Tuesday, July 12, 2011

not counting the pelicans

i like waking early
i like being the first on the beach
not counting the pelicans and cormorants
who are always there before me
swaying and bobbing on the swim platform
meant for the summer kids
(later in the day the kids will own it)

i like watching them standing and pooping and flapping their wings

willets fly by, i like watching them too

i like watching standup paddle boards paddle by

i like watching the cormorant duck and dive

and the wimbrel dance in the frothy foam

and i like best watching my dog owen run willy nilly

i like how he thinks this is the most fun

i think so too.
it's seven am now
time to go home
before the summer crowds return!


  1. This would be my favorite time of the day on the beach also. I love the shot of Owen running on the beach, he looks so happy.

  2. Lovely Lori! Simply lovely. I share your preference for the early morn tranquility. Your images set the mood.

  3. okay, it's official: you are my favorite photographer in all the world. more than ansel adams.

    seeing that swim platform bob in the waves by way of several of your photos is sheer joy for me! i am channeling myself there!

    this is the first time i've seen these tones and colors in your shots, lori.

    i'm afraid to say they are black and white because are they?

    your now serene friend

  4. oh and hello owen, you silly goose of a dog...

  5. It sounds like a poem; Lori.
    And I like Owen running willy nilly, haha, that looks and sounds
    like a heap of fun! I got a bit seasick from watching the platform dancing on the waves, but no, that was a lovely sight, too. Thank you!

  6. oh my - GORGEOUS!
    You make me want to live there! That wee willy nilly Owen is the cutest thing!

  7. Oh gosh! I can't pick a favorite, but there sure are a lot that I like for different reasons~~the dogs expression is priceless! (*This is the BEST place in the world, it IS it IS it IS...pant,pant,pant*)
    And the birds on the swim platform...they seem to be enjoying themselves immensely!
    Beautiful work; love the B&W~~used to develop and print my own. Soft spot for it!


  8. beautiful shots, lori. that swimming platform is rocking and rolling out there!

    and i LOVE those shots of monsieur owen racing towards you on the beach!! what a face!

    you are the best ambassador of the central coast, for sure!


  9. oh what fun! I wonder what they say to each other as they sit on the swim platform. All the ocean critters are gorgeous in your photos. Especially the Famous Owen♥ Certainly the best time to enjoy the beach.
    ps~ thank you for visiting my blog earlier. you always say the kindest things lori~ thank you.

  10. Perfectly lovely! Just 2 weeks ago I was in Santa Barbara... what a fun place. Oh it would have been such fun to meet you for a coffee. You were just a hop, skip & jump away. :0 Lizzy

  11. Lori,

    Is the water warm enough to swim out to the platform? Think the pelicans would share it with you?
    fantastic pictures.

  12. what a sweet post lori. i could just see that swim dock moving gently up and down with the waves. great series of black and white and the changing energy at the end with silly willy nilly owen. ; ) i wish i were there walking early with you.

  13. What a beautiful, poetic post.
    You've captured special moments. The black and white is perfect for the mood of the post.
    And Owen is laughing!!

    Hee hee. Sheer joy.


  14. Lori, What a dream you live, I love these photos! I miss the ocean, I miss my dog, thank you so much for Owen! xoxo

  15. You I and Mary Oliver, I like to see the day while everyone else is asleep.
    I love the shots everything is so peaceful in the early am
    Owen is adorable!

  16. A gorgeous post! After my trip *South* to Capitola, it really resonated with me. *My* beach at SF is far too cold and windy to ever enjoy walking along the sand....but, last week, I saw Pelicans and Cormorants - in droves....I was spellbound and sat on the (warm) beach for hours....it was glorious!

    Your photos really captured these wonderful birds....and then, there's OWEN! What a face! He is so adorable -

    Love from Foggy SF,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  17. lori...first off..owen is so cute !!! love him :-)

    next...DePalo and Sons is owned by a friend of mine...it is actually a little market and deli...REALLY REALLY REALLY cute inside and great sandwiches and that tortelini salad. it is right by Spyglass Inn...as you are leaving SLO and when you first see the ocean..it is that turn off there to the right...right next door to the Chevron station. i think i know the mexican restaurant you go to...if you go to it you have gone too far.

    and next...how do you get that black and white on the photos...is it a setting on your camera or something..i so don't know what i am doing in camera world...but i love it...

    and PELICANS are one of my favorites !!!

