Tuesday, December 30, 2008

goodbye 2008

when i started looking at pictures for this post, i realized that we have led a pretty uneventful year. no big trips, no weddings or births, no books published, no news worthy happenings to speak of, no nothing like that at all. At the same time, there has been no catastrophes,no injuries, no jobs lost or fields of grain ruined by locusts(kidding about that one, we don't have any fields). and over the last 12 months we did find time to do plenty of good for the soul things. So,come along and i'll show you a few of the highlights of my 2008...
january-Hearst Castle in San Simeon, south of Big Sur, and elephant seal watching! we celebrated my sister's 50th birthday,here and in Cambria.february-the Carpinteria Salt Marsh, good for bird watching,kayaking(shhh,not legal)running on the trails.

march-Guadalupe~Nipomo Dunes,an 18 mile stretch of dunes on California's Central Coast,so much fun to run up and down them. no, we go for pictures.only.
april- Figueroa Mountain-for wildflowers, we chase the blooms for a few weeks each spring,as far south as Anza-Borrego Desert in San Diego County. i wish they made smell-a-computer. it's floral heaven.

may- my girl, the volleyball player, at her tournament in Irvine. That's her #2. She got her first offer to play at a Division 1 University all the way across the country. Oh Lord.

june- my beautiful daughter-in-love v.kaleolani kamai k. graduated from University in San Diego, her family all flew in from Hawaii.i took the train down, a 5 hour ride along the coast. Aloha nui loa sweetheart.

july- joined etsy.com & started lindylove

august- Bend,Oregon and my best mates,rollin' back the clock to more carefree times.my only time to get on a plane this year.good times. began blog.

september- my husband and some of his mates, just finishing the Friendship paddle for a terminally ill neighbor & friend. husband is the cute one. ok, the one with the backpack on.

october- my son (with the red ankle thing)competing in his first martial arts competition. He made me watch. celebrated 3rd anniversary with hot husband.

november- here is my baby(in the middle)at her last high school volleyball game. she is a senior. this was a bittersweet moment for her and i since she has grown up in this gym, watching all her siblings play.waiting for her turn, now she's had it, and it's over.wow, time flys. i was figuring i have watched at least 17 million games between the 5 of my kids in this gym alone.Every one of them played. and not just here, they each played club too. and my oldest played for University of Hawaii and then for the A.V.P(asociation of volleyball professionals)...but i'm going on. This nite was sweet and happy and tearful and Hannah presented me(BonnieLori) with a bouquet of roses and a thank you for my support. we were the last to leave this evening. when everylast person was gone we stood on the warrior sign and took this photo.

december- i think i've used up most of my photos for december already, so i chose one a few years old to serve as an example of what we'll be doing in the new year. we'll be going to:
ok,that's it. c'mon 2009, we're ready for you.

xxx Lori

Monday, December 29, 2008

A little of Everything

It's only 3 days since Christmas,

and already it's fading into a

warm, sweet, memory...

Christmas around here means lots of family,

kids, friends, food, a few extra bottles of wine and

making things! here is just a bit of what we've been up to...

...socks and fingerless gloves for gifts...well, the ones that were finished in time got gifted! I have a tendency to bite off more that i can really do, ahh, but intent counts for something, doesn't it?! will get to the unfinished ones right,ahem, after the new year. right.(i will.) The grey pair(inside out) is knit from Alpaca's that are from Carpinteria, it's so fresh it's got little pieces of sticks and grass in it. And sooo soft...

...cookies were baked by the Doodles(my g~babies), with a little supervision by grammy (me) in time to set out for Santa Clause, with extra sprinkles cause that's how he likes it...

...more knitting. These are knitted, then felted into bowls. They are really very sturdy, and useful too. The green one looks a little lopsided in the photo, now that i look at it.hmmm.well, they made nice containers for more homemade cookies(wrapped in wax paper). And the white one made a good dish for a necklace to a special mother-in-law, well, my only m.i.l....

