Saturday, March 23, 2013

in print

a few weeks ago i received an early birthday present
(thank you honey! my birthday's not till may)
this limited edition anniversary book: 
a tribute to Leica, from the product review:
"it does not provide technical details, instructions nor statistics. It directs an emotional spotlight on 99 years of passion and enthusiasm for a small camera developed by Oskar Barnack in 1913/14. "
having had a serious crush on Leica cameras since
 high school, when i first began taking photos, though not being able to afford one of the luxury rangefinders, (i do own the C-Lux 2, Leica's small point and shoot)
owning this book is the next best thing. 
it is gorgeous, inspiring, i LOVE it


in NYC we visited the Leica Gallery!
it's difficult to time exhibits, but we were able to see
Thomas Hoepker Heartland - An American Road Trip in 1963
if you click on this link there is a slide show featuring a few of the gallery photos. we
really liked John Dominis's photographs of Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen,
The Chairman of the Board
and the King of Cool

if you go:
Leica Gallery
Address: 670 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Phone: (212) 777-3015
Hours: Saturday 12:00 pm - 5 pm


 and this week, this came in the mail! the kind folk at Lonely Planet Traveller magazine
 sent a copy of the April 2013 issue. 
 my photo's is in it!

the editors asked for a paragraph explaining the image, this is what i wrote:

'Half way into our three week self drive circumnavigation of Namibia, we arrived in Damaraland on the top of the Etendeka plateau. one of the reasons we had traveled to this arid country was to see the OvaHimba, one of the last remaining semi nomadic tribes in Africa. We arranged for a guide to take us into the Kakoveld
and the Himbas. At the end of a thrilling day, we arrived back at the lodge tired yet inspired and found
we had the option to take an evening game drive out on the plateau. Rest could wait! We were rewarded
with views of Africa's version of the Grand Canyon and the Klip River Valley below. We viewed plentiful wildlife including the mountain zebra, springbok, jackel and the regal oryx (pictured). The plateau was an expanse of grassland reminiscent of the serengeti. We sat, watching the sinking sun make silhouettes of the grazing beasts, unaware or unconcerned of our presence. The grandeur of place, the peace, the wild, this photo takes me there. This is why we return to Africa.'

so honored, it's really so exciting. i love this publication. there is one small thing...they changed my words a bit, the last sentence in the magazine, where it's written, 'we will always return to africa'. my husband, an editor himself, says that happens, though i still say these words, 'this is why we return to africa'. it is a humble and most grateful feeling, not to be expected or taken for granted and i don't know we will return. 
 Thank You Lonely Planet Traveller, and awesome, kind Editors! Thank you dear husband,
going to read my new magazine (NYC cover!) and gorgeous book now.

Friday, March 22, 2013

day off

i went to the beach on my day off yesterday. it is so nice when it's empty, though, soon, as the weather warms there will be a patchwork of towels, blankets and people here. i was alone for awhile, read my book, knit and made a vase out of hollow bamboo and filled it with beach daisies, sand verbena and a seagull feather (i left it in the sand when i left, for someone to find and enjoy). then a girl and her dog came down. she moved far down the sand, spread her towel and lay in the sun. her dog played in the surf, chased the ball she threw and then, when she fell asleep, her dog paid me a visit. winston (i found out his name when the girl came running over realizing where her dog was) moved in with me. hee hee. he plopped down, took up most all the shade, and regularly tapped my hand in a request to be pet.

in the first two photos you can just make out california's channel islands off in the distance. chuck is doing a circumnavigation of the islands in his kayak this week. when i sit on the edge of the shore, i feel closer to him. have a wonderful weekend dear friends
xxx lori

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


thank you so much for the lovely dear words on my last post. i've felt guilty with sharing so many photos lately. this one doesn't have nearly as many, and it would be so nice to feel caught up (sort of) with things here, so, my latest woolly (and now stitching) happenings...

what i brought home

from nyc. more bags (my husband is rolling his eyes somewhere, he thinks i have a collecting problem), beautiful cashmere from habu textiles and a cone of merino, for the color alone. baggu bags can be found here.

what i made

 the desire has come to sew again, with so much inspiration everywhere! a small knitting project bag with sashiko embroidery was made, skills are a bit (very) rusty. i used scraps of vintage linen and dmc thread. gifted to a dear friend yesterday

what i found

vintage yarn at a thrift shop, five skeins of 100% wool for one dollar! the label says reynolds scotch mist, made in scotland. and the weight, 2 ounces, but no yardage was noted. i made a swatch, found a vest pattern and crossed my fingers there would be enough to complete it. searching my stash i found noro kogarashi, another bulky weight that kind of complimented the heathery scottish shade. the pattern is the grownup version of 'in threes'. i added afterthought pockets. the vest is too large, but in a comfy cozy way and am too lazy to remake   :)

what i shared
 freesia from my garden in recycled bottle with it's own knit wear, off to a friend

what else i made

another bag, it's true, i may have just a slight problem, cannot stop collecting them and now making them either! i've had an idea to make 'yarn along' project bags. i enlarged the logo, my granddaughter sadie helped me hold it up to a window while soft muslin was placed over and then traced. i used valdani hand-dyed cotton thread in the most beautiful spring like varigated green, but it didn't seem to show as well as i'd have liked. sadie also helped choose the ribbon for the tie, a vintage piece from my ribbon collection too (oh dear). we stitched together, her and i, she is a natural my grandgirl   :)
the book i'm reading is livingstone and africa by jack simmons, david livingstone, one of the greatest of all african explorers. words for dreaming...

joining with ginny and the yarnalong
xxx lori