Saturday, June 22, 2013

summer is here

summer is off to a good start!
a new tunic soft and light as butterfly wings, made of silk liberty art fabric
owl wool from quince & co, yucca is the summery color (LOVE)
reading knitting magazines, drinking cold beer and making what was
 supposed to be a secret surprise, but...
he found out. (will share soon)
coral pink toes  :)
roses in bloom


i did spend time on the island again (fun!), those photos are in my film camera still,
back at home, i took a walk through the marsh....

something curious is going on...



hee hee, clams

these are siphons


this is how the clam breathes, eats and eliminates (hee hee, makes me laugh everytime)

nature! amazing!

and on the mud banks of the marsh...

crab # one

crab # two

 *  hello  *

i am the world's best starer
 (is that a word?)

no, that would be me

time for me to go home, happy start of summer northern and western hemisphere!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

first album

first photos from my new iphone 5. it's so enjoyable going ultralight, a fine change from carrying a heavy camera, lenses, on hikes especially. the phone weighs less than a bottle of water. and takes pretty good pictures! the video is an experiment, i'm not sure if it will work. hannah says it's the world's most boring, but, it was a first try, laughing at her comment. for days now fog has settled, laying low in hills of coastal chaparral, making solitary hikes an ethereal experience (thinking of you melissa). we found the sun though, east of the mountains, in santa barbara county's wine country. in a rural inland valley we attended a charming country wedding, a hand made sign greeted all 'welcome city folk!'. vows were exchanged under a century old california oak. we sipped cranberry vodka in iced mason jars and carried rice paper parasols for shade, children played barefoot in the grass. i kind of wished for my camera then, it was all so photogenic. 
rosy dancing bridesmaids dresses by lovely local heidi merrick. i'm heading here again tomorrow, be back soon!

p.s. happy father's day (a very sweet 'card' from a favorite place, love the then and now photos)

Monday, June 10, 2013

the house that came in the mail and blue

we try to capture poetry. we adore the unsaid. it inspires us & jolts our imagination so we can create.

the house that came in the mail 
* hug *


birthday vase and hand made birthday jewelry

blue shawl ~ the hitchhiker (pattern here)
knit with gifted nurturing fibres fingering weight wool

la la's simple shawl  (free pattern here) (ravelry link here)

this was made with wool sent by jackie of luna grey fiber arts
this is aquila, a blend of merino cashmere. in the colorway harbor
it is beautiful wool and it may be one of the most beautiful shades of blue i've ever seen
a complete joy to knit with.

colorful. modern. yarn.

another gift! ten skeins of pure alpaca. it is now being made into another (secret, shhh) gift  :)

and this, oh this. from a dearly loved friend, a gift of her hand thrown pottery.
a new mug, with a perfect handle to drink lovely japanese tea. and a hand stitched leaf 
coaster, one side wool, the other indigo linen, malabrigo yarn couched on for leaf stems. she made these.
 for me. this is the most amazing wonderful thing in the world i think

my new house pillow! i had to take a million photos i love it so much. a birthday gift sent from my girl in brooklyn, it's the favourite place pillow. while in new york last march hannah and i had seen it in a shop. it's hand knit in baby alpaca. we fell in love, she remembered and now it lives with me. lucky boy sunday, i love the danish designers and their beautiful philosophy, read more here

matt & hannah rose at a music festival sunday in new york
thank you honey, i LOVE my pillow (you remembered)

do you love to give (and receive) handmade? do you have a favorite memory? 
please share!