Friday, January 9, 2009

Dinner for One

Well, I have nothing particularly earth shattering to report to my dear mountain climbing husband, should he try to make a call this weekend, and that's always a good thing when your away, out of the country! case I do hear from him, I am prepared to fill him in on the latest...

A family of racoon's have recently moved in underneath our house (again!), Erik (my middle son) bought his ticket to Bali and Hannah's been filling out her college applications and oh, she had her lip pierced.

I can deal with the raccoons, you just have to throw hand fulls of moth balls under the house to drive them out. I think its the camphor they dislike. I don't like to do it to them, but if you don't they can take up permanent residence. Then it will only be a couple more days of Country Club Raccoon, where the golfing, tennis and racquet balling under my house all through the night, will stop.I wonder what it is they do that makes SO MUCH NOISE. It would be comical, if i weren't kept awake, night after night! It'll be welcoming news about Erik, it's been a dream of his, brewing for awhile, he's wanted to move there and surf, do a little exploring. Just to take a break before he finishes school. But Hannah. Oh Lord. Do I tell him now (if he should call) or wait till he comes home and see's it for himself??!

I'd so rather deal with the raccoons...

xxx lori


  1. Yeah, I would rather deal with the coons too!

    My Riley would have a fit if critters took up residence under or near our home. She is a Blue Tick Coon Hound and even though she has never hunted (nor will she), there is something to be said about it being in her blood! She has stalked Emily's kitten all through her college break. Then throughly sniffed out Em's room once they went back to school. Needless to say we had many baby gates and everyone had to keep an eye on them 24/7!

    The piercing is something that can wait, no need letting him fret about it now. Emily wants another tattoo (she has "Faith" tattooed on her foot). She say's the only reason she hasn't gotten another is because we don't want her to. She is 20, but gosh! I just don't get this generation. They sure do like the piercing and tats! How will they look when they are 40 plus?

    So is your son planning on living in Hawaii for a while or just visiting? Ironicly, I was searching Hawaii sites this morning as we have decided on a family vacation for Christmas 2009. We figure it may be the last opportunity before the girls get to busy being adults with their own lives. I am trying to look at many different sunny places, from Turks & Cacois to Hawaii. Sergio is most interested in Cabo San Lucas.

    Your dinner looks yummy. I love that you have a candle! That is something I would do too.

    Have a great night!

  2. racoons - wow - how amazing! can you show us some pics? they look so cute but i have heard they can be pesky.
    what is it with this lip piercing thing?? sorry but ugh I dont get it. havent seen one yet that looks good. same for eyebrow piercings and tongues..... nose piercings can look ok, and ears of course - even tummys can look nice.... but i still dont get it. obviously showing my age.
    oh and i also dont like tatoos generally. they tend to blur and fade. Henna ones are cool though.
    oh well :-) good luck with that!
    dinner looks cosy...can we join you?

  3. Alex got his lip pierced after going on about if for months. Three months later is was gone and he's now glad.... 'cept he's now moved to wanting a tattoo. Kids eh, whose idea was it?

  4. oh definitely when he gets back..the lip thingy...RACOONS!!! how wild! so your man is here and my mine is there..go figure!? we should be somewhere doing stuff.... ah. little dinner for one. at least i have my three mad kids around for now...heaps of love lori xx j
    not sure which mountain he is on. i can see both from where i sit on my desk. meru is clear clear...and in the afternoons there are always clouds around kili..but the mornings are crispy if he gets to the top he will see all of east africa for sure!!!xxx

  5. 2 lonely blog friends! seems your husbands have swopped continents for a bit...

    Raccoons sound so interesting! I guess turning up the volume on your sound gadget won't drown them out, alas!!!

