Saturday, October 29, 2011

date morning

daybreak in the marsh
we saw a new pair of white - tailed kites
thrilling to see them take up residence here.

and we saw the fox, sly fellow that he is
didn't know we were there to watch
as he steathily tip toed by...
(no photos, he's too quick)

hunting here

crossing through the marsh, landing on the sea shore
we pulled out our stand up paddle boards for a near perfect
paddle up the coast. grinning to each other as we passed the
house we were married at six years ago today.

and then, dolphins came (how do they know we wish for them?)
to escort us back home. the video i've included down below
was taken a couple years ago, (from my kayak previously, neither of us
had cameras out in the ocean yesterday) but this is how it was.
so exciting, it makes me cry everytime.

stopping to see a group of sanderlings

happy anniversary dear husband.

love, lori

Friday, October 28, 2011

special delivery

this week : :

: :  pierre (the french halloween lover cat) arrived from maryland. winning him in a giveaway from this super talented artist made me happy, but i think it made a certain someone even happier. olive (learn about her arrival here) , another yoborobo creation, is smitten. it may have happened when pierre first tried to impress her, as well as her friends, with his headstand. he is full of surprises.  in the note that arrived with him, i was told to keep an eye on the wine. duly noted. ah love...

: :  then, in another stroke of unbelievable luck, i won another giveaway, from here. this gorgeous malabrigo wool and nichole's new ebook . that was tuesday, and the wool arrived today. my goodness gracious. thank you thank you leslie and nichole.

: :  today the mail carrier also brought this little acorn all the way from new zealand. frances, the artist says : " At last! an answer to that age old question 'Where does a squirrel hide his stitch markers?'.

These stitch markers are made by me in my work shop from sterling silver. They are soldered together and have no edge to snag on your knitting.
Simple, elegant and functional- these little markers will make keeping track of those pattern changes a pleasure.

These markers will fit 4 mm and smaller needles, the second set of 8 will fit needles that are 6mm or smaller.
They come in a little turned wooden acorn made from Tawa, a native wood of New Zealand.
The Acorn is a reproduction piece based on a friends beautiful antique ivory acorn shaped needle case. I loved her one so much I decided to make my own. "  an indulgence i know, and i tried to resist. really.
acorns found here.

: :  during all this mail excitement and photo taking there was more than one here who was less than charmed. owen only slightly raised his furry white eyebrow and then snuggled back into his new favorite spot, to sleep and dream his own happy doggie dreams. these guys just do not understand certain things.

: :  the very best part of the week did not come in a box or mailer though, it came in the form of telephone calls, one from each of my five children, to say hi and i love you mom *sigh*. and to ask for recipes.   :)
and today, the date i had with my husband, where we spent the early morning in the marsh, bird watching (we saw the resident fox!) and photographing, and then jumping on our standup paddle boards where dolphins joined us the moment we passed the house we were married at, on the beach, six years ago tomorrow. chuck said to me, what are you going to say about this on your blog? he said maybe you should say how grateful we are to live where we do and for everything we have. i said i definitely would. and i truly am.

have a wonderfilled weekend dear friends,


happy the sun came out today
to walk through the marsh
to have wound the last skein for my sweater
giving thanks for this epic autumn day.
love, lori