Friday, March 13, 2009

learning to breathe

It's hard to review a book.
I mean, it's hard to write a review about a book that I love and hope someone else will too.
I've started this post ten times and each time I crumpled it up, well, the computer equivalent, which is the back button, i guess.
So, I'll forget the fact that I'm not a book reviewer and just say what I feel.
Read this book.
Learning to Breathe by Alison Wright is a spiritual memoir that will fill you with compassion and love, appreciation for life. And if your like me, jealousy. Sorry! is that bad? Alison, if you are reading this, by one chance in a million billion, I would say that I was jealous of you. Maybe not your terrifying experience per se, but how you handled it. And the rest of your life. And your photos. Dear Lord, Buddha and Allah, they are phenomenal.
And is it OK that I quote from a book?
Again, Alison, if you are reading, I hope you won't mind, because what you have to say here perfectly reflects my heart.
"I hoped that when they were old enough they too would expand their world by traveling to other lands, to be influenced by this magical planet and the people who touch their lives, and to do so with love in their hearts and awareness in their souls ~ appreciating everyone they meet for each is a teacher in some way."
I've tried to teach my children this. Each one is becoming an earth traveler in his or her own right. I tell them Love is a universal language. And mostly I tell them to be aware of each moment. Because like Alison teaches us.
It is all we have.
If you are like me and want to know more about this incredible person(and see her photographs) you can go to
it is a treat
i promise.
xxx love, lori


  1. I'm putting it on my book list. Thanks!

  2. I will check it out. And, for someone who is a book reviewer, I can say, with confidence, that you have done the author a big favor: you told her how the book changed you. That's the most important thing a book can accomplish: to communicate what it is like to be fully human.

    WEll done, Lori.

  3. Hi Lori, I went and had a look at Alison's site and I am so interested to read the book now. It is very diffficult to convey how a book affects you, but I think you did it admirably. Thanks,love.xx♥

  4. Anything you recommend will jump right onto my buying list! Thank you for telling us, Lori, and I know your children will follow the advice this book wants to give them, even if they never read it. And you, breathe deeply now!

  5. a book's work is to make one think - and if it it did for you - the job is done

    and in this case if it has learned to help you breath deeply -- knowing the flow of oxygen that goes in and out of your body the book has more than done its job..

  6. thanks for the suggestion. will certainly try and get hold of it. LOVED your last post...I WANNA COME LIVE THERE!? it looks light looks angelic...beautiful. xxx j

  7. thanks for this - i will definitely look for this book. it sounds amazing. I will also go to her website. Having just read Slum Dog Millionaire which was a fabulous piece of story telling seeped in life lessons and essential truths - the timing is perfect :-)

  8. Love the title! I wrote it down and will pick it up. Thank you for the recommendation!

  9. I love this book and reviewed her book signing last summer. :)

  10. I've just spent 15 minutes on Alison's web site looking at her photography..... she is some picture taker.
    Thank you for sending me there.

  11. Oh yes, I certainly want to read this one. Thanks Lori for bringing it to my attention. Maybe you have a book that needs writing inside of you? I think jealousy comes from hidden or surpressed desire, quite often. Though I don't for a minute think you are seriously jealous...not your generous heart...therefore, I have to say you probably have a story to tell. Rest assured I would be a reader along with plenty of go forth and write your story! I think it's in the folds of the blog pages...<3

  12. Dear Lover of Life, I hope you will enjoy it, let me know!

    Lakeviewer, thank you very much, with this post I felt a little exposed, i don't feel that anymore.

    Thanks Natalie, were you as moved by her photos? Did you see the portraits?

    Ok Geli, I know your right, they follow our example (at least some of the time!)and thanks♥

    Thank you for the wise words Anrosh, I appreciate them.

    Janelli, look at her website if you get a chance, for beautiful places in this world. Yeah, the central coast of California glows.

    Val, i'm so glad your back. if you can wait 8 weeks, i can bring it to you. I haven't read Slumdog, I wonder how it compares to the movie? the website is incredible, be sure to look at Africa...

    Janis, of course! so glad to hear your daughter was ok! now you can breathe.

    Bodaat, i am off to check that out right now. Thanks.

    Dear Fire Byrd, you are so welcome, did you have a favorite catagory?

    Dear Cynthia, I'm not sure if I do or not, but i do know i appreciate your words very much. Jealousy isn't a word i use very often, in fact, not at all, but it just came out of me. I did start to delete it but i felt/feel it, or something like it when i think of her accomplishments and ability to express herself with such exquisite beauty, words seem unnecessary. Is it empathy I am feeling then?

  13. Thank you Lori, I will investigate the book. Perhaps the International bookstore here in Rome carries it. Your personal and touching review is what every author would like to see written of his/her work. Brava

  14. Thanks for the lead. Always in need of inspiration.

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  16. Wonderful review, Lori! Thank you for sharing with us - definitely one I look forward to reading.

  17. Beautiful review Lori... thanks for sharing that.

    I have a gift for you. It's an award "Your Blog is Fabulous" and please come and collect at your leisure.
    It's a gift and there are no obligations. Do with it as you please.

    Best wishes Ribbon :-)

  18. Lori ann,
    You are quite busy trying to keep up with the many visitors on your posts. I enjoy lots dropping in at many places; the rules apply to people who decide to add their names and then never show up. It feels totally wrong to have these virtual followers; feels fake and disingenous.
    And these days when investors can lose their life savings through cooked up books, I want all the transparency I can get.
    Thanks for your support.

  19. thanks for the lovely review! I've heard of it before, but haven't got round to trying to find a copy. I'm now putting it at the top of my list! thanks :)

  20. How did I miss this post - I am going to get this book right away - thanks for sharing.

  21. Hi, I just saw this post. It looks wonderful. Thanks for telling us about it.

  22. dear Lola, I do hope you can find it,it's so inspirational! you can also see her website, there are excerpts from the book along with her gorgeous photos...

    Dear Woman, thank you and you are so welcome♥

    Ru Cooks, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did, let me know what you think!

    Thank you Thank you Ribbon!
    I am so touched by your words and thrilled to recieve this award from you,many many thanks!

    Lakeviewer, i may be naive, but i feel that people bookmark places they hope to get back to, i doesnt always work that way, it's happened to me, quite unintentionally. The internet is a tricky place and our blogs are open to all, well mine is. I have no desire to control who follows or watches, I only hope that if they do they are there for a shared common interest. For more privacy you can change the settings on your blog, block certain followers,disengage search engines from finding you, these are just some suggestions, you can find them on the dash board under settings.I hope they are helpful.♥

    Karen, should I bring it to you? i'm counting down now!

    Oh your welcome Bhavana, please let me know what you think, and do go to her website if you get the chance.

    Butternut, I hope you like this book, you will probably be able to identify with many of the places, take good care.

    xxx lori

  23. That sounds like an interesting book. I'll add it to my to-read list.


xoxo lori