Tuesday, November 18, 2014

south : : north

back again! i hope you are well and enjoying the season! it is truly autumn here, after a (too warm) spell, we've finally settled on perfect shawl wearing weather. i've taken a couple adventures, met lovely friends, saw amazing things, would you like to come along? again, no camera, only iphone photos were taken. maybe it has been all the travel of late, but the need to go light came first....

i am on the pacific surfliner train, heading almost six hours south to san diego

sitting + watching + knitting + coffee = BLISS

california agriculture

the reason i am in san diego

my girl {and her love} we now live in the same time zone.

we worked all the day, stopping for beach breaks and an occasional meal (YUM!)

 her commute has changed some. 

these two. they drove me back home. and also, hannah taught matt to knit.

we had my girls baby shower, i made her a sleeping sack and gave her a small book that was her own as a child. 

time to pack for the next adventure. going north {my current work in progress still on the needles}. 

met lovely friends, kathy, karen, gudrun

we shopped {homestead seattle}

we ate delicious meals and drank delicious drinks {photo of my own personal shoulder singer courtesy of gudrun} :)

and froze

and visited tolt yarn & wool!

celebrating tolt's one year anniversary. on saturday morning there was a line down the street, happy knitters waiting for the shop to open. it was an experience unlike any i've had before. the beauty of place, the warmth, kindness of people, welcoming atmosphere...left me near tears
{it was incredible to meet so many beautiful friends from blogging and instagram}

rachel, an instagram friend and 'tolt' ~tia! 

{photo by kathy cadigan}

 lovely anna dianich, owner and proprietress of tolt and veronika of yoth {yarn on the house} in the middle. it seems that living in washington makes one beautiful sweet and extremely kind.

{photo by kathy cadigan}

karen and i with the charming and delightful tif ~ dottie angel

 sweet lisa and her bunny (wearing it's own mini hap shawl) she made

and paula works here too! hi paula! ((((hug)))) we were roomies in shetland :)

thank you miss kathy for all the incredible hospitality {puff cloud x 10}
so glad i did not set off your alarm {#sorrynotsorry}

thank you anna

and now no more traveling for a bit, waiting for my new grandbaby 
to land on earth, any minute now!!

thank you for coming along, and always for leaving such kind words,
xxx lori


  1. Hello Lori - what wonderful adventures you've been on!
    Love the bunny & sweet shawl & sheep mugs ... All so lovely.
    And now the most exciting of all waiting for little one to arrive xo

  2. beautiful pictures! yay your daughter is nearer to you! and also a grand baby coming! God bless this child and keep you all safe and well! So glad for all the kind people in your life! Good to see you here!

  3. Wow Hannah in San diego? Awesome. What are they up to?

    As usual, lovely Lori photos. Enjoyed them all

  4. How exciting that your daughter is on the same coast now! Looks some wonderful adventures you have been having.

    Sending happy labour vibes to the mama to be, exciting times.

  5. Oh had I known! Would have had you out to my island and an afternoon at Churchmouse! Next time...

    Baby blessings to your family!!

  6. I'm so happy to have found out about your blog a few months ago, and am loving catching up (slowly) to previous posts. What a nice surprise to see a new one today! I love the warmth and generosity you radiate as you share with us your life and loves and artistic ventures. Thanks! I live way up north, and appreciate seeing the sunshine of California in your photos. Enjoy the new grandchild and also having your girl in your time zone.

  7. …….ahhhhh ……. oooohhhh…… I love your pics Lori!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  8. Dear Lori, what a nice way to start a day, with your lovely pictures. They breathe of so much love (maybe this would only be a swedish expression, but I think you get what I mean) and so much yarn and equal souls in knitting! Hehe we have fall here too now, just a bit colder I gather:)
    And the new earthmember, on it's way, how thrilling, sending happy thoughts!

  9. Hi Lori, I love reading your blog, as it always makes me feel so nice. Your photos are inspiring too - thank you. x

  10. what joy having your girl close-r!!! and that yarn shop!!!! it has just been added to my 'bucket list' of places to visit!!! you didn't seem too sad that you lost a beautiful skein of yarn to a Karen-grab!!! :) Is that armful of goodies going to turn into a baby-something?

  11. You must be thrilled to have your girl live closer to home! The photos are great as always and now I really want to visit that yarn store!

  12. such lovely photos!
    is your daughter in cali now? how exciting!
    and YAY on the soon baby. <3

  13. Love all the happy travels & smiling faces & yarn and travels. Happy new grandbaby and happy thanksgiving! (and I have to say commuting in a bathing suit in san diego is so much better than the east coast this week.brrrrr!)

  14. You spent your time well Lori. Such Happy photo's full of family and friends Wishing you lots of fun on your next trip!

    Madelief x

  15. Aww, what a lovely time you had. I only wish I could have joined in on the fun! Next time I hope...

    I'm so excited to hear that the baby is near! (((hugs))) to you.

  16. How wonderful to have your beautiful daughter (and future son-in-law) living closer to you! You seem to have had a lovely time, with fantastic travels, the baby shower and waiting for a new little grandbaby. I am so happy for you!

  17. Such a lovely post...thank you

  18. so happy your daughter and soninlawtobe are on the same coast!

  19. Such lovely pictures in this happy post, Lori! Lots of good times with family and friends. Enjoy your next trip too.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  20. Hey Lori, wow what a fun time you had! Love the packing photo, and the ICE! Oh my! a great shot!
    It's heating up down here in Melbourne, Australia, so it's a bit bizarre, always, seeing such seasonal photos. The sleeping bag for your dear one travelling down the rainbow bridge towards you is so divine! Thinking of you and your family at this special time of anticipation.

  21. Lori, what beautiful pictures from your travels you've shared with us!

    Hannah and Matt probably know that here in NYC the temps have been hovering round freezing. Their timing was very wise.

    Fun to see the knitting lesson. I've been on a holiday myself in the past week and saw an episode of a UK reality tv show Help, I'm a Celebrity, Let Me Out of Here in which teaching folks to knit on equally large needles was used as a form of torturing the celebs. Weird, eh?

    Great that you got to meet Tif. I hope to have the same opportunity some day.

    As always, dear Lori, you bring your very own beauty to every place you visit. xo

  22. Knitting friends and commuting in a bikini. Nicely done!

  23. My heart goes out to you with a new grand on the way--just as exciting as when we were welcoming our babies. I love that your girl is closer now; it's the reason we moved to North Carolina, XOXO

  24. You have the best adventures. Wishing that grandbaby safe passage into the world. We have our own first grandbaby due in the spring and can't wait!

  25. Hey Lori, How have you been? Really enjoyed your blog and happy to be back in bloggerland after a very long time.I loved all that you have knitted...lovely. Take care.


  26. It was so great to see you again! Happy journeys and have a wonderful holiday!



  27. Hi Lori, I missed a couple of posts ( sometimes I just don't get notified of new posts:() it looks like you had such a wonderful time as it always does... Can't wait to hear about your new grandbaby ... What a special time in your life :)

  28. I forgot to say thank you for visiting me and I was so excited I found some Q- quince yarn here on one of our local knitting shops. I had seen the one you bought about a month ago and loved it ... I'm making hats at the moment but considering making a vest for my own self after the holiday crazy ness has passed :) my birthday is in February and every year I make something special for myself :)

  29. You always have such wonderful adventures. Always so great to meet online friends. Best wishes, Tammy

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xoxo lori