Tuesday, August 30, 2011

little blue hat

or perhaps more appropriately, little blue hurricane hat.  this was knit over the weekend while keeping
one ear on the dreadful news reports. knitting is truly therapy, with every stitch tension melts
away and a soothing rhythm develops, very much like a meditation.
i'm joining ginny's small things again for the weekly yarn along, where it's all knitting and reading and inspiration.

this is the very funny blocking tecnique for this hat. first step, wet block and then stretch the hat over and around a dinner plate. this is important so the pattern will fully show, otherwise it looks like a lump of (unattractive) knitted wool.
next, with a piece of waste yarn, make a running stitch around the brim where the ribbing meets the cableing and cinch it tight (remove after drying). this keeps the part that fits around your head from becoming too stretched out. a brilliant idea!

reading:  i've fallen behind in this series, there is already a new book out i need to get. i have to buy them, since i love them so and want to keep and reread them. again and again. (in depth love post for alexander mccall smiths books, the #1 ladies detective agency). oh! and see my new vintage blue enamel pitcher? it's danish and i think terribly cute. it does a splendid job of holding needles without toppling over.

the pattern blooming

baby sweaters wrapped up and delivered

unintentional blurred photo, (or was it?? hmmm), i thought you may like to see the front of the hat  :)

brambles beret, ravelry notes here. happy yarn along day knitters and happy wednesday everyone!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

better now

did you hear that big sigh of relief? that would be me.
all is well. thank you thank you thank you
for the sweetest comments and support last night.
i really needed you. being here alone (chuck was out at the islands working)
with only the alarming news reports to keep me company, may have, no did,
make the situation worse. your comments made me okay. they made me want to hug you
really. thank you.

the entire weekend wasn't spent worrying though, there was ocean swimming, a trip to
the flea market, i got a vintage camera! and the coolest handmade thread holder. and the
most lovely little wooden flower people.
i played with chuck's macro lens (this is why you get to see photos of my breakfast).
and bee's. i tried forever to get photos of them,  it's not easy! they never stop moving,
it's even worse than hummingbirds or owen.

and in between all this, there was knitting, another baby sweater finished (ravelry notes here) and a hat made. it should be called the worry hat, with every stitch i felt anxiety dissolve.

do you see him jumping to the blossom below?!

have a wonderful safe unhurricany week ahead,
hugging you from here,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

to worry

the phone call i received tonight only added to my already escalating worry...
'mama, this is serious'

this hurricane terrifies. i'm worried for everyone absolutely.
but my youngest is alone with only one coworker, at work, and they are right in it's path.
she lives in nyc.

when the warnings began a couple of days ago i called her,
please pay attention, don't ride your bike or the subway either
(this was before we knew they would be closed down).

and don't go into work. you need to stay at home where you'll be safe.
that was what i asked of her. but her work insisted they stay open.
that's what she told me. and she is always doing what they ask, she
can't afford to lose her job.

so she's in lower manhattan, not able to get back home now to brooklyn
the subways are closed and the bridges too. she said it's like a ghost town,
no one is out. businesses are closed and some are boarded up.
she has plans now to stay with friends several blocks away from her work.
when she gets off, which will be in a few more hours, when the storm is
supposed to hit manhattan full force.

to say i'm not worried would be untrue. i feel anxiety and fear
this photo is one i took when my girl left for ny
and this poem is one that usually calms every time i read it, they both usually calm
i wish they would tonight.

just thinking about what i'd like to say to the the owners of this bowery bar,
hey, my fear just turned into full blown anger.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

soft grey

knitting : two more little 'in threes: a baby cardigan', they are fun and quick to make and oh so simple cute. and they are helping to pare down odds and ends of my stash (making room for more!) since they can be made with only one skein of wool (newborn size). the solid heathery grey cardigan is awaiting buttons, still can't decide on which, and the one on the needles is getting an alternate stripe treatment with noro silk garden around the yoke. i made a few small modifications to this pattern, found on ravelry here. sadly, no scrumptious baby to model this week.   :)

reading : the knitter's book of wool by clara parkes. a favorite book in my knitting library. clara calls it a 'love letter to wool'. it's a wealth of information and it has some of the most lovely patterns i've seen.

watching : this wee hummingbird groom it's beak while resting on a graceful twig. he carried on for several minutes and didn't seem to notice or mind me or my camera (i do use a 400mm lens to keep a good distance and try not to disturb the wildlife).

linking up with the lovely ginny at the weekly yarnalong. be sure to stop by if you'd like inspiration in knitting and reading.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

beach time

saturday morning the beach was perfect for walking and finding treasures, and then saturday evening it was even more perfect for a late summer party with friends...

 chuck and i were going to paddle up to the party, he on his standup paddle board and me in the kayak, but i chickened out when the wind picked up (which made the ocean choppy), so i met him instead. here he comes on his standup! he's the tiny speck under the lettering on the photo.

we ate mexican food and drank icy cold coronas and margaritas with salt, some of us played beach volleyball and others played with babies. my daughter kimberly came with me (since chuck came by way of the water). we had fun trying to use the self timer on my camera. a professional photographer friend came running over to us and said may i help? he took some photos i am so happy to have, we realized it's been too long since we've taken a photo together!

i made another 'in threes' baby cardigan, the pattern is an absolute joy to knit, top down, no seams, three buttons and your done ( i need help deciding on those!). of the three sweaters this is my favorite.

 i drew a name tonight for the giveaway, congratulations tracey from clover!  please email me with your address and i'll get your pattern and yarn posted off to you this week.   :)
thank you so much for the sweetest comments on my last post, to baby b and me. you are the best.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a little yellow

two new things for me, knitting for babies again, and linking up for the first time with a yarn along. please visit ginny at small things for more lovely knitting and reading...

i'm still working on this shawl that now includes over one thousand stitches on the needle (1,152 exactly, oh dear that's a lot).  i really needed a change and something that moved along a little quicker. baby gifts were needed as well, and i had an abundance of some pretty yellow wool, just right for these three tiny sweaters...

 on the left is the' triangle cardigan' from lion brand, in the middle is 'in threes: a baby cardigan' (ravelry link here) and on the right is the reversible baby sweater from 'greetings from knit cafe'. each newborn to six month size took approximately one skein of cascade quatro, a 100% peruvian wool.  i really enjoyed knitting with this yarn, it's soft and squishy, and wooly and warm. i think i was supposed to photograph the progress, yet these were so quick to do, knitting mostly in the evening this last week, i'm sorry i forgot.

i love them hanging up, but i really hoped to see them modeled.  luckily i have a friend with an almost six month old baby. she was gracious enough to come over today.

that was a lot of fun! baby b was an incredibly patient and adorable model. i really wanted to keep her, but sadly her mother said no. in this photo is the last skein of cascade i have. i don't think i can bring myself to knit one more yellow sweater (one more yellow anything) for awhile. so it would be my pleasure to give it away. if you would like to make one of these sweaters (or whatever you would like, there are 220 yards) please leave a comment saying so and i'll send this skein plus about a half skein more. and if you would like to make one of these sweaters, i'll include the pattern with it too.

reading 'on wings of song' a book of poems about birds my daughter gave me. it's on top of the stack here with the cover (and bookmark). it's small enough to fit in a purse or knitting bag. a lovely book with beautiful poems.

please leave your preference of pattern, if you would like one, and contact information. i'll choose a name on sunday at 6 p.m. california time!
i'm really glad your here, old friends and new.

xo lori