Saturday, May 31, 2014

ode to a black hap shawl

o woolen shawl

your charms inspired

it was gudruns design

that i aspired.

made with shetland wool 

in the traditional manner (oops! ...)

(...forgot to trim those ends)

it should be warm and cozy

 for the shetland isles

dear friends, today was such a good day, chuck and i finally found time to photograph my new hap shawl,  hansel by gudrun johnston. i know i say this a lot, but this is really the most fun knit ever. it's repetitive, in that comforting way, easy to memorize the different parts, as you go. it's got garter stitch and lace. it's a perfect size. yes, this is a pattern to keep, and repeat. i used organic shetland wool, in natural black, in a dk weight. this is my travel shawl for my trip to shetland this summer. raverly notes here

this morning while we were taking these photos, something amazing occurred

as we began to take photos, a fox stepped out on the road!


honey! look! are you getting this!?

we watched each other for a good while, that fox and i, till he had had enough and finished crossing the road. we took it as a good omen. you take good care little fox. what luck we were out here so early this saturday morning!

today was a good day. today was my birthday. i think one of the best ever. i saw the fox, had breakfast with my in-laws, did the beach all day with one of my kids and grandkids, had the happy birthday song sang seven times! mail and messages from family and friends. and then a romantic dinner with my love (roses from him too :)

and the count down has begun. i actually leave in fifty two days, i'll be spending some time in edinburgh before meeting up with the shetland trip group, the ltp (the lucky trip people we've been dubbed. SO grateful!). all details are firmed up, trip insurance purchased, ouch, now that i'm 'older', so expensive! hap shawl done. check. bressay dress. almost done. check. try to stay in the moment and not while away the next fifty two days daydreaming. check. 
have a lovely sunday dear friends. xoxoxox lori

Monday, May 26, 2014

little lambs

today is a very special day here in the U.S., it's a day to remember all americans who lost their lives in active military service. 

although memorial day is a federal holiday, some people still had work that had to be gone to (me), and this weekend went by much too fast! but the flea market was in town. sometimes treasure hunting is just the thing  :)  would you like to see what i found?

 a hand made hand embroidered dress! it needs hemming and a good wash, but it fits
and it has pockets!

i found a book of little lambs, and little sheep too

for our nest when nights are cool
can you spare a little wool?

i found a vintage pair of binoculars, with a good lens, functional leather strap and carrying case! 

a friend had an antique sale this weekend also, where she had small vignettes of items arranged outside

 a peek inside her storybook home

i cast on for a(nother) shawl. soon after this photo was taken, the yarn became
hopelessly tangled (all my fault) and the entire rest of the day was spent undoing. back on track today,
i have plans to never make a mess like that again. ;)

the winner of the bird needle gauge is karin -ida! 
thank you for such kind words, i wish i could send one to each of you!

the gauges are available for purchase only here in carpinteria. if you cannot make a trip to california ;)
one can happily be shipped to you!
my lovely (talented) friend roxanne drew the design of the pretty bird, then commissioned
 them to be made for her shop.
measuring approximately three inches long, and priced at $4.95 each (plus tax and shipping)
 contact roxanne here:

Roxanne's A Wish and A Dream
919 Maple St.
Carpinteria, Calif. 93013

have a wonderful week ahead!  xxx lori

Thursday, May 22, 2014

a delicate balance

hello hello! feeling a little like i've lost my (blogging) voice. this must be normal ( i hope!)  i searched my phone for inspiration, and okay! there are a few things that have been happening around here...

my portable vase has been coming to work with me. it's the neatest thing! i found it in an interior design shop
in amsterdam. it packs flat for transporting, and when filled with water the bottom unfolds and it stands independently. fresh flowers everywhere!

the oranges on our trees are ripening faster than we can eat them. must juice more! 

 owen, our personal one pup welcome home committee!

 one day my girl hannah (in brooklyn) and i (in california) discovered we were both wearing the same shoes (birkenstock), which resulted in photos sent to each other. and a silly giddy feeling that made me feel closer to her somehow.

i made a sample knit with pretty yarn.

 taking care of my friends garden while she is away. on this day the temperatures neared 90 degrees! i watered the garden and myself too. thanking the stars above we've resumed normal 70's now.

my hap shawl is finished and blocking! whee! i ended up with two extra skeins, oh oops. it was a challenge to knit with black and i fear another challenge is going to be photographing it. crossing fingers...

do you remember this book cover? and the shawl on the cover that must be knit?! i am on a strict pre trip budget, but this knit picks palette was so affordable and the colors match so well! i have to try. :)

on my way to work one morning, i stopped for coffee and found these guys parked outside! hello mules! i wish i had a mule to ride to work!

and last, a good friend stopped in at my work to show me her newest knit, an adorable baby cardigan. she brought me this wooden bird knitting needle gauge, as a thank you for helping her (she did not need my help, she is a beautiful knitter). so i bought one too, to give away to one of you. to say thank you for coming by and always always showing such kindness. please leave a comment if you'd like a chance to win. this little bird will fly anywhere in the world. i'm looking forward to the weekend and catching up with all of you. xxx lori

p.s. i'll draw a name for the bird gauge on sunday!