Friday, January 28, 2011

two cowls

i received a request from my daughter hannah rose in nyc. she had asked if i'd please make her a cowl, a very warm cozy one for the snow covered city she lives in now. but she felt bad about asking me to make another thing for her and so she thought to commission me, pay me.

i love these kinds of requests and got right to it. luckily i had an email the very same morning from purl soho showing a cowl that i thought she might like and sent her the link. she immediately approved and i immediately ordered the wool. two days later the wool arrived and i cast on as soon as i had it out of the box. two days later the cowl was finished and i asked chuck to take these hurry up photos so i could put the warm and cozy thing in the mail.

honest to goodness it was last friday that the knitted cowl left california. monday morning i got a text from hannah that included several exclamations!!! she was walking out of the post office wearing her new commissioned piece. she was cozy warm!
and my payment?
she sent me a cellphone photo next, wearing a grin and the cowl, and that was more than worth it's weight in gold.

hannah's cowl or as it's properly known,
nelly knits chunky seeded cowl
pattern at - purl soho
cascade magnum yarn - two skeins in black
knit on a size 15 needle

at the time of hannah's request i had already had a cowl on the needles, one for me!

this is the 'soft as a cloud cowl'. it called for cashmere which really was as soft and light as a cloud. the book lets you choose from three delicate stitch patterns. i intentionally took forever to finish this because it was such a gorgeous thing to knit. and oh when i put it on...

soft as a cloud cowl
this is the open mock cable rib
from this book
jade sapphire 100% cashmere
silver fern colorway #34
size 4 needle
i'm excited about a project i'm working on now,
it involves pockets
and (wild) babies and more knitting,
i'll be back soon with photos and information!
♥ lori

Monday, January 24, 2011

a classic (surf) weekend

day one

day two

it was the weekend of this
two days in all...
there were beautiful waves
sandy grandkids
friends, food and fun!
and unbelievable weather (it really is winter here)

in between there was crafty day (a success!)
happy birthday lindy ♥
crayon making and handstand contests in the pool
more surfing and finally, the awards ceremony,
chuck made it into the finals in two divisions
(all these surf photos are of him),
and he won a place in each.
good job honey, we are all so proud of you.

have a great week ahead everyone!

♥ a little tired and sunburned lori :)

Friday, January 21, 2011


last week, chuck and our puppy owen went camping. they were off to find and photograph elusive sandhill cranes. i stayed home because of work. and i took some photos of good things right here...thanks to brilliant computer repair man, the dreadful virus i had is gone!

did you see the above book? could you spot the photo of mine in it? (it's the top sunset silhouette) when we returned home from our trip to big sur, it was there on our doorstep. i definitely jumped up and down a little. and seeing the birds in our marsh through my new camera is an almost spiritual experience, i feel blessedly lucky to own this.
i still can't believe my nineteen year old (she turned twenty over christmas), bought me an ipad for christmas. still in shock over that. my goodness. my son (newly away at university) sent a sticker home with his dad, for me, for my car, it says asu mom. he said 'i knew you'd like it mom.' he picked one with flowers on it. sigh. sigh. sigh. my kids.
this weekend, a good friend of mine is hosting a day long 'crafty day'. over a dozen ladies are invited to come, and bring whatever interests them, sewing, knitting, bookmaking, jewelry making are some of the things that will be made there. we can work on what we bring or learn something new.
and most exciting, my grandbabies are coming to spend the night! and we'll get to share the day together at the beach, watching chuck in a surf contest. i hope i can sleep tonight.
have a great weekend too everyone,
♥ lori