Wednesday, December 17, 2014


hello dear friends, above is only one reason i've been away from this space so much, the biggest reason, and perhaps i am writing to myself now, is the laptop | camera issues that began in summer. i'm trying so hard to resolve them (short of buying new equipment, which is not going to happen any time soon). it's taking time, but i'm getting there (hope hope). thank you for continuing to grace my blog with your kind sweet comments and thoughts. all really and truly treasured.

and now, i'm utterly thrilled to heaven and back to introduce my two week old granddaughter, piper. she is already becoming familiar with two of  her grandmother's passions, knitting and photograpy (i haven't told her i love to travel too, but there is time for that)  :)

her first knit is this little gown. it has a drawstring bottom and buttons at the shoulders. it's from the book 'baby collection' by kelbourne woolens, the pattern is mollie. i knit much of this while she slept in my arms. baby heaven is where i'm at. it's made with 100% mill spun merino wool, dyed with madder root by camilla fiber co. gifted by a dear friend. i added antique mother of pearl buttons and a silk ribbon to gather the bottom. to keep my hands busy, to channel joy, show my love.
xxx lori

raverly notes

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

piper pearl

it's a girl. piper pearl arrived in just under 3 hours, born at home, one of the most beautiful births i've been to. i'm so so proud of my daughter, she labored with so much grace and beauty i had tears all the way through. it was an amazing honor {tears again} to be there holding her, soothing, supporting. it was all more than any of us could hope for. we have a baby!!!!!!!! xxxxxx

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

south : : north

back again! i hope you are well and enjoying the season! it is truly autumn here, after a (too warm) spell, we've finally settled on perfect shawl wearing weather. i've taken a couple adventures, met lovely friends, saw amazing things, would you like to come along? again, no camera, only iphone photos were taken. maybe it has been all the travel of late, but the need to go light came first....

i am on the pacific surfliner train, heading almost six hours south to san diego

sitting + watching + knitting + coffee = BLISS

california agriculture

the reason i am in san diego

my girl {and her love} we now live in the same time zone.

we worked all the day, stopping for beach breaks and an occasional meal (YUM!)

 her commute has changed some. 

these two. they drove me back home. and also, hannah taught matt to knit.

we had my girls baby shower, i made her a sleeping sack and gave her a small book that was her own as a child. 

time to pack for the next adventure. going north {my current work in progress still on the needles}. 

met lovely friends, kathy, karen, gudrun

we shopped {homestead seattle}

we ate delicious meals and drank delicious drinks {photo of my own personal shoulder singer courtesy of gudrun} :)

and froze

and visited tolt yarn & wool!

celebrating tolt's one year anniversary. on saturday morning there was a line down the street, happy knitters waiting for the shop to open. it was an experience unlike any i've had before. the beauty of place, the warmth, kindness of people, welcoming atmosphere...left me near tears
{it was incredible to meet so many beautiful friends from blogging and instagram}

rachel, an instagram friend and 'tolt' ~tia! 

{photo by kathy cadigan}

 lovely anna dianich, owner and proprietress of tolt and veronika of yoth {yarn on the house} in the middle. it seems that living in washington makes one beautiful sweet and extremely kind.

{photo by kathy cadigan}

karen and i with the charming and delightful tif ~ dottie angel

 sweet lisa and her bunny (wearing it's own mini hap shawl) she made

and paula works here too! hi paula! ((((hug)))) we were roomies in shetland :)

thank you miss kathy for all the incredible hospitality {puff cloud x 10}
so glad i did not set off your alarm {#sorrynotsorry}

thank you anna

and now no more traveling for a bit, waiting for my new grandbaby 
to land on earth, any minute now!!

thank you for coming along, and always for leaving such kind words,
xxx lori

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

: : the winner : :

oh dear i'm a day late (for giveaway results).
thank you for all the lovely anniversary wishes and sea glass love.
this is the only part about giveaways i don't care for.
having to choose only one.

random number helped and the winner of the sea glass and book was

Hi Lori, love following your blog and your travels. I live on the north west coast of Ireland and trawl the beaches here for sea glass and smoothed pieces of crockery. I would love to add some Californian glass to my collection. As for the book I'll definitely have to try and order it somewhere if I don't win it! Glad you had a lovely anniversary
Best wishes.

tomorrow i'm off on another short adventure, i have an almost six hour train ride to look forward to, lots of knitting time! i'll send your package off when i return in a few days sheils, thank you again everyone for your kindness! xxx lori

Monday, November 3, 2014

shetland memories

perhaps, it would have been a good idea to write a bit about these photos, and i will possibly come back to do that, but for now, i'd like to share the last post i have of shetland, of the grand adventure taken this summer. everyday, it's in my heart, the place, the people, and most of all the friendships made. it really was one of the most brilliant adventures of my life.

xxx lori

p.s. there is one more day to enter seaglass | book giveaway!  here
(thank you for leaving such kind comments)