...and these are our stockings,made by all of us actually. They started out as emergency stockings, one year a family of mice made a nest in our Christmas box and ate a neat hole through the other ones. With not much time to spare that year for making new ones, i enlisted the kids to help. After cutting out one sock for each, i put them at a table with all sorts of supplies to decorate. They were happy with this plan, so much so, that the stockings stuck. This summer when the Doodles moved in they came with very little, definitely no Christmas stockings. So 15 years later it was time to make more. There are the new ones on the far left. I can't believe how much my kids love stockings. Even my husband does too now. Maybe it's to do with the personalness of it(is that a word?) there have been years when there was not much more than the tree, but the stocking is always full of love. Did you notice our fireplace in the background? One year the newspaper added this as a supplement and I love it! It's just a piece of newsprint but it's my attempt at cozying up the place...recycle, reuse,right?

...and here they are now...those Doodles. Completely engrossed in crafty projects that Santa brought. There's raggedy ann joining in too...a gift from Santa...

Well, that's it. for the Christmas pictures anyway. I took some very good advice from Tam and put the camera down. You can picture it though, if you try, it 'twas merry mayhem. In a very good sort of way. ...are you wondering why I would include this photo next? It's part of the title of this post, a little of everything... there's been so much going on, even recording a teeny tiny bit of it feels like I'm leaving much out. So, part of my Christmas break included a visit from my sister two days later....we told both of our husbands we wouldn't be back 'till midnite...we were intending to spend the entire day together! our first stop was Africa! well, the Africa section of the Santa Barbara Zoo. I know, Zoo's,ugh. But there it is. This giraffe likes to look out over the Pacific Ocean, isn't she a beauty?

...just minutes away is Stern's Wharf where we went next. The wind was blowing and it was one very cold December day, so the only logical thing it seemed was to find warmth...

...which was found here! in a steaming bowl of New England clam chowder and a lovely glass of wine. My darling sister and I clinked glasses at our good fortune at having each other(love you dearly sis) and to the New Year 2009. And now to each and everyone of you dear readers, I raise my glass to you and I wish you Health, Happiness, Prosperity(and whatever else it is you wish for) for the coming year!
* * * * * Happy New Year * * * * *
xxx Lori

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Spirit of the Season

I love Christmas. I love the decorations and the tree buying. Cards from family and friends in our mailbox. I love the music and Frosty the Snowman. I love mangers with sheep and the Shepard and the babe in straw. I love candy canes and gingerbread and twinkly lights everywhere. I love Dear Santa letters and watching The Miracle on 34th Street. And when people you don't know smile and wish you "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas". And I love most of all the traditions that are repeated year after year. That's what I love most of all. It's what binds us to one another, makes us feel one of a tribe. A feeling of belonging.

It's finally beginning to feel like Christmas ,it took me awhile this year, I've been wishy washy at best but with 2 small children living here, they just don't understand that kind of thinking. The questions started coming, "when are we getting our tree?" "when will the lights go up?" "when can we see Santa?" " will it snow?"

I found my Christmas mojo and we have accomplished all four of the above requests! We found our tree at the nursery a stones throw from our house and it was the last one. Have you ever been to a tree lot and walked up to find one tree? The guy there was so nice, when we pulled up and looked around and saw this one gorgeous tree, he waved to it apologetically and said "It's the last one". We almost ran to it. My husband picked it up and practically threw it in the truck. We laughed about it later, it's not like there was anybody else there to get to it first or that we'd have to flip a coin for the LAST tree. So, we congratulated ourselves on our tree find and headed home to start Christmasifing our house. I was feeling pretty wretched since my flu/cold relapsed so much worse this next round. When will I ever learn to not go back at it too much too soon? so, Hannah spent the day with me decorating the tree, (husband mysteriously disappeared) hanging the lights, putting up the stockings... all the while putting up with my Christmas music and forcing hot cocoa on her, at 17 going on 18 she is not as fond of the tradition part as I am. Maybe on her own she'll do things differently. Probably.

