Sunday, August 21, 2011

beach time

saturday morning the beach was perfect for walking and finding treasures, and then saturday evening it was even more perfect for a late summer party with friends...

 chuck and i were going to paddle up to the party, he on his standup paddle board and me in the kayak, but i chickened out when the wind picked up (which made the ocean choppy), so i met him instead. here he comes on his standup! he's the tiny speck under the lettering on the photo.

we ate mexican food and drank icy cold coronas and margaritas with salt, some of us played beach volleyball and others played with babies. my daughter kimberly came with me (since chuck came by way of the water). we had fun trying to use the self timer on my camera. a professional photographer friend came running over to us and said may i help? he took some photos i am so happy to have, we realized it's been too long since we've taken a photo together!

i made another 'in threes' baby cardigan, the pattern is an absolute joy to knit, top down, no seams, three buttons and your done ( i need help deciding on those!). of the three sweaters this is my favorite.

 i drew a name tonight for the giveaway, congratulations tracey from clover!  please email me with your address and i'll get your pattern and yarn posted off to you this week.   :)
thank you so much for the sweetest comments on my last post, to baby b and me. you are the best.


  1. What a gorgeous day with wonderful pictures. Your daughter is lovely ( you too) and those are priceless pictures

    Maybe I should try that top down baby sweater - my cousins would be so impressed.

  2. How beautiful you and your daughter are! I do love the Pacific Ocean beach, it is so different than the Atlantic beach I have here. Thanks Lori for the wonderful giveaway and I'll shot you an email. I hope you week is a lovely and peaceful one.xx

  3. Magical... and really beautiful to see a recent pic of number one daughter.... truely beautiful alongside beautiful Mama.

    I adore the little knitted clothes and especially featured on the very cute baby.

    love to you
    xx R

  4. ooops i think that's meant to read truly ;-) x

  5. me again... I forgot to say how I think the first photo is absolutely delicious!

  6. Lori, your photos are so vivid I can practically taste the salty air on my tongue. LOVE the pic with you and Kimberly. Strong genes in your fam I see! Both gorgeous ... the mermaid and Ariel. Thanks for a moment of oceanic bliss. Lyn xx

  7. that sand looks so SOFT.

    this is probably everyone's dream (certainly mine): a party on the beach with friends and a special beautiful daughter and mother.

    the shot of kim walking away: doesn't it look like she is carrying a little black shaggy dog on her left side? i saw it first on my small iphone and thought for sure!

    i am mesmorized by the first photo. i am in love with aqua these days. but lori, how well you set up this shot! it is magnificent. what a card it would be to send: something beautiful and primitive and soothing in on an oval platter.


  8. I love the first photo, too. It is so peaceful. And you guys - look at ALL of you, so happy and healthy, and the entire Pacific Ocean as your backdrop! There is nothing like going to the beach with friends and family. It's cooling off here - YAY!!!!!! xox

  9. Lori, How beautiful and fun! I love all the photos. Nothing could be more wonderful than friends and family on the beach!xoxo

  10. i missed a giveaway! what?! oh well... you and kimberly are so beautiful! these are great pictures. i wish i were there... now to look back at what i missed on your blog.

  11. that first foto is so elegant — and i love the shots of your and your daughter. seems like you had a lovely day — margaritas, mexican food and the california sun.


  12. oh my, I'm in love with the green-feathered dish!! It should be a painting. should be one of your cards!
    I love what you see and HOW you see ;)

    The photos of you and Kimberly are lovely. Both beauties, naturally and unassuming. I'm so glad that photographer stopped by!

    Your friends have a lovely home. What a backdrop. And what a perfect day.

    I miss blogging but hope to catch up soon. I'm just taking it slow and easing into my new "life."

    Have a wonderful Monday night Ms. Lori.


  13. Wow what a beautiful spot! Love all the pictures too! And your hubby must be so fit to do that!

  14. I just love that first photo, it is a work of art!! Yes I see your "speck" of a husband. It looks like it was a fun beautiful evening and you got some lovely photos with you and your daughter.

  15. What a wonderful weekend you had with your daughter and husband and friends, I think that´s what life is all about!
    Beautiful photos , I like the first one with the acqua plate, i love that color!

  16. You live in such a beautiful place and I love the photo of you and your daughter. I must try and knit Bella one of these cardigans. Nana (on the plane) arrived with many hand knitted items for the children :)

  17. Hi Lori, I am nodding at every comment! And I want a palm tree in my garden! We have the sandy beach and the sun, but no palm trees! You ALL look beautiful.
    The veri words says hyrrei. Yes, a loud HYRREI to you!

  18. congrats tracey, lucky you!!!! i love the pics, beach living is the best. xxxxx

  19. Wonderful! What a beautiful life....xoxo

  20. great photos, lori...they are to be treasured !!!!

    loved seeing the party...looks like a great time...

    happy to stop by today, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy.... hugs to owen

  21. Wow, what a wonderful place! jealous I am! :)


xoxo lori