Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i wish

have you ever had an overwhelming desire

to be somewhere

other than where you were at the moment?

did you wish you had a magic carpet?

or at the very least wings?

oh boy did i tonight.

i spent the evening on my phone with my sister and my daughter. one in laguna beach, 150 miles away, the other in nyc, over 3000. my sister, my dear angel sister, was with my stepdad taking my mom on an unexpected emergency trip to the hospital. my sister kept me updated and informed but oh how i wanted to be there.

my daughter was babysitting, her first time alone with an infant. she called and we talked while dear baby was crying in her arms. and even though she didn't need me, how i wished i were there.

if wishes were wings, i was.

xo lori


my mom is back home now and just a bit ago i received this text:
'you may or may not be able to believe this. but this girl right here has a happy, sleeping infant resting on her. motherly instincts? check.'



  1. If your daughter had no motherly instincts, who would? This first time, feeling one can soothe a crying baby, is an incredible experience! Well done, Hannah!

    About flying away, I sometimes dream I can. It feels gorgeous, and very easy to do! Just flap your arms a little, and jump up. But the other night I had a different dream: I wanted to move quickly on a road (actually it was Las Ramblas in Barcelona), and suddenly I had an invisible board under my feet, like a skateboard without wheels. I could stand on it, and about one meter above the ground I was carried forward, swift as the wind. It led me to unknown places, too, going straight ahead. Lovely dream.
    But I suppose for your distances a magic carpet would still be better.
    Cheers, Lori! All will be well!

  2. So glad to hear that your mom is back home and the babysitting went well! A magic carpet would be fabulous! I will let you know when I find one! :-)

  3. Oh how I wish I could pop in to friends and family -how lovely that would be. Glad everything worked out.

    Lori -you will absolutely see snow in NYC. It may be dirty and cityish but there will be a TON of it for you to climb on and over

  4. Hannah is a natural. :)) I still remember babysitting an infant for the first time. It was my pediatrician's baby, and I was terrified. I did okay, and even managed to change a diaper! I"m glad your mom is doing better.
    I think what we need are those teleporters, like in Star Trek. Just get beamed up. :) Xox Pam

  5. I do know that feeling. I think all of us do whose families live at a distance. I am so happy that your mom is ok and back home. And I love that your daughter's first baby sitting experience ended so wonderfully!! Much love, Silke

  6. i hope your mom is okay and it's nothing serious. such a strange evening to have experienced your mom and daughter going through such different events. we're all on our own path and it can be so hard to let go. i can't imagine the day my son will go to school. right now i have plans to keep him home because we'll be moving around a bit - but eventually i know he will go to school. but, i think it will be so hard for me to let him go. i never thought i'd feel this way.

  7. Oh yes, I do know what you mean.

    So glad mom is back home. How scared and helpless you must feel when you get these calls.
    yay for angel siblings ;)

    And yay for Hannah-nanny!!!
    I was a disaster with babies. I just wasn't 'a natural" so I was never asked to babysit.

    Dog and cat sit?? Now you're talking!


  8. ooooooooooooh yeah. i sure do...! glad all is well with your loved ones though...much love xx j

  9. Omg! Do you see the face in the top part if that first cactus?

    I'll be back but I had to say this right away!


  10. Oh, I know this wish well. I have to believe though that we are in the perfect place and time. xoxo

  11. Dear Lori, Just by wanting to be there I'm sure it bouyed your sister and daughter immensely.
    I love your pictures. Every time i see a curlew I never have my camera, but even if I did I couldn't take such a perfect picture.

  12. beautiful post, and yes! i feel that way often.
    love to you

  13. Yes I would love to have wings sometimes♥
    Glad your Mom is back and Hannah solved the problem, wow!
    such stressful moments for you to be so far away without those wings.

    Have a nice day Lori Hope all will stay calm
    (beautiful pictures!)

  14. Yes- I have had those feelings from time to time -- especially where my far away family are concerned. Love your ethereal captures and the text from your very own Kidlet. I know how much you worry about your mom ... hugs

  15. Oh boy, oh boy, yes I know that feeling. It's often accompanied by feeling helpless, and I just flap my arms even though it doesn't help one bit. I'm so relieved to hear that everything had a good ending, though. Whew!

    Love that first picture with the Buddha.


  16. beauty and strength run through the women of your family♡

  17. Yes....every day!!! haha :)

    Happy Wednesday. Hugs!

  18. Hi Lori :))

    Well, I believe that since wishes are born inside our mind, our mind can be their wings..

    Have a nice day or.. night?

  19. What a lucky woman to be surrounded by so much beauty and family love. Despite the ice storm around here it makes me feel warm all over.

  20. Wishes are the beginning of dreams and dreams lead to action.... so they can come true.

    but yeah to be their in the flesh right in the moment would be magical and yes I wish.

    Lovely post Lori... pleased everything had a happy ending.


    what a lovely cactus, her friend said. do you see the magical face in it?


    oh lori, your pictures and care is amazing. you inspire me to see things that aren't even there. :)

  22. ah Lori - glad you hear your mum is better and back home; your photos are so beautiful.
    I love how you are poised distance-wise in the physical but also generationally, between your mum and your daughter. Its sometimes hard to be in the middle though hey? but you are strong enough for both xxx

  23. Hands and ears come in handy for our missing wings Lori.

    ...imagine pre phone days how hard it was for women separated by miles from family members to stay connected*!*

  24. you are an angel, but you'll only get to use those wings in the 'beyond'

  25. With family and friends scattered all across the globe, I wish for that magic carpet every other day.

    So happy everything worked out with your mom, and that Hannah found the soothing, maternal instincts to quiet the infant down. With a mom like hers it doesn't surprise me!

    With love,
    Lola xx
    Working on the carpet...

  26. glad to hear your mom is back home. i hope she is okay x

  27. oh yes I sure