Friday, January 27, 2012

west coast crush

thank you very much for kind words on a first attempt video tutorial, i will try for more, but it would be so much easier if you came over instead.    :)
our day was super fun, chuck surfed for hours (third pic down), and i watched and took photos for a little while. but when the tide started going out, the sea anemones and sea glass began vying for my attention. with temperatures hovering near eighty degrees i got a little sunburned, woops! happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

knitting color

i've made a swatch for demonstration, and a very short, under three minute, video to share
(nearly didn't post this, feeling kind of awkward here, who wants to hear their own voice. oh dear).

it wasn't as easy as it seemed, to make one. it's a bit like writing
on a typewriter, mistakes show! truth is i was self conscious, even though it
was only me at home! well, i hope these tips, if you haven't used them before,
will help you in your color knitting. that's the most important thing.

if you don't want to watch or can't, what i've shared are two tips that help
make fair isle, or color knitting, much easier.

the first is to work with short strands (i said cut yarn, but really
meant short strands!). the idea is to cut a yard or two at most, of
wool. this eliminates balls of tangled wool, bobbins or twistys. the
shortened strands practically undo themselves. i tried to show in the
video, but i couldn't drop the wool or you wouldn't have been able to see it.
it really does work though.

the second tip is to spit splice the ends as you go.
much less weaving at the end of your project. again, in the video
my hands were out of the picture somewhat,
but you will want to take both your ends, after separating
them about an inch. wet them in your mouth, then overlap
about a half an inch, pinching the wool together. then between
your palms, roll the wool until you have a nice felted bond.
(thank you bella for reminding me to say this will only work with
animal fibers, anything that is 100% will do).

i liked the first video i made much better (everything is easier to see) but it
didn't want to be published. i hope this one was some help, thank you
for watching!

joining with....

Sunday, January 22, 2012


my goodness.

glowing is me to know that there are at least ninety two people in the world that love childrens painted wooden knitting spools. maybe my family will stop teasing me now. hee hee. thank you so much for all your memorable comments. i really loved reading them all, hearing your memories. some of you had spools made by a beloved parent or grandparent, some made their own. i am most amazed that small children can work the spool knitter. its an art, like knitting, that will survive, and more, i think it will thrive. i'm sure of it. i wish i had a hundred knitting dolls to send out, how lovely that would be. but i had to choose just one for the giveaway. the random number generator helped me, it picked :


the lovely host of yarn along wished for one too,
another knitting doll will be on it's way to ginny of small things.
a small thank you.

the mittens are flying off to:

evi of sister sun

i hope you'll enjoy   :)

this weekend my daughter and i shopped for wedding dresses. the one above was ordered online and is being returned, it's not the one. but i think we may have found it in a shop saturday, it's simpler, with just a bit of lace. the wedding consultant asked my girl 'is this your dress?' and we giggled (but she didn't say yes. yet. but she was glowing). and oh i cried too, the shop had boxes of tissue strategically placed. they know.  :)  the above glowing rose photo, along with a few others, are newly added to my etsy shop, with new smaller sizes and prices to match. now, time to knit!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

knitting dolly

once upon a time, long ago, i brought home a knitting dolly

 it was so cute, i found myself bringing home one more, and then one more, and now i have several. i love them, standing there painted and make something... but, i've never made anything. i didn't know how. this child's toy baffled me. until this discovery.

 now i know how to spool knit! round and round, inch after inch, the cord grew. i carried it everywhere this week

the spool in one pocket, wool in the other

spool knitting is easily toteable (my grandson wondered why i was playing with a toy though!)

  i had an idea, i have a chair, this yellow one, that needs a seat pad

 the little knitting doll is helping me to make one

 all i have to do is knit for another few rounds and a few more days, and my chair seat will be done! well, it still needs sewing together, and maybe a knitted dolly tie or two. i'm happy to be using the sock yarn left over from this project

 and then i think i'll be satisfied to just admire the cuteness of these knitting dollies (otherwise called a knitting nancy, bizzy lizzy, knitting mushroom, knitting spool, french knitter, peg knitter, knitting noddy or knitting knobby!)

i picked up two of the same dolls, one to share with you, in case you'd like to start (or add to) a collection yourself!  leave a comment if you'd like this doll (little box included). i'll choose a name on sunday, the same day my other giveaway is ending. go here to enter, if you haven't already.  reading a charming book written in nineteen o nine on spool knitting, here is a free download.
joining with small things yarn along this week!  xo lori

Sunday, January 15, 2012

to finish, to give

 i finished my mitts! so happy with these little hand warmers, they are cozy and very warm. if you'd like to knit them i hope you will give the pattern a try. you can find it here. i was thinking of making a video demonstrating a couple techniques i learned that make fair isle easier. i wonder if there would be an interest?

 if you don't knit (or even if you do) i'd like to have a giveaway of this pair of winter white fingerless gloves (showing one front, one back here) . i was thinking as i was knitting them, that so many of you make for others, knitting or crafting, giving of yourselves in so many ways. perhaps you've never had a thing hand knit especially for you. theres also all the kindness you give, so abundantly, all the time here. which means the world to me, so it would be my pleasure to offer these. if you'd like them , they are made of the softest merino wool and cashmere (one size should fit most, the 4 x 1 rib gives a good stretch) please leave a comment letting me know. but if you can't wait and would like to make a pair now, you can find the pattern here. comments will be open till next sunday, january twenty second, when i'll announce the winner!