  6. oh, and the dinner looks wonderful by the way.. wasn't finished and posted my comment by mistake! lol xx

  7. hey janis! i wish i had one of those hounds right now, the raccoons love our place,must be the orange trees in the back? yes,piercings...tatoos..yuck! my son is actually going to bali,indonesia. my sister went to t&c last year and she said it was lovely. hawaii has some Great deals now, cabo is a bit too touristy for me, so many places! good luck with that!

    val, raccoons are probably on a par with warthogs, they just won't be still and they are nocturnal, but i'll try! oh, i do have one i took about 10 years ago when i caught one on our front porch! i'll go look for it! or better yet, yes, i'll set another place for dinner and then we'll watch for the rascals!! and yes, tattoos and pierceings, i feel same as you, some ok(not for me tho)most, yuck!!

    I know Byrd! some of my kids have done that too.My oldest daughter had her belly pierced, then got pregnant, made a horrible scar,she was sad,learned a lesson on that one. 2 have tatoos :( i tried to talk them out of it, delay it anyway, but it comes down to their life, their choice! your right,kids!

    ah janelle, thanks so much for the mountain news, makes me feel just a bit closer to him. sometimes i wish i could shrink my kids back down, make them small again. it's true, they keep you occupied, not much time for missing...i hope, for you! me, i just try to keep really busy. Racoons = Rascals!!

    Karen, you would not believe how loud they are. we have to laugh and wonder what in hell they are doing, there is crashing and banging and stomping and more! thanks for liking my dinner, i hoped it wouldent look sad :)

    thanks you guys, oh, and get ready, tommorrow we're all going for a run!

  8. Ah, Bali, for the surfing. A common destination for young men of NZ and Australia for many years. Will he go with a friend? There are big cultural differences...

    And your Raccoons sound like like our possums, except of course, we get the latter on the roof. I used to think the were wearing hob-nailed boots! Not so many around these days, for which I'm glad, as they are European imports and have had (and continue to have) a severe impact on New Zealand indigenous wildlife

  9. Cripes. A baboon in Absolute's back garden and racoons in yours. Makes my squirrels seem very boring:-)

    My teenager had her nose pierced last summer but she's already taken it out. Talk about faddy:-)

  10. Katherine, not with friends but will meet one of my older sons oldest son lived there too, had a great time. Yes, i learned about your possums when we were in New Zealand in 2007. They were really actually quite cute,much smaller in size compared to their North American counterparts. Well, most of the ones we saw were one dimensional, smushed on the road! And oh, knitted into garments!

    Lane,haha! i would love to be bored by squirrels right now, although they are awfully cute :) Racoons = Rascals. and noisy ones at that. and thanks for reminding me it IS only a fad. :)

  11. fantastic blog fetiche

  12. Warn him...better yet, have her warn him. Dads react better. I had my belly button pierced in college and I told my parents the next day. But no one ever saw it. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING? It is gone now. It has been for years! It is an age thing, we get better...I promise! Good luck!

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  14. Having lived with both racoons and skunks living under my house, I found the most effective, non-toxic, non-chemical way to eliminate the critters is to play AC/DC on a little radio all day long. They HATE it. Doesn't have to be so loud you can't sleep, but loud enough for the little ones to not enjoy their new digs.

  15. you are my blogging idol, teacher, mentor and friend!

    love you, Karen@ whimsy

  16. Is he back yet?
    I like the idea of having her tell him over the phone before he gets home about the piercing. Excuse the voyeurism but I'd love an update on the lip piercing reaction!

  17. t.u., thanks for stopping by.

    Arden Reece, good advice! thanks.

    Henzy, thanks for saying that!

    milf, oh,ok.

    Anonymous, haha, i'll try it!

    karen, :)xxx

    Anna M Blanch, not yet, he may be getting the surprise after all if there's no phone call, oh dear!

    thanks everyone for the great comments!
    xxx lori

  18. Joe Gelb, you are funny. i saw your bagel, it didn't disapear. :)

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  20. cd, thanks for the visit.

    egm, ha.

    xx lori


xoxo lori