Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Africa's calling

This morning around 7am my husband and I were each sitting at our computers, he trying to make final arrangements for our upcoming trip, me, trying to learn a little German. Hee hee. Go here
for Angela's very informative tutorial.
Then, the phone rang. My husband answered,
"Yes! We are awake"
I am not doing well with the lesson at all since one ear is on his conversation, I hear parts of sentences...
"Botswana, Yes"
"tented camp? Great"
"game drive, evening too?"
Now I am not learning German at all and I write a hasty comment to my dear teacher Geli, put down my computer and put all my attention on the telephone.
Africa is on the phone!!!
My husband keeps looking at me and smiling,
once giving me the thumbs up.
He hangs up, looks at me and we both sit and grin.
Big BIG grins.
Can you believe it? Africa was on our phone.
55 more days,
counting down begins...

xxx love, lori


  1. O Gosh, never mind my lessons, Lori! Aren`t these sunsets just the most BEAUTIFUL things on earth? And you`ll be there! SOOOON! No envy, of course. Not a bit of jealousy! Someone`s got to do these things, as hard as they may be. Oh LUCKY YOU!!!!

  2. Wow - just wow. Can't wait to see Africa through your camera :)

    loved the picture - can I borrow it for my desktop background?

  3. Wow that sounds fantastic! I would love to go to Africa with a camera...it would be a once in a lifetime experience. I'm too scaredy though!

    You will have a great time :)

  4. Geli, oh thank you for excusing me, I am having a hard time focusing, last week recieving our tickets, everyday putting plans in place, it is really distracting! How exciting this morning was though!

    Bhavana, It would my great honor if you would use my photo for your desktop ~ this image is in a book that I was lucky enough to be in, maybe i'll write about it sometime!

    Lucy, It is really a photographers dream, not scary at all.

  5. I'm weeping. Africa does that to me. Nine years ago it was lush Zimbabwe and its baobabs; four summers ago it was the mighty South Africa, land of monumental beauty. Each journey changed me a little. I conceived my son there. It was one sparkly, sunlit afternoon in a place where the crashing waves seal the union of the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans. There is a part of me that belongs there, deeply.

    Game drives, wildlife, trees whose branches and life seem to span for miles. And the skies. I just can't wait to see what you'll do with photographing those immense, sheltering and beneficial skies.
    I'm so happy for you!

  6. WhooHOO!!!!!How exciting to have Africa on the phone! I too, am very excited about you taking us all with you, via your exquisite camera work, Lori.
    Definitely excited about the countdown, Whoo HOO!!!, YIPPEEE!!


  7. Lola, YES. Me too,me too! We might have passed each other, I was there in 2001 and 2004 also. It is true, it gets in your blood, in your heart and I can't get it out of my mind. You and I were in some of the same places, and this trip we'll be to Zimbabwe along with Botswana. If you go back a few posts on my blog to The Elias Trip, you can see a lovely person we met in East Africa. Now that tickets are in hand, i cannot concentrate. A baby? concieved at the Cape of Good Hope. God, how crazy romantic is that?...

    Thanks Thanks darling Natalie! I am really excited at this moment, I love the countdown, I love everypart of it, thanks also for the vote of confidence re the camera!

    Colleen, it feels like one of those pinch me moments for sure. I love to travel and Africa is at the top of the list.

    thanks all for sharing my excitment! it's great.
    x lori

  8. My dear Friend,

    I hear you! I feel you...

    It is indeed calling...

    I think you guys will be there at the same time I am ;)

    If you're ever near Swaziland....you will be very welcome...

    Much love, Maithri

  9. Hooray, I've always wanted to go to Africa. I hope you have a blast!

  10. ah..you're going to have such a great time...wish you were coming to tanzania so we could meet up??? bots will be fab...maybe you'll bump into karen?? lots love xx janelle

  11. Maithri!
    it's so nice to hear from you! are you there then?
    Thank you for the lovely words of welcome, I wish that we could come, push up our sleeves, and get to work.
    They are so lucky to have you.

    Thank you Butternut! I've always wanted to go to Nepal...

