Friday, January 28, 2011

two cowls

i received a request from my daughter hannah rose in nyc. she had asked if i'd please make her a cowl, a very warm cozy one for the snow covered city she lives in now. but she felt bad about asking me to make another thing for her and so she thought to commission me, pay me.

i love these kinds of requests and got right to it. luckily i had an email the very same morning from purl soho showing a cowl that i thought she might like and sent her the link. she immediately approved and i immediately ordered the wool. two days later the wool arrived and i cast on as soon as i had it out of the box. two days later the cowl was finished and i asked chuck to take these hurry up photos so i could put the warm and cozy thing in the mail.

honest to goodness it was last friday that the knitted cowl left california. monday morning i got a text from hannah that included several exclamations!!! she was walking out of the post office wearing her new commissioned piece. she was cozy warm!
and my payment?
she sent me a cellphone photo next, wearing a grin and the cowl, and that was more than worth it's weight in gold.

hannah's cowl or as it's properly known,
nelly knits chunky seeded cowl
pattern at - purl soho
cascade magnum yarn - two skeins in black
knit on a size 15 needle

at the time of hannah's request i had already had a cowl on the needles, one for me!

this is the 'soft as a cloud cowl'. it called for cashmere which really was as soft and light as a cloud. the book lets you choose from three delicate stitch patterns. i intentionally took forever to finish this because it was such a gorgeous thing to knit. and oh when i put it on...

soft as a cloud cowl
this is the open mock cable rib
from this book
jade sapphire 100% cashmere
silver fern colorway #34
size 4 needle
i'm excited about a project i'm working on now,
it involves pockets
and (wild) babies and more knitting,
i'll be back soon with photos and information!
♥ lori


  1. Lori I love your new project... the wild animals one xoxoxo
    thank you so much for using your skills to do that one.

    I also love the cowls.... they look beautiful and warm.
    I can't really imagine being cold enough to ever wear one.
    I have never really experienced severe cold.
    I've been in snow once in NZ... but I was pregnant at the time and naturally warmer than usual.

    thanks for sharing all this loveliness.

    I'm sitting here in airconditioning today as it is soooo hot and we've given in to it and put the air con on..... something we rarely do.
    We're also waiting for a predicted cyclone to come our way in the morning.... interesting weather times.

    be well
    love to you
    Robyn x

  2. Hahaha, Lo´ri, you look like a bank robber! So cute! I want to see Hannah too!

  3. Can I send you adoption papers for me now please? :)

  4. That was very quick delivery.

    Its fashionable at the moment for footballers over here to wear something similar called a snood when it’s cold...

  5. Oh I love it! My Annie & Emily would too. Their school is an hour north of us and they are in the snow belt... They always get snow & cold! Walking through campus is sometimes grueling! At least it is a medium size campus instead of a large!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Beautiful! It looks so warm and soft. I'm sure Hannah smells her momma in every breath behind that cosy cowl. Sunglasses fogging up... Love it. I'm a scarf person myself, but once I discovered cowls (I didn't know what they were called in English until I read this post) I've been hunting them down all over town.
    If I ever decide to take knitting needles back in hand, I can even make one myself!

    Happy sunshine, my darling friend
    Lola xx

  7. Love the cowls, you are a wonderful mom! Can't wait to see the new project, you make me want to learn to knit! Oh, if I had the time to learn another craft! xoxo

  8. oh i love these cowls. i love wearing cowls myself. these two are really lovely. what do you mean by (wild)babies in your next knit? i'm intrigued to find out. : ) happy knitting!

  9. You've got a mischievious look under that cowl, you cutie!

    I love cowls. I have cowl envy!
    Hannah certainly does need it this winter, for sure. And YAY that it came before the next storm. Jeepers, we're snowed under!

    I wish I could knit, but like Annie I have no time for extra projects. Next lifetime!

