful trip with you both! What IS sea glass? Old broken bottles, polished by the sea water? Or something different like amber?
    And I know the most important word in Indonesian (for toilet): kamar kecil, meaning small chamber. And of course Apa kabar? How are you? I once knew an Indonesian au pair girl in our neighbourhood, but that`s another story. But she also said that everything is crowded there, and they like it. I`ll write a mail now!

  22. That looks like the most wonderful day! Love photos! Thanks for sharing!


xoxo lori