Saturday, March 23, 2013

in print

a few weeks ago i received an early birthday present
(thank you honey! my birthday's not till may)
this limited edition anniversary book: 
a tribute to Leica, from the product review:
"it does not provide technical details, instructions nor statistics. It directs an emotional spotlight on 99 years of passion and enthusiasm for a small camera developed by Oskar Barnack in 1913/14. "
having had a serious crush on Leica cameras since
 high school, when i first began taking photos, though not being able to afford one of the luxury rangefinders, (i do own the C-Lux 2, Leica's small point and shoot)
owning this book is the next best thing. 
it is gorgeous, inspiring, i LOVE it


in NYC we visited the Leica Gallery!
it's difficult to time exhibits, but we were able to see
Thomas Hoepker Heartland - An American Road Trip in 1963
if you click on this link there is a slide show featuring a few of the gallery photos. we
really liked John Dominis's photographs of Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen,
The Chairman of the Board
and the King of Cool

if you go:
Leica Gallery
Address: 670 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Phone: (212) 777-3015
Hours: Saturday 12:00 pm - 5 pm


 and this week, this came in the mail! the kind folk at Lonely Planet Traveller magazine
 sent a copy of the April 2013 issue. 
 my photo's is in it!

the editors asked for a paragraph explaining the image, this is what i wrote:

'Half way into our three week self drive circumnavigation of Namibia, we arrived in Damaraland on the top of the Etendeka plateau. one of the reasons we had traveled to this arid country was to see the OvaHimba, one of the last remaining semi nomadic tribes in Africa. We arranged for a guide to take us into the Kakoveld
and the Himbas. At the end of a thrilling day, we arrived back at the lodge tired yet inspired and found
we had the option to take an evening game drive out on the plateau. Rest could wait! We were rewarded
with views of Africa's version of the Grand Canyon and the Klip River Valley below. We viewed plentiful wildlife including the mountain zebra, springbok, jackel and the regal oryx (pictured). The plateau was an expanse of grassland reminiscent of the serengeti. We sat, watching the sinking sun make silhouettes of the grazing beasts, unaware or unconcerned of our presence. The grandeur of place, the peace, the wild, this photo takes me there. This is why we return to Africa.'

so honored, it's really so exciting. i love this publication. there is one small thing...they changed my words a bit, the last sentence in the magazine, where it's written, 'we will always return to africa'. my husband, an editor himself, says that happens, though i still say these words, 'this is why we return to africa'. it is a humble and most grateful feeling, not to be expected or taken for granted and i don't know we will return. 
 Thank You Lonely Planet Traveller, and awesome, kind Editors! Thank you dear husband,
going to read my new magazine (NYC cover!) and gorgeous book now.


  1. oh it's all gorgeous and wonderful. I love love love your photo - it's perfect. and so glad you got the early birthday present, nothing better! happy early birthday

  2. Lori published! And in such a stellar magazine. So proud of you.
    eloquent words about the photo too.

  3. goosebumps :)

    I'm always looking for your photos to pop up somewhere, Lori - I just went through the Smithsonians annual photo award winners a week or two ago on the off chance you were there

    it wouldn't have surprised me at all if I discovered one!

  4. aah! coolness! i love my point and shoot for its leica lens and am a huge lonely planet guide book fan. yet more we have in common. you are so cool to get your picture and paragraph in there! what a dream come true. congratulations! what's next!?

  5. Lori in print again - that's fabulous! I'm pleased when it's your Africa pictures xxxx
    Happy Sunday greetings from Africa

  6. You are so talented with your photography and this photo is just beautiful.
    Lots of love X

  7. Congratulations Lori, lovely picture and words (even if the editor did play with a few of them).
    What a great present from you husband.

  8. I'm so pleased to see your beautiful work recognized. I love the caption you wrote, especially the sentiments behind your original ending!

    Enjoy your Sunday curling up with a cup of tea and your lovely new book.

  9. Fantastic! Your work deserves to have a place in publications as they are so wonderful. Great present too! P.s. all well here, just getting h u g e ! xxx

  10. You have so many talents Lori- how exciting to be in this amazing publication. Your image and words are lovely -Chuck watch out! My hubs wants a Leica in the worst way- I'll have to show him your post- wonderful gift.

  11. WooHoo! And doing a little dance of celebration. Awesome. Not at all surprising, but totally exciting!

    And such a brilliant gift for a brilliant photographer.