    Good job red hot mama ;)


  10. Those look so warm and beautiful! Oh wow, perfect and just in time for more snow! Ahh, Hannah is so lucky to have such a skillful and loving mother. And your jade cowl is gorgeous! It does look like a cloud, and I just adore that color! Love your sweater, too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. You are as cute as a button, as my ma would say. :) Beautiful cowls, they look like they would keep you toasty warm. xox! Pam

  12. Ooh how warm and cozy..Hannah is one lucky girl..and you are one great Momma!!Hugs,Cat

  13. well, could anyone model this better than you? too too too cute: your charming smirk

    i know how great it makes you feel to do anything for your kids, lori. this was an act of love even the post office understood.


  14. robyn, i'm happy to help and really glad annie told us about it. i hope to have several to send out at the end of the week!

    it's not really cold enough for these cowls here either, so it's hard for me to imagine too. the cowl i made for me i'll probably leave with her when i go visit nyc next. or maybe not, i love it!

    stay safe in that cyclone! yikes.

    ~ ~ ~

    geli, haha, i was just trying to keep my entire face out of the photo! but i'm sure it looks and feels great on hannah. i'll try to get her to send a photo (can't get the cellphone one on here!)

    ~ ~ ~

    i always wanted a sixth child :) what would you like me to make for you dear?

    ~ ~ ~

    shepard, yes, i have seen the snood, i think it's just like the cowl only longer so it goes over the head too. Great invention!

    ~ ~ ~

    janis, let me know if you'd like the pattern! it would be easy to send along. i'm sure your girls are warm and cozy though with your thoughtfulness!

    ~ ~ ~

    lola, i love scarfs too and they are much more appropriate for where i live, but for the snowy cold, i think cowls are fabulous. let me know if i can send you any patterns too!

    ~ ~ ~

    annie, i think you'll love the next project and it may even make you pick up your own needles! knitting is a craft you can spend as little or as much time as you like and still have something beautiful to show.

    ~ ~ ~

    thanks anushka! i've never had a cowl before, and i'm really loving the cashmere one.
    i'll send you an email with a link to the project (i can't make one here!)

    ~ ~ ~

    thanks lo, hannah said the snow hasn't stopped. i can't imagine. she says shes warm enough, i hope so! you stay warm too!

    ~ ~ ~

    thank you bella, i wish it were cold enough here so i could wear it! we are supposed to have a new storm on the way, it might be down your way too. cowl weather!

    ~ ~ ~

    thanks pam, i may have to make some more, they are addicting and yes so warm!

    ~ ~ ~

    thank you cat, hannah was so happy and so you know i was too!

    ~ ~ ~

    kj, haha, the truth is the post office did know! and your right, there is no better feeling, the kids are happy (and warm), bliss.

    xxx thank you so much everyone, i so appreciate all your lovely comments.

  15. You are so talented. I'm making an afgan, but it is the with one of only three stiches I know.

  16. Wonderful Lori!
    It looks great on you and I bet it does too on your beautiful daughter.
    I must be fun to be able to do something for her from such a distance!

    Have a nice Sunday ♥

  17. Hi Lori,
    You knit the most wonderful things and so beautiful, too! I'm sure that Hannah will get much use and warmth from that special cowl.
    I've never had one but now that I see it I bet it would be really really helpful on those bitter cold windy days here in Maine. I try to wrap my long scarf around and around my neck and face but it always seems to come undone!

  18. you are an artiste with those needles!! as lola said, those cowls look so warm and soft.....sunglasses fogging up for sure!! and with all the snow in nyc (my girl called me from central park yesterday and said there was a foot of new snow on top of the old stuff!) hannah will be wearing her new cowl all the time!!

    p.s. you need to start a website with your own designs. and you are the perfect model!!


  19. Love, love ,love those cowls and the photos of Chuck surfing in the previous post are amazing... beautiful shots .
    Looks like you are having a lot of fun at the moment !

  20. Lori~ I need lessons... my stuff I attempt to make always ends up looking like a retarded snake!

  21. Those cowls look great Lori and probably a better idea than bulky scarves. Smiles*!*

  22. They are both gorgeous Lori!! I think I like the sound of the soft as a cloud cowl though :) I had a giggle at being commisioned from your daughter, I think it was the best kind of commission too :)

  23. Loverly! My Nana used to wear cowls, some with small shells around the edge and she would pull them up over her hair like a hood...she passed away 2 years ago and my aunt is going through her things and I said if she finds them, I would love them!


xoxo lori