Sunday, July 31, 2011

i felt like snow white today


do you remember this part? where snow white is in the forest and wildlife gathers round her, closer and closer as she begins to sing? i wasn't singing, but i was alone and the birds and bunnies and squirrels all seemed to vie for my attention today. little songbirds winged into my path and sometimes they would tweet tweetly tweet as i passed by. or caw cawed if it were a crow or jay.

it's really lovely walking under old california oaks, where it's so quiet that when a gentle wind blows, hundreds of tiny leaves fall and sound like rain.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

shhh owen

most everyday, right outside the windows of my room, a hummingbird comes. he likes the salvia and lavender that grows in our garden. if i have the windows open, and it's very quiet, i can hear the whir of his wings. and sometimes i run for my camera. i felt lucky to get these photos yesterday sitting there on the ground with my camera propped on the window sill.

 sometimes he waits patient and quiet too

and sometimes not.

happy wednesday everyone!

xo lori

Sunday, July 24, 2011


my girls

rejoicing: my kids coming home. you know whats fun? playing tourist in your own town!  (hoping to get some photos of my boys soon too, i love the group photo, but it's oh so hard to round up five grown kids).

practicing:  taking head shots. my oldest daughter was my gracious model. this is tricky business, i hope i can do it.

knitting: a little project coming along slowly.

celebrating: a photo of mine made it in here, the twenty eleven edition. (yipee!)

i hope your do-ing lots of meaningful to you things too.

xo lori

Sunday, July 17, 2011

a few photos and thoughts from summer of twenty eleven...
my oldest daughter, kimberly summer, completed her lifeguard training and is also teaching swim lessons to wee ones at the community pool. riding my new bike is joy times ten, and makes me feel a kid again. ocean swimming in warmed up water (finally!). finding and sampling beautiful new wines, luckily they were as nice as their labels looked. eating farm fresh fruits and vegetables hours off the vine, champagne chilling to celebrate homecomings (more on that later). listening to new music and old favorites, spending hours planning a dreamed of trip. meeting friends for lattes, and finally catching the mourning dove, who seemed as happy to feel the warmth of the sun as we were. working on a new knitting project (yes, more later). i like having all these things going on and coming up.
sweet summer or winter days to you friends.  :)