Monday, January 3, 2011

and a very good start (to the new year)

new years day we

slept in
took hot cocoa and a lattes to the beach
went for a walk and watched owen run willy nilly (photos follow) :)
gave him a bath afterwards ( a two person job)
ate cinnamon buns for lunch
and homemade soup and biscuits for dinner
watched silly old westerns
and listened to the rain in the evening.

it was a good start to the year.

'oh boy oh boy oh boy!' (owen)

'oh boy oh boy oh boy!'

'do i have to cross this?'

'i can do it, i can do it' (he did it!)

'oh boy oh boy oh boy! mom found me a ball!'

'look dad! a ball! yay!'

'mom mom mom mom mom mom mom'

'here is that river again, yipes'

'watch me, i am owen the willy nilly wonder dog,
i will cross this river!'

a rare find - baby abalone shell

'oh gulp, hello'

'gee, you are a gazillion times bigger than me'

'i bet no one ever calls you snowflake'

happy happy happy

'do i really look like a snowflake to you?'

'love love love love you dad'

'and you too mom'

hee hee he. i hope the start of your year had an auspicious, lovely
beginning too.
♥ lori


  1. Lori... How wonderful to have winter beach time.... my favourite :)

    Each and every photo shares the fun and are beautiful too.

    Our New Years Day was mostly spent keeping cool by swimming in our friends pool. It was a fun day that led us into the evening.

    It has been extremely hot in my corner of the globe. Brief visits to the beach for cooling swims.
    It's too hot to be outdoors for any length of time in the day.

    Love being back here in the blogging world to see you and others happy in their lives.
    Happy New Year!
    x Robyn

  2. oops my first comment since changing my profile picture today and I can see I need to change the wording :)

  3. happy new year to you too! owen is crazy adorable. :) his character really speaks through your blog.

  4. Oh what a great start!!!!!
    Good to see Owen again and having so much fun!
    Sounds like the perfect day Lori!
    Very relaxed and spending time with loved ones!
    You live in such a wonderful environment!
    And that shell!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome to find that. I have only seen them in shops
    What a day!

    Hope you will have many more of these days♥

  5. he is one adorable puppy!!! and I know he's not officially a puppy but boy oh boy is he cute

  6. Definitely like a snowflake! Haha, poor Owen, in your heart you are of course also a gazillion times bigger and scarier to other dogs, but in reality you are just so cute and adorable!
    If THAT is your winter beach, you have seen nothing! We have ice cliffs five feet high and frozen waves and Paco skating along on the edge of the sea! Too bad I can`t add a picture to my comment.
    Happy New Year to all of you, Lori and big family! May it always be so joyous!

  7. hehee thanks for the laugh Lori! He is so cute, I especially love your dialogue, seems spot on! That was one big doggy he met! We have so many abalone shells here that we barely stop to look anymore!

  8. owen owen owen owen owen owen owen snowflake!! YOu are so damn cute!

    The carmel river ran through our beach and made huge rivulets like that. Often times I couldn't even cross it, but Emma is Owen's size and it was a challange! hahaha!

    I can smell the air and feel the calmness of your day.

    Happy always♥

  9. Oh how I love that Owen, what a doll face. Sounds like a wonderful start!! I always smile when I come here. xoxo

  10. OWEN!!!!! What a sweet, bundle of love and energy! And...yes, he does resemble a snowflake! I don't think anyone could remain in a sad or bad mood for long around that little one!

    Lovely photos! What a treasure to find that abalone shell!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. Is it wrong of me to want chuck's legs? :)

    Owen the-once-was philosopher .... Did they share the cocoa Owen? Did you dance with the rain? How many kisses did you get back?

    Lori, my rosie was on the cover of the 'great dogs' calendar in the 90's and we her family walked into border's books and felt like celebs. If you desire more fame and fortune, Owen is your 2012 ticket to ride :)

    love you definitely too

  12. Lori - these pictures remind me of the days I took my kids to Paradise Cove and wandered along the beach there. I miss that. Snow is nice, but walking barefoot in the sand is nicer - lol! Owen is just adorable. xox

  13. Hi Lori, Happy New Year! That was so charming! That adorable Owen warmed my heart on a cold winter day in Maine! He is one cute snowflake!

  14. Lori, I'm back again to tell you your photo of the albalone shell is as beautiful a photo as I have ever seen.


  15. homemade soup, cinnamon buns, walks on the beach -- sounds like the perfect start to the year.

    and i bet is DOES take two people to bathe that little rascal!!


  16. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Awwwwwwwwwww! My heart... I am a puddle of goo!

  17. Owen's a real cutie-pie!
    Lori, here's wishing you all things wonderful and good for 2011 - may it be a "best ever" year! xx

  18. You really made my day!! I will always think of you, Owen , you are so cute and adorable!!!
    Thank you Lori for this happy post!

  19. That was a nice start - a walk at the beach and collecting a baby abalone - A Happy New Year to you and your family, Inge

  20. sounds like a lovely start to the year. wish mine had started on the beach!

  21. ~ hi lori...well you KNOW this put a SMILE on my face...look at that little guy...adorable...

    he does look like a SNOWFLAKE...oh, do they ever steal your heart...TEDDY just fills our home and life with so much LOVE..we treasure and adore him too...don't know what i would do without him...and Buddy in my heart....
    your new years day sounded wonderful...LOVED the cinnamon buns for lunch... :-)

    happy to visit here today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  22. Sounds and looks dreamy!!
    Happy New Year.

  23. Great Post Lori! Owen is really sweet and I bet you have fun with him every single day! :)
    We went on the beach as well, on the second day of the new year though and it was fun too. But we didn't wear shorts and T-Shirts... We were wearing layers and looking at snow and ice, but that doesn't mean that we didn't enjoy the walk. :)
    A great way to start the new year!!

    Hope you'll have a great one!

    Hugs your way...


  24. What a wonderful day and start to a new journey.Every photo made me smile.Thank you sweet Lori!!Cat

  25. What a fantastic way to bring in the new year! I love it (and Cinnamon buns for lunch - how can you go wrong?!)

    Owen is the cutest thing on the planet. I hope he knows just how adorable he is.

    PS I have been giving out your Green Sleeves as gifts and plugging you left and right. Hopefully you get some more business sent your way!

  26. Happy New Year, Lori! Love the pictures of Owen. I've also been enjoying your green sleeves and everyone I gave one to for Christmas loved it. Have a great day - Susan


xoxo lori