Friday, July 8, 2011

the things that drop in

it was a trip to the mailbox that partly started it, recently receiving two postcards one from south africa and the other, from botswana, has me dusting off treasures and dreaming of africa again....

  carved of ebony, this mama and papa were found in kenya

  hiding in the chocolate brown water behind mama and papa and us, are hippos

these treasures found or bought over the years,  from left to right, a soapstone carving from zimbabwe. an antique brown bottle found half buried in the dirt while on a walking safari in south africa. a porcupine quill picked up after a baby baboon dropped it, near lake manyara, tanzania. a feather from a crowned crane, zimbabwe. my photo of a cheetah, masai mara. us, at the grumeti river, tanzania. another porcupine quill, a gift from a lovely guide, south africa. and mama and baba wood carving, kenya.

 postcards from janet and karen

 some of these were bought and some were gifts from friends in kasane, phalaborwa and nairobi

some very favorite things

 mama imani and mtoto

 i made this pair after my first trip to the continent

 i used to make dolls, but they were given away or sold, this is the only one i kept

 part of an ever growing collection of books on africa   (and a gift of a wart hog tusk)

  my own books, my travel journals. these mean the most, when i reread them i feel i'm there

i love this kind of travel, reliving. thank you for bearing with me, i know it isn't the most interesting thing, but at least i didn't photo (and describe) every thing around here having to do with  A F R I C A. hee he.

: :

perhaps more interesting, did you know price william and his bride kate will be visiting carpinteria california tomorrow? yes, they will be helicoptering in 1.5 miles and four minutes from my house. the prince is playing in a polo tournament at the santa barbara polo and racquet club. i would like to see all the pretty hats that will be there. but at four thousand dollars per ticket, i will go to the beach instead. if any one would like a photo of the helicopter, i will try my best to get one.

have a wonderful weekend everyone!
x lori


  1. Lovely happy memories. I'd love to hear much more about your African adventures. It's one place I want to visit. I love the doll! xo

  2. Lovely memories!! I see NZ in there!!
    I envy your traveling ;)

  3. Hi Lori! So glad to see that the giraffe postcard is safely there in California, and to see the Botswana cookbook, too! Nice to feel connected with you...

    I noticed Wills & Kate were on the way to your part of the world.. we will make do with a photo of the helicopter, those tickets are ever so slightly pricey!

  4. Beautiful post Lori~~the photo journey was delightful, mostly because the *guide* has a lot of love for the country in the descriptions.
    Lovely lovely..... :-)


  5. i almost cried to see that line of journals with the tags — you always think of the most elegant things, dear lori. i hope you don't mind if i borrow that idea - what a fantastic way to organize one's travel diaries......

    i love the bracelets - all your memories of africa.....

  6. Dear Lori,

    I never knew porcupine quills were so beautiful. They must be huge!
    The carved couple too , from ebony, which is such a dense wood, amaze me.

  7. I just love giraffe, too! And your diaries are so beautiful, also your doll with baby. My own African memories are still so vivid, too. No, no one who has touched that red soil will surely ever forget - the sounds, the smell, the soft air. And the animals. Lovely post, Lori! You have even more African books than I do!

  8. hi Lori...well, i did find this very best freind since i have been 10 years old....and we are still friends today...45 years later !!!! the early 80's her mom and dad were the ambassadors for President Regan to Botswana...they lived there for years and loved it...the treasures in your home brought back so many fact, molly ( that's her name ) just went back to south africa last novemeber for 3 weeks...she LOVES it there so much ...

    if i am LUCKY maybe someday I could see it....hey...wait...i AM lucky !!! i have JULIE !!!!

    happy to stop by....and i know that polo field well

    sending love to you and owen !!!

    kary and teddy

  9. another gorgeous post where i don't know where to start!

    i can't take my eyes off that picture of you and chuck. the world is so right that you have one another: two wonderful talented loving loved gallivanters.

    your doll's hair is so darn cute. i just love how you made it with those little black swirls. please promise me you will make me a doll of my own if i ever make it to the new york times best seller list (haha, no worries!)

    and the porcupine quill. lori, it is so beautiful. i have never seen one before now and how perfect and strong it looks.

    this might be one of those times i may be back mulitiple times. you are a hidden treasure hunter. i love that.


  10. I can literally feel your love for Africa, her people and the animals.
    Your love of nature and respect for life comes through every photo and every post on your blog.
    It was my great pleasure to come along with you today, as always.
    I love your treasures and your memories...and those dolls! I agree about the hair. The nubs are perfect and so sweet.

    Happy weekend Lori. I could easily skip the Royal visit and walk along the beach with you ;)


  11. such precious memories! so fortunate are you.
    btw~ LOVE the dolls♥

  12. I enjoyed this trip down memory lane and all your wonderful treasures.

    *the bracelet stack! be still my heart.

    Good choice, the beach I mean :) :)



xoxo lori