Wednesday, August 28, 2013


endearing is knitting for weddings (and babies!). i've made a shawl for my dress, this is 'flying home' again. the moment the first 'flying home' was cast off, this one began. i think the first time i've made a pattern twice in a row. as soon as it was completed, this morning at a cafe with a friend, i gently pinned it out (at home) gave it a light mist with water and three hours later it was dry. well, almost... :)  patience not being my virtue today, i couldn't wait to try it on, see how it went with everything. i think i'll try to braid my hair, something like this maybe:

the shawl was made with lace weight silk mohair from lion brand lb collection, in the colorway wisp. so pretty, so soft, it knit up beautifully, i'm glad to have tried it. this shawl weighs less than a feather, less than air! yet so warm too! it will be good for travel i think (ten more days, eeps!) taking very little space in my carry on.
raverly page here.

thank you for the heartfelt words on my anniversary post
made my heart swell, and my eyes fill
and feel forever grateful

the winner of jade sapphire exotic fibres is:


and the seaglass:

annie coe

thank you for entering my anniversary giveaway!

joining with yarnalong, where knitting and reading is shared
(just finished moloka'i by alan brennert, now one of my favorite books,
will try to remember to review later!)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

to celebrate

today my blog turns five
it began for my mom. she loved seeing photos of her
grandchildren. i hoped to help her memory.
my stepdad would sit her in front of the computer and she would
be delighted, he'd tell me. since beginning this blog, my mom has passed from 
alzheimer's. when she couldn't sit at the computer anymore, i thought of stopping, but my 
stepdad said to go on, he was proud of me (he said). 

i am so glad, that i did. like most every blogger, i've made friends with
 people, the whole world over. and incredibly, met many too. from 
new york city to far continents, blogging has taken living and loving and adventuring to another level. 

at the beginning, my first blogging friends were in africa (and geli in germany, an auntie to her african nieces)
chuck and i were planning a trip to zimbabwe in 2008 (to be taken in 2009).
 by then i had made a connection to an orphanage because of this new dear friend in botswana,
 and in the midst of planning i came to chuck with the idea of
extending our trip to include botswana, meet my friend, and visit the orphanage. 
my husband did not understand blogging then and looked at me like i'd lost my mind. 
but he trusted me, and agreed, we would go.
it was a surreal experience to meet two good friends on the other side of the world, after only talking online.
one had traveled from south africa with her bewildered husband (he'd been persuaded too), just to meet.
i'll never forget sitting at a bar on the chobe river, the three couples,
husbands scratching their heads, what is a blog anyway? 
how did we get here?

because of this blog, because of you, i have
found friendship
found confidence
felt comfort
felt love
gained compassion
learned how incredibly giving you are (remember pockets for africa?)
been thrilled and delighted
and became a better person
because of you.

thank you beautiful friends
i'm having a giveaway to celebrate five years, but more to celebrate you
 if you've read and felt some connection here like i have, that pleases me to no end.


the giveaway:

 one skein of jade sapphire exotic fibres
silk cashmere
55% silk, 45% cashmere 2 ply
in color way   #158 seaglass
there are (approx.) 400 yards  55g in this hand-dyed skein
it's enough to make a small shawl this is what i used in 'flying home' and even had a bit left over
(it's so so lovely, and this color...SO pretty!)

one lantern moon handcrafted repair hook
this is the featherlight
(i have one and LOVE it)
'this environmentally friendly product is made from plantation grown wood
that is organically treated to add density and hardness. free of formaldehyde and resin'
 to protect this tiny hook it comes in its own little sleeve
a sample of the beautiful hand weaving done by the cham people of vietnam

and alternatively,
if you are not a knitter, i have filled a small abalone shell with seaglass to give away
collected by me, on beaches here in california and in mexico and hawaii

please leave a comment if you would prefer the wool or the glass
random number generator will choose two names, one for each, five days from now,
this giveaway is open to the whole world,
no exceptions.
(((thank you again)))
xxxxxx lori

today was also my mom's wedding anniversary. in celebration of her love (s)
this is for you mom...

(edited to add) song by simon lynge

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

flying home

oh my goodness this shawl. the very minute i cast off 'flying home' by kat coyle, another was on the needles,  a first for me. everything about this pattern was loved, i couldn't wait to make another! it was simple, but engaging. it sits on the shoulders, staying in place so nicely, even without tying or pinning. made with one skein of jade sapphire silk cashmere a 2-ply blend of 55% silk, 45% cashmere in the colorway clematis. soft as jade sapphires 100% cashmere i think. the picot bind off was knit with rowans kid silk haze for a contrast border edge. ravelry page here.

i waited till too late in the evening for photos, these are overexposed making the color not very reliable. as i was knitting 'flying home' last week, twice i was told it looked exactly like the color of cornflowers, that sounded lovely!  i wish the exquisite depth of this wool showed, it is so delicate, subtle with a slight iridescence, like a shell.

