Monday, August 15, 2011

leaving the nest

it's the time of year, when the babies, young birds i mean, leave the nest and venture out into the world on their own. their parents long gone, the wee ones stay around fattening up and perhaps working on their flying skills.

we've noticed several around our neighborhood, they come closer than their wiser and older parents, and along with looking bewildered (to me) they also look curious. the second photo is a baby mockingbird (we think) and it was so close to our window i almost thought it would fly in.

and the little hummingbird. oh my goodness, it's the closest i've ever been to one sitting so still. it seemed he was as interested in me as i was in him. look at those fluffy feathers! and amazingly he didn't even mind owens shenanigans.

all these empty must be easier being a bird mother...


  1. wow that first one should be a drawing. beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful post, Lori !
    And the little bird is so really beautiful to see...

    Have a wonderful week, with much love.

  3. That's amazing to be so close. These are wonderful photos and so clear xo

  4. Great shots Lori! I agree with you, it must be so much easier being a bird mom than a human mom. I really do wish my children would stop growing up and moving out! xx

  5. Ohhh I haven't noticed the birds so much as the tiny lizards in my garden there are scads of them about an inch long, they're sooo cute!

    That hummingbird is adorable! Wonderful photos.

    I'd like to experience that empty nest, I bet the house stays clean, maybe too quiet though.


  6. Fabulous shots Lori!!!
    I dread the empty nest. It's inevitable though. sigh.

  7. Lori - first of all, you are such an amazing photographer. Second of all, empty nests always make me sad. I am a clinger, I guess! LOL! And one of my chicks is moving away for an entire year. Maybe I will put glue on his shoes - :)) xox Pam

  8. Fantastic photographs, Lori! And I imagine it's easier being a bird mother than a human one because somehow, the bird mother just has enough faith to know her little chicks are gonna be just fine. :)

    I've missed you, your photographs, and your beautiful, thoughtful, naturally sunny posts!

  9. omgosh!
    These are just the BEST and CUTEST bird photos, and yes, the poor little ones have a look of utter bewilderment. It's that baby-bird face; it says *FEED ME!*
    How lucky to get the great shots of the little hummer....I seldom have small ones close enough to grab in the lens.


  10. Lori, hummingbirds are my absolute favourites and you managed some spectacular captures. And I agree ... it isn't easy with the chicks coming in and out of the nest and then flying away for the last time ...

  11. Beautiful Lori as always.
    They're building nests on my side as we slowly slip towards Spring.

    x Robyn

  12. Such lovely pic - and so clear. Love them, wishing you a wonderful day, Inge

  13. What gorgeous make me glad my little ones aren't too near ready to fly free just yet...although I'll be freeing a passenger soon:-)

  14. They do look bewildered. And a bit lost, too, perhaps in thought or anticipation of seeing mommy.
    There's a big world waiting for them! I love the baby feathers that your lens captured so well.

    Thanks for always making me smile and for giving my eyes and spirit a place to rest.


  15. i have fallen behind in my favorite blog comments, which is not to say i haven't seen these almost empty nesters already. :^)

    to see a baby hummingbird: i never had! sometimes i wish birds would want to come and visit with me one on one. they share their world and yet they keep their distance, so allowing you in and then you allowing us in is such a treat.

    don't get me started on mama birds and mama mama's. sniff.....

    love love


xoxo lori