    Janelli, me too, me too. Someday, anythings possible heh? Chuck loves the crater, enough to keep going back :)
    We are meeting Karen! Our trip is to Zimbabwe, but since Karen and the daycare centre is so close, we're going a couple days to Bots. I'm really looking forward to meeting her.So exciting.
    xoxoxoxo love,lori

  12. we're looking forward to giving you our warmest welcome. We love visitors!

    Am really looking forward to your photos!!!!


  13. Your excitment is catching over here.... I can feel you almost pacing the floor willing the time away till it's THE DAY!

  14. This is the way travelling should be! The excitement spilling over to Australia and Germany and England and India, and knowing you`ll be EXPECTED by friends (no matter if they are as yet unknown, they are true friends, isn`t that marvellous?!), and not only by them, but all your 300 followers (I bet there are more)will wait for your return too, and then listen to your stories. You are our ambassador, Lori!!
    And do you know what I just read today? Africa is the continent where laughter was invented!!! Just right for you!

  15. Ach so, gutten Morgen! Oopsie, dasiy, :-). Good morning, so you're going to Africa, ach so, sie fahren nach Afrika. Good luck and safe trip. I love the first photo and if it's through your camera that I will experience your adventure, I can't wait. Many thanks, or rather, vielen Dank!

    Greetings from London.

  16. Ah! I almost forgot about your trip! I am soooooo envious! Can I come? I'll carry all your luggage, for both of you. And I will do anything, you want!
    I can't wait to see your pictures!
    I bet the excitement is getting the best of you, making the days seem longer. It would for me!!

  17. Wow!! Its weird hearing how all of you speak about Africa makes me feel like I'm taking my home for granted. But I would never leave this place...

  18. Bonnie Lori - can't wait to see you in Botswana - will also be counting down!!

  19. Janet, Oh I do hope it works that we can meet up in Johannesburg too! Maybe you'll be off on your own trip? selfishly I hope not, I'll send you mail when I go read the tickets...

    Your right Byrd, pacing, but really I love this time you know? the waiting and planning... it's just as exciting to dream about it...

    Wow Geli, you are amazing, thank you for saying all that. And don't forget all our U.S. friends and Oh! Italy too! Did you ever think when we started blogging last summer that our lives would be so blessed? I'll be over to your place soon!

    Thank you London and Welcome! thank you for your kind wishes and for liking my zebra, I appreciate your words very much!

    Dear Eight, I wish we were all going, how fun would that be! A bloggertrip to Africa.And you are right, I am distracted a bit...

    Solitaire, I am sure you don't take it for granted, now you can see how people would love to come visit your homeland, its very special!

    Karen, i just got your mail, I'll write back, but till then, good luck with your plans too!

    Thank you everyone your comments mean so much to me!

  20. How exciting! Not long to go, can't wait to see the pictures. Blogthatmamax

  21. Hi Mama! it's great to hear from you, I hope all is well with you and your family. Running still?
    xo lori

  22. hi lori since i am in Africa ,i would like to wish you great trip,it is sure a good place,though i am not much of a bird listener i can attest that you will have fun .

  23. Wow, I am so envious!! I would simply love to do a safari. And your picture is beautiful.

    CJ xx

  24. I'm dreaming of my first African visit! Won't be this year though
    :(. My lovely man is from the Ivory Coast and I would love to see it, his mother came over for a visit so I had to settle for Africa coming to me!

  25. A trip back to beautiful Africa sounds so good! And I totally agree with you; Africa gets into your heart, and it there it stays. You're going to one of my absolute favorite spots on earth, and I wish I was going too! :)
    Have an amazing trip!

  26. I've heard so much of Africa. Will await your account of the trip on your blog. Have a great time.

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  28. It's SO exciting!! How can you stand to wait 55 more days? (54 days now).

    Can't wait to see your posts from the trip. Wow wow and WOW!!

  29. Wow! That's just all I can say - wow!

  30. Awesome! I love it that you love life so much and that your enthusiasm shines through all your posts.

    Best wishes Ribbon

  31. Wow! Your pictures take me back to when I was a kid growing up in Arizona. I just loved finding horny toads and the desert in bloom with wildflowers. I had a palo verde tree outside my bedroom window and I couldn't wait for spring for it to bloom with its little yellow blossoms. The branches hung nearly to the ground, almost like a willow, and it was my own private wildflower hideout every spring!


xoxo lori