  12. Lori, so exciting! You deserve it. Beautiful photo and words. Congrats!
    Lovely gift too, Happy early Birthday! xoxo

  13. Happy very early birthday to you! :) For someone who likes to take photos, that certainly is the book for you. Congrats on the article! Well-deserved. Best wishes, Tammy

  14. Such an honour for your photo's to be inside the magazine! Your birthday gift looks impressive too. I love the typography/layout!! Very stylish. The two of you have seen so much of the world. Such a shame we didn't know each other yet when you visited Holland. I would have LOVED meeting you!!!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  15. big congrats, lori - it's a wonderful thing to see your words in print (even if they move them around a bit sometimes!), and what an amazing image they accompany.

  16. Congratualtions --and enjoy the book, it looks wonderful.

  17. Your picture is great! Congratulations!!
    My father has a Leica, with which he photographed a whole life long;)
    Now he is 85 and until the day he had a stroke he used to photograph all the time;)
    His flower pictures are gorgeous
    Although he cannot photograph at the moment he cannot part from his camera;)

  18. Lori, I think that by now you know how much I admire your photography. It's grand to see that your photo appears where many more folks can know of your talent.

    (I also promise you an email tomorrow.)


  19. So beautiful Lori!! Congratulations!!! This news while amazing for you has made my week! You are so talented and such an inspiration to me and others who are trying to make their way!

  20. So awesome. Not sure if it's the photo or the paragraph that makes me smile more.
    Nice job. I love the book/show info. Wow. Kinda wish I could ride the train to NY with the book, then see the gallery.

  21. All of your photos deserve to be in print! (I'm just so happy you share them with us here.) I love serendipity....being in the right place at the right time! Would love to see that exhibit.

  22. congratulations!! Your photo is amazing and I love the paragraph you wrote to pair with it. Happy birthday in case I forget in May :)

  23. That's fantastic Lori! Congratulations on a well-earned and glorious moment of triumph!

    Happy days to you.


  24. Oh my gosh, Lori! Congrats to you! How exciting! Happy early birthday, the book looks amazing. And this means you get presents again in May, no? :)) xox

  25. Your love of photography shines through your blog,Lori... your wonderful way of seeing the world and expressing those things with words and photos is something I immediately appreciated when I first found your blog. I realise now that it has been your passion for a long time! So glad you saw the exhibition and have the wonderful book. Congratulations on having that fabulous photograph in print! And wonderful piece of writing too.....don't worry about the slight editing.....that happens a lot!
    Helen x

  26. Congratulations for being published this is great.
    Your husband sure knows the way to your heart. Last time my hubbie surprised me with "Behind Photographs" by Tim Montoani. best present ever!
    Thank you for visiting my blog

  27. Hello ms Buffy, it's me sunshine, at the hotdog stand

    Honest to god I liked that I knew that that condensed version, good as it is, wasn't your writing. I loved comparing it and yours :-)

    Many blessings here, Lori. Always, deservedly

    Been crazy at this end. Miss you xo :-)


  28. Congrats on the published photo and words! You are very deserving.
    I would love to go to Africa someday when the kids are much older....

  29. Huge congrats on the Lonely Planet Traveller mention Lori ... that really is the most wonderful image :D

    My Dad's a Leica man - he has half a dozen film cameras, not a one under about 25 years old - he'd love that book. Enjoy :)

  30. Many congratulations to you! And what a beautiful book, too--you'll be in the next one. :)

  31. Your book looks wonderful.
    Your photo is absolutely beautiful, and your

  32. Congrats on the published photo! Someone (Nat'l Geo) should publish all of your photos in one wonderful book, or do a husband and wife compilation ;)

    I can only imagine the joy you got (and will continue to get) perusing the Leica book. Sweet gift from Chuck! That's how I feel about some of my books that I used to get yearly.

    Deet-da-dee-da-deeee! Life is sweet ;)


  33. CONGRATULATIONS lori xo you are so deserving!

  34. Wow how wonderful!!!

  35. Congratulations Lori! So well deserved. How exciting to have your beautiful words alongside your beautiful picture - I don't think it would be the same having one without the other. You've had some amazing experiences. Mel x

  36. oh wow! congratulations lori - what a beautiful photo (and the words are such a wonderful match).

  37. Oh my, oh my!!! That is exciting and such an honor. Congratulations! And what a wonderful, loving, and most thoughtful gift from your dear. Beautiful book! Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter! xoxo

  38. A-mazing Lori!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

  39. Hello, thanks so much for your comment on my blog :-)Congrats on getting your pic published! I am now following you on Bloglovin' :-)

    Col x

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xoxo lori