So, tree up, lights twinkling, Santa sighting, done, done, done! and then, the thing that happens every great once in awhile happened this week...it snowed! all across the top of the mountains right behind us. I went for a walk on the beach to get a better view ( i forgot my camera) and what a sight it was. Standing in the sand and looking at snow, it always makes me shake my head. Amazing! And thankful (again) that things work out like they do. How things come together, one way or another, they always do. I worry alot about my granbabies and their parents, things are hard for everyone. And I am trying to be the stability they need. But at least for now we have snow... and the last Christmas tree in Carpinteria.

xxx lori

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Lucky Day

Look* look *look* here! A package came this weekend for me, all the way from England! A couple short weeks ago I won a little give-a-way at a fabulous blog called An Aerial Armadillo.
Tessa is the beautiful and very talented artist, poet, photographer and traveler extraordinaire. Oh and generous too! do you see here what she has sent me?! All wrapped in lovely paper and raffia and shells and even a note card made in South Africa! and it even smelled delicious. Please forgive the crap photos, it was already dark when I got my mail, and these don't begin to do justice to the beautiful painting below....
Here she is, 'Zuri'! Isn't she gorgeous?! she made it safely, oh thank you thank you gentle mail carriers everywhere. Well, I am thrilled. Just look at this. A little piece of Africa now belongs to me. I know what your thinking, you want one too... well you can own a little piece of your own Africa too , painted by Tessa.
She has many paintings/prints to choose from that she sells from her website. Here's the link , plus she has published her own book which you can purchase also at http://www.lulu.com/ , I would put the little widget thing but I can't remember how to do that right now, so I think if you will go to lulu and type in Tessa Edwards, that should take you to her book. It would make a perfect Christmas gift. And no, she has not paid me to say that :)
Below is an example of more of her work...she added these lovely stickers to the back of the package...

Isn't it wonderful!! So Tessa, if your reading this, please give yourself the biggest hug. What a treasure you have given me.

And now I need some help, I was thinking a mat and frame would be best for this, but what color, for each? any suggestions?


p.s. 10 days till christmas
i've not gone shopping
not even once
not even for food
not really
we have food
just no presents...

~ happy monday everyone ~

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nature Sounds

I am doing a little experiment. I really do hope my plan works. Because ever since the weather turned cold and the fan in our bedroom was retired for the winter... I haven't had a good nights sleep!

The simple reason is, it's just too quiet. The wrong kind of quiet. Here, I'll explain. In my house there's always something going on after dark. Kids coming in at different hours, late night foraging in the kitchen, husband snoring...but i hardly ever hear a thing. And the reason is , is because of the lovely fan that drowns out all the extra noise. I forget this every year when I put it away to hibernate 'till summer . Suddenly I can hear every single thing. Every door opening and closing, every snoring snort, bread being buttered, television channels changing, toilets flushing...ahgggg... I miss the monotonous hum of the fan. The white noise it creates to smooth out all the other noisy chatter of the night.

Last week there was surf again. The fog had cleared up, leaving our little town with crystal clear visibility. This helps sound travel and all through the night you can hear the waves crashing, and its a lovely sound to fall asleep to (and stay asleep to). Which got me thinking. What about those machines that simulate the sound. Why not try it? it could work, I thought. So I went to town to Radio Shack and asked the young man working there if he could show me where these machines were. He looked at me as if I were speaking Arabic. I told him it's okay I'll just look around.