and the knitting doll photo?  it's the thing i've been up to lately, more to come on tuesday! i hope you have a
very good week ahead, with moments of magic and true joy. xxx lori

Thursday, January 12, 2012

vintage effect

hello hello! today i'm sharing photos taken with one of my film cameras. a vintage thirty five mm pentax i found at a flea market. a super lucky score! these are untouched, with the exception of the last one. its had this effect applied. when i got these back from the lab,  i saw that i'd taken just two photos of this sunset. there were many people on the beach that night that claimed it was the most spectacular sunset they'd ever seen. i felt this way too. perhaps that is why i took this and then stood agape in wonder.

i think i told you i didn't paint the little rock house or rock grandma. but i did paint these blocks. i'd
forgotten about them (till the rock love), these cute wee blocks. it may have been twenty but more like twenty five years ago that i made these for my children. (can't believe i misspelled puzzle, eeps!) i recently took them over to a wood worker friend and asked him if he could cut a few more blocks like this please. i think i'd like to make some more.

happy birthday to my baby boy, my youngest son, who will be twenty three tomorrow! do you remember
these puzzle blocks honey? love you so very much son.
jacob and hannah, twenty some years ago

Monday, January 9, 2012

i have something to tell you

will this baby be next?

dear friends, have you had a passion for something, someplace, you felt a need to protect and preserve? it is africa for me. and this is why i'm sharing the above video. chuck and i are soon to leave (in may) on a safari back to the continent, my fourth time there. i don't know how i've been so lucky, but on each trip to africa i've seen either the black or white rhino. my heart breaks knowing these magnificent animals are on the decline, being murdered, because of illegal poaching. i don't know what to do besides share this video and perhaps some links where there is more to learn and make a small donation. if you have an interest please watch the video and visit :
wwf - world wildlife fund   international rhino foundation   save the rhino  african wildlife foundation
(there are more, these are the ones i know).
thank you for taking the time to read this and a big hug if you've watched.
xxx lori

Saturday, January 7, 2012

the first good thing

today marks one week of the new year. i'm sorry for complaining about not having my
favorite camera. it took a few people much wiser than i to point out it is not really the problem
i'm imagining. between film cameras and my teeny tiny digital, i don't have to stop taking pictures and participation here is still possible!

the start of january and the first good thing...

the season's biggest swell came to town, making my husband and sons really happy. i love watching them surf. and taking photos. my tiny digital tried it's best. but then i don't think there is a camera that can capture the energy and excitement a large ocean swell brings. salty mist hangs over homes and fields, sea spray is tossed onshore with each crashing wave. at night falling asleep, i hear the rumble and i believe i feel it too. i'm reminded to be thankful we live here at the beach.

 good thing number two : at home a package was waiting for me

 can you see what was in the box?

 it's a portrait done by julie whitmore. if only i were better at this, i would have the proper
words to describe my complete joy and happyness, and gratefulness. and delightedness. thank you julie, for painting this.

in this picture is one of my favorite possessions in the world. a portrait done by my mother, of me as a child. now to have this one by julie too. beyond thrilled almost comes close to how i feel. visit julies shop
here to see more of her exquisite pottery and art.

and then. so many of you asked about the rock house and rock knitting grandma, i took close ups so you could see them better. i did not paint either. the house was found in a gallery in morrow bay, and grandma was at an arts and crafts fair. i wish i would have bought two houses (they were all different colors and shapes), wouldn't they be cute as bookends?

 the side

and the back. hee hee, a bird bath. i would like to live in this little pink house.

good thing number three:  christmas knitting! i forgot to take pictures of completed projects, this is the only one i have, but they were happily received, yay! i made three simple cowls and two pairs of these fetching mitts. (still knitting the second ysolda mitt).

good thing number four:  after recent inspiration found here and here, and all the encouragement to use up our stashes, before buying new. i uncovered an old counted cross stitch sampler i began (feeling a bit silly now) in 1986.

 it was soon after i had my third baby, that this was packed away. my sister and i taught ourselves counted cross stitch, sneaking in a few stitches between feedings and diaper changes. it's a lot like fair isle knitting, reading from charts. i don't know why i put this away so many years ago.

but it's out again now! see the giraffe? LOVE that one best. i've a ways to go on this sampler still, and i think i'm going to need one of those magnifying light up lamps. my eyes are not the same as they were twenty four years ago. 

 and last, good thing number five: a super healthy egg dish recipe. it's very yummy.

eggs florentine

2 large eggs, beaten
1/2 small onion, chopped
1 tomato, chopped
1 small zucchini, chopped
small handful of spinach, or chard leaf, chopped
1 tablespoon olive oil

heat a cast - iron frying pan for a minute, then coat with 1 tablespoon
of olive oil. add 1/4 inch of water and heat for another minute.
add chopped vegetables, cover with lid and cook for 3 minutes.
then pour two (beaten) eggs over mixture, cover and cook another
three minutes. scoop out entire mixture with spatula and serve.

this is a great way to add more veggies to your day, starting with breakfast!
(chuck adds salsa, i like it topped with a bit of avocado)
xxx lori