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  18. I love early mornings too. Especially in NYC. When the city just glows in the early morning light. Before the crowds and chaos. I like to run through them like Owen, with the same expression of joy on my face.

  19. thank you so much everyone, i'm sure owen says thank you too!

    lilylovekin, thank you! and he is, the beach is by far his favorite place.

    lyn, i appreciate what you've said, thank you! you probably make the most of your lake mornings too, it's a perfect time of day!

    kj, these are black and white, your right. they started as color, but because it was so foggy and grey it wasn't too big of a change. thank you SO much, you are so kind (and right about owen)!

    geli, haha, the platform would make you seasick sitting on it too, but it is alot of fun to jump off of!

    michele, it is beautiful here, but oh i've seen new zealand (and your town!) and you live in an incredible place! thank you!

    anne, thank you! i learned to develop b & w also, many MANY years ago, and still it's one of my favorites. It was getting hard to buy b & w film, but it's coming back again.

    amanda, thank you very much, i like that!

  20. janis, they are really fun to watch, i was hoping to see dolphins, they are always showing up too! thank you and your so welcome!

    lizzy, glad you enjoyed s.b.! call me next time!

    julie, thank you! and yes, the water has warmed up, but you won't find any swimmers mingling with the pelicans, they always fly off! (but leave their poop behind!)

    anushka, me too. someday you and me and ezra and nunu will swim out to the platforms together. :)

    lo, this dog smiles and laughs all the time! he is a character. thank you so much, i love your comments.

    annie, bless your heart, i know how much you miss zeus. hes surely playing on the best beach of all right now.

  21. ro, thank you! such lovely company, you and m.o. it is the only time to be alone on the beach in the summer here (or on trails), we have a lot of visitors this time of year!

    robin, i'm really glad you got to enjoy some warm sun and beach time. we do have the fog here, but it doesn't stay too long each day. thank you for your comment!

    kary, thanks so much! we will have to stop there next time, i'd love to check it out!
    i've changed these in picasa. if you don't have it, you might like to try it, you can download it for free and use it to organize your photos and do simple adjustments or corrections if you like. it's very user friendly.

    sabrina, i would like to see a photo of that. haha! glad your having such a time.

  22. those photos are breathtaking - really capture the stillness and mood of the early morning beach. haha owen - he is a bright spot xx

    word veri heringd - bet those pelicans would love that :)

  23. Hello Lori ann...
    What a fabulous set of shots!
    Owen is hilarious...How can one be unhappy when a face looks at you like that? Perfection!
    Thank you for dropping in and seeing my space.
    I like it here too...
    Happy Summer!

    {wakers - the captcha...
    Appropriate me thinks!}

  24. I think Owen's action-shots are possibly the cutest thing I have seen in quite a while. Wow... just... how did he get so CUTE?!!!

    Beautiful shots of the beach... I was just there last Saturday and I miss it all over again.

  25. You are so lucky to be this close to the water, to see the early morning sun come out and say Good Morning.Owen makes you smile and makes the rest of us smile too.Hugs,Cat

  26. val, thank you so much. when are you going to come out this way?

    andrea, thank you! i wonder how much our beaches differ from yours? it's so nice of you to come by!

    tracy, thanks! owen is an easy subject, he makes everything look good. i'm glad you got to the beach, i hope you had good weather!

    cat, i am grateful, we really do never take it for granted. i was so lucky, all my kids (and owen) love it too. hugs to you my friend.

  27. Lori your images are so inspiring. Just love them! Always a delight to stop here.xx :)
    And it's very cool that you are the first one on the beach!

  28. A fantastic post! Keep it coming!
    I truly enjoyed the visit.

  29. gorgeous, gorgeous photos Lori! And I love Willy running - so cute!

  30. ann marie, thank you so much, i love your comments and it's always so nice to see you here.

    the tame lion,
    thanks so much, thats really kind of you to say!

    nicky, HI! it's SO nice to see you again. thanks very much for the kind words!

  31. Good to see Owen again :)
    Catching up and scrolling , reading and looking at the post I have missed lately. I'll be a better blogger once summer is over. Have been painting (woodwork) all day and torrow I have to prepare for my trip to LA. When I come back I will continue on Felix'room.

    Have a nice day and enjoy summer Lori♥


xoxo lori