Wednesday, July 23, 2014

on my way

dear friends,  my deepest heartfelt thanks for coming here, leaving such beautiful comments, for putting up with my going on about my upcoming trip, about Shetland. well, the time is here, i leave this morning, first for Scotland, to Edinburgh, for a few days, and then Shetland. i won't be back here in this space until august (after returning). BUT...if you have an interest there will be posts, from Shetland. on instagram. from Gudrun Johnston, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Kathy Cad, Nicole Dupois and Claire Dupont and myself. it will be my first time posting 'from the field', we'll see how it goes! (i am loritimesfive)
last night on instagram some of us toasted to our trip, i got ready with a wee dram of whiskey. sometimes, it is just the perfect thing.
take good care, see you in a couple weeks! xxx lori

Friday, July 18, 2014


 a new book!
the most beautiful collection of knitting patterns i think i've ever seen. 
this is
Anthology 1 by carrie bostick hoge

 all photos by carrie bostick hoge

all photos by carrie bostick hoge

over twenty patterns, each one prettier than the next.
 i made the first sweater in this group, the pinkish clay colored one. the wool was 
tern from quince & company. carrie's patterns are so well written, truly a joy.

Anthology 1 is available for pre-order starting today
there is a choice of print book or ebook or ebook + print book package
this is a book that would be a welcome addition to any knitters library. 
for more information or to order, visit carrie at maddermade

p.s. did you know carrie's daughter immie, shown in the last photo, darling wee girl, is about 
to become a big sister?!

p.p.s. congratulations carrie, this is an amazing achievement, really a thing of
 beauty and something to treasure. i can't wait for my book!

xxx lori

Thursday, July 17, 2014


'what is this honey?  i asked, peering down at the tiny, lump of dirt, moss and spines on our porch...

chuck had been working around the yard, and when he got to cleaning out the eaves, he found a tiny garden growing. two teensy cactus nestled in a bed of moss. he gently scooped (rescued) the wayward plants out and brought them inside, for me. thank you little birds for dropping your seeds, thank you cactus for persevering (we don't have cactus here!) and thank you husband for knowing i would LOVE this.

X   X   X

i've done very little shopping to get ready for my trip (i'm going to the shetland islands if you are new here ((welcome!)). next week!!) but today, i bought a top, this summery lace inset lovely from 'odd molly'. and, at home, i couldn't resist any longer and had to cut this rose growing in my garden...

to enjoy inside, all these blossoms on one stem! 

this is the business end of the rose. the thorns had to be removed before i could hold the stem for photos. i think they look like little shark fins ;)

and it seems my knitting looks like a baby sting ray! maybe spending too much time at the beach and pool, hee hee. but grateful for and enjoying these summer days. i hope you are too! (unless you are having winter, then i hope you are enjoying that!)
 xxx lori

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


this is shwook. still in need of a soak and a block, it's a free fair isle hat pattern from hazel tindall. 'hazel, who has twice held the world's fastest knitter title, will be patron of 2014 shetland wool week. hazel grew up in shetland and learned to knit before she can even remember. her knitting has been the subject of many articles and book chapters, and her own patterns are eagerly sought by knitters all around the world. hazel has a real passion for knitting, patterns and shetland wool and having delivered a number of classes in past years, is an ideal patron for wool week 2014. she will design a special wool week pattern which will be made available prior to the event.'  this is the one.

although i won't be attending wool week in october, our group going to shetland will be lucky enough to meet hazel on our grand adventure this month. this pattern she's designed and shared was really fun to knit, and so easy to personalize. it requires five colors, and you have a choice using of three dark, two light or two dark, three light. i have read that when choosing colors for fair isle it helps to view them in black and white, easier to see the contrast, and to tell if they'll work. i love how this pattern is written, so easy to follow. a really really lovely design. i can't wait to visit jamieson & smith in shetland, to choose more colors for more shwooks! raverly notes here

i'm reading all about puffins in the book above, it's all i can concentrate on at the moment (two weeks to go!)

joining with ginny (again, finally! hi ginny!) and all the lovely yarn alongers.
xxx lori

Friday, July 4, 2014


 life at the moment. i have to remind myself to breath. sometimes so much is going on it's a challenge to know where to start, how to share. keep up my journal here. i may sound calm, but i am filled with exclamation points. oh dear here they come, those marks that illustrate everything these days, and a few photos too...

a baby swallow! i feel like this too little bird, sing your heart out!

my best friend went to greece and turkey, she and her husband had a brilliant time (we still need to get together, drink wine, see the photos!). they brought me many gifts, including this from istanbul. this hand stitched, cashmere shawl. exclamation point!!

it was my lucky day! here is a new perfect size cross body bag for my trip that i managed to get....

and some pouches from bookhou too, perfect for carrying watercolor pencils in my suitcase. the wool is going to be my travel knit (i think). reading 'how to catch a frog' by heather ross. lovely lovely book.

i grew a strawberry (s) and finally got to eat one before the raccoons did!!

stitching in progress for my travel journal (to shetland!!) ( nineteen more days!!!)

to celebrate summer solstice, i made a flower wreath...

for my head :)  i tried to have owen model it, but that was as likely to happen as if he were to make it. ;)

here come the exclamations. to celebrate the first little movements OF OUR NEW BABY!!! i've cast on a kicking bag. this is my girl on the left in her middle trimester and in the photo on the right, she's four years old. will it ever stop being a complete and total miracle, when your baby has a baby??!!!!!

and then, friends...remember this child of mine? my baby? hannah rose?

last week in kentucky. here, because they are so darling, is a reenactment. he proposed. she said yes. 
my baby is getting married. !!!!!!

~ before i end this post i wanted to say thank you so much for the kindness (as always) on my bressay dress. i am really thrilled with it, it's really so amazing to wear a dress you've knitted. if you've ever had a mind to make one i would encourage you to give this pattern a try. and the very last thing, i am completely honored and thrilled to have been featured on fringe association. thank you karen. whew. (!!!) :)
happy 4th.
xxx lori