i found shoes to go with my dress!  i've booked a flight, reserved a car, (will share more soon!) now i just have to finish my shawl, and count down the days  :)

reading moloka'i, a haunting, tragically beautiful novel. joining with yarn along

Saturday, August 17, 2013

to the future

dear friends, thank you thank you for the kindest words on my last post. rose and matt are back in the city, back to brooklyn and chuck to the islands again. i stayed here at home (a very difficult decision) but there is good reason, i have to knit, and finish soon! a wedding is on the horizon, quickly approaching, and i've at least three projects to complete. the above wrap (raverly) is done, yay! it was made with rowan's kidsilk haze and rows upon rows of stockinette stitch. knit flat on the bias and then kitchener stitched together for a seamless finish. soft as a cloud and as weightless too, it's a gift for the bride. my dress is happily standing in for the wedding dress in these photos. the hand painted sign was a gift to me at my own wedding (love this with my entire heart).

i found more vintage yarn thrift shopping, the cone is rayon and silk, there is a stamp inside indicating this, and also another stamp that says crafted with pride in the united states, it's so soft!  the white yarn is made in kentucky, and it made me laugh since rose and matt went there when they left here, it's matt's home state. the kentucky yarn is made with rayon and lurex, it's sweet, i'm glad to have found both of these. equally exciting was the discovery of danish pottery! on it are charming drawings of houses and trees and boats, a village, i want to visit there! the children's toys are irresistible, the tiny pitcher because i couldn't put it down and  i wish i could share the game of cards, show every one. the illustrations are SO utterly adorable, each one is a little work of art.

there is a new addition to my knitting basket that's isn't wool, it's the indigo blue leather tool pouch from fringe supply co. handcrafted by stitch & hammer. already in constant use, either as a knitting helper or a clutch around town. love this! the pretty pouch can be found here.

my blog turns five next week. i've been thinking how i can say thank you, your words and kindness, your friendship and inspiration, have been among the best gifts i've ever received in my life. i hope you are loving your knitting or making or just dreaming of... the beautiful future.   :)
xxxxx lori

Sunday, August 11, 2013

islands of the blue dolphin

 welcome to the magnificent and diverse
 channel islands national marine sanctuary & national park

close to the california mainland, yet worlds apart, the channel islands national marine sanctuary 
and national park encompass the ocean environment and five of the eight california channel islands 
(anacapa, santa cruz, santa rosa, san miguel and and santa barbara). the sanctuary and park bridge
two biogeographical provinces, and, in a remarkably small area, harbor thousands of species of plants
and animals. one hundred and forty-five of these species are found nowhere else in the world.
 cultural resourses date back 13,000 years. 
the islands' remote, isolated position at the confluence of two major ocean currents creates 
remarkable biodiversity. the mingling of cool, nutrient-rich waters from the north with warm
currents from the south form a dynamic transition zone that is home to a myriad of sea life 
from microscopic plankton to blue whales

 an aerial view of the channel islands

and scorpion anchorage at santa cruz island, our destination

we're here! 

 foxy welcome

 setting up the tent is strenuous work

just kidding!

 camp is set up, tommorrow we'll paddle, today we're going on a hike...

 we made our way to potato harbor, see the kayakers far below? they have paddled over from scorpion anchorage

 super exciting, my sister met us at the harbor this morning and came out for the day!

hiking back towards cavern you see those small dots (people) at the very top of this very sheer, very steep cliff? 

four 'o clock already, my sister is taking the boat back home now

* * * 

the following morning, time to paddle!

chuck is our guide. we took two double kayaks, hannah and matt in one, chuck and i in another. i like this a lot since it makes it much easier to take photos...

the sights and sounds of sea caves!

we paddled in some caves that were almost entirely dark

it's a relief to see the light

this cave is named sharks tooth for the jagged rocks that hang down from the ceiling. at this tide you have to lie all the way back in the kayak and work with the surging water to inch your way out...

this cave is very large, we carefully checked for sealife that may have been using the beach
in the far back, so as not to disturb them. it was empty

just incredibly beautiful ocean water

a curious sea lion

stopping for a little break

and a kiss

and a swim

my girl is part mermaid, the water is cold!

some caves require finesse to get in

a harbor seal resting upon a rock

back to scorpion, thank you chuck, so very much! you are the world's best kayak guide (even if i'm biased because you are my husband)   :)

* * * 

later that afternoon, another hike

this time there was a trail, and then there wasn't...

there was beautiful scenery

we rock hopped an hour up a canyon until we came to this

a bit of a road block

even though the guys made it up the boulders, it was decided this would be a good time to turn around
and head back...

our time on the island is over, we need to pack up, the boat is on it's way to take us 
 home to the mainland

waiting on the pier

bye islands, we'll be back

bye foxes, be good

bye blue dolphins, thank you for another magical time! thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed,
it is always such a pleasure to share!

for information on camping and kayaking at channel islands national park click on the links below:

p.s. these are the islands that are written about by scott o'dell in this book, a favorite from my childhood