Monday, May 26, 2014

little lambs

today is a very special day here in the U.S., it's a day to remember all americans who lost their lives in active military service. 

although memorial day is a federal holiday, some people still had work that had to be gone to (me), and this weekend went by much too fast! but the flea market was in town. sometimes treasure hunting is just the thing  :)  would you like to see what i found?

 a hand made hand embroidered dress! it needs hemming and a good wash, but it fits
and it has pockets!

i found a book of little lambs, and little sheep too

for our nest when nights are cool
can you spare a little wool?

i found a vintage pair of binoculars, with a good lens, functional leather strap and carrying case! 

a friend had an antique sale this weekend also, where she had small vignettes of items arranged outside

 a peek inside her storybook home

i cast on for a(nother) shawl. soon after this photo was taken, the yarn became
hopelessly tangled (all my fault) and the entire rest of the day was spent undoing. back on track today,
i have plans to never make a mess like that again. ;)

the winner of the bird needle gauge is karin -ida! 
thank you for such kind words, i wish i could send one to each of you!

the gauges are available for purchase only here in carpinteria. if you cannot make a trip to california ;)
one can happily be shipped to you!
my lovely (talented) friend roxanne drew the design of the pretty bird, then commissioned
 them to be made for her shop.
measuring approximately three inches long, and priced at $4.95 each (plus tax and shipping)
 contact roxanne here:

Roxanne's A Wish and A Dream
919 Maple St.
Carpinteria, Calif. 93013

have a wonderful week ahead!  xxx lori


  1. You are just loving springtime aren't you? The colours in your photographs are pure spring. What a delightful collection of eclectic objects. The handmade dress is a treasure.

  2. Hello Lori,

    We have discovered you and your delightful blog vîa our dear friend, Madelief. In fact, you did crop up in our conversations when we met up in Rotterdam this past weekend! Such a small world this Blogosphere.

    Your post has a wonderfully Spring feel to it. The vintage books are so pretty and do remind us of our childhoods when Ladybird books, covering all topics, were the order of the day.

    Your flea market finds are wonderful. You obviously have an eye for it. We just gaze at the vast array of things and rarely find anything. We are too dazzled by it all!

    We shall follow to read more!

  3. I'm sorry you had to work this weekend - boo! But my goodness, you found some wonderful treasures - such precious little lambs & sweetest little book. And I'm looking forward to seeing you model that beautiful dress.
    Blessings & angels to you & yours Lovely Lori,

  4. Spent the week with my grands at Hilton Head; came home with a cold that I discovered has gone into pneumonia and I'm on about 4 medications! Are our planets out of alignment! Here's to better days for both of us, XOXO

  5. how could you have not bought that whole 'vignette'??? great treasures!!! (l love peeking into great houses….surely i wasn't a peeping tom in another life?!!)

  6. Lori, I was also working on Memorial Day, wondering how it is that many folks seem to think of the day as a shopping opportunity. We've also just had Fleet Week hereabouts, so there have been lots of servicefolk in crisp white uniforms exploring the city. Most of these folk look so very young to me.

    Moving on...may I say that your flea market finds are superb! The embroidery on the dress is so beautifully done. I can definitely see you wearing this one, and agree that the pockets are a plus.

    All those little lambs do belong together, so it's great that now they all have a fine home.

    The newest shawl is looking very good. I laughed a bit at your tangles, as I recently lost a stitch on Gudrun's shawl patter I'm now working on. I had to unravel quite a bit to get past the "trouble" row, but can report that now I really, really do understand the chart's progression. My knitting speed has picked up!

    Lori, let me also mention how beautiful your friend's antique sale looks in your fine photographs. The house itself is surely a beauty.


  7. Lori, What a wonderful dress find! And the book, too, how cute. Your friend's home looks perfectly cosy, I feel it just invites you to sit down, relax and have a good chat. Looking forward to seeing progress on your new shawl, I don't think we can ever have enough shawls (but my husband might beg to differ), do you? xo

  8. I thought that I had posted a comment... but apparently not!
    However, I just wanted to say congratulations to Ida-Karin! The little bird is lovely :-)

  9. Wonderful vintage treasures! I just love the binoculars and cas, and the little lamb book:)
    I am so amazed I won it is such a tough time over here right now, I really needed some "good news"
    Thank you!!

  10. Oh my, that dress will be so beautiful on you.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend filled with lots of (yarny) goodness.


xoxo lori