Thirty minutes later I was back home unpacking my new Timex Projection Alarm Clock Radio With Nature Sounds! it was just the right price, which was a good thing since it was the only one they had. i didn't want to pay too much for an experiment. I was figuring out what all the dials and buttons were for when my son walked by..."you didn't really pay money for that?". I said "yes I did." He rolled his eyes and walked away. Next it was my daughter. She said "you are so funny Mama!" I don't see what is so funny. I frowned at them both. Lack of sleep does that to a person. Then my husband walked out of his office. "Hmmm...what have you got here?" he said smiling. I showed him all the features, and we listened to each Nature Sound. We had a choice of Forest, Bells, Heartbeat and Ocean. I was really hoping for Rain, but for around 30 dollars this is what we get.

So Ocean it is. We put it on the table near my husband's side, nothing bothers him. Even unfamiliar glowing boxes that look like little U.F.O's, with crashing waves and bird sounds coming out of them. So. Time for bed. We adjusted the volume...too loud? too soft? Waves were crashing and birds were flying. We giggled. This is funny. I said I hope it works. Husband said "I feel like I'm in a cave". And then we fell asleep.

And I never woke up. Really. Not even once. Well, just once, for a minute when the blue clock light on the box and the ceiling(it had a projector) scared me. I threw a scarf over it and was immediately lulled back to sleep.
Could it really be this simple?

Maybe for Christmas I'll ask Santa for the model that comes with rain...

Wishing you a good night's sleep...however it comes!

xxx Lori

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The Thanksgiving meme has now been done by several other lovely bloggers. I have enjoyed reading these almost more than anything else on the Internet. People have written lists that have made me cry and sigh. And do that nodding of the head in the uhhuh, yes, sort of way. It's such a great exercise and I think if done often it can become a way of life. My Mom used to say be grateful for what you have. When I was younger I might have... ok, I did... pooh pooh her optimistic thankfulness. I used to think she was naive in her refusal to look at the whole picture. Now I know that the life she wanted for us is one that is based on hope, joy, trust, compassion and daily happiness. Oh and of course, kindness.

and so, my Mom, is the first thing I am thankful for. Mom...are you there? i'm sending you some virtual cupcakes, chocolate with strawberry creme frosting and lots of little sprinkles, oh how you deserve it. xoxoxo

The next 5 things i'm thankful for are right below.

My Kids

Five of the best teachers, listeners, lovegivers, and sweet souls I know. They crowd my heart and life in a way that fills me up constantly yet always makes me want more. Now that they are are almost all adults, # 5 will be 18 in 17 days, they are my best friends too. Big sigh.

There is no order to this list, that woulden't be possible. My next thing to be thankful for is my husband. I never thought i'd find that love . Not that kind. It is for other people. Or poets, directors, novelists that make this kind of love up. But I found him, or as he says, he found me. And from that first day 10 years ago to this moment, it grows and grows. And... he's not run away! Oh, when I told him he had 5 good reasons to run for the hills (see above) he stayed. Not having any children of his own and being younger than me makes him something of a saint to my dear Mom. And everyone else just says, He must love you alot. Oh dear God, Allah and Buddha, thank you that he does.

I am thankful for my health and my freedom. They both give me the best life possible.

And I am so thankful that I can say both my Sister and my Mom are Breast Cancer Survivors. Survivors. That is a really great word.

And there I go again, breaking the rules.oh dear. It seems to be a pattern i'm developing here. I've got more than seven, and I'm not done. I guess i'd better finish this, and I will, really, right after i say.... I'm thankful for all my familyfriendsneighborshousebikecarcamerafaithsunrisesunsetrainfogsnowtreesflowers



i could do this all day long. There is alot to be thankful for. Life is good heh? Oh, and you did not think for a minute that I would forget all my great, fantastic blog friends. A nicer, smarter group you could not find. Indeed, it is a privilege to be a part of this
blogging community. I love all you guys!

Danke, Mahalo, Asante Sana,Saool, Gracias,Talofa,Obrigado,Nkosi, Kia ora, Arigato, Dhanyavaad,
Thank you

xxx lori

p.s.oh, and i am feeling better,thanks so much for all your kind wishes, i think its not the flu, just a cold but i like all the attention so i think i might stay this way a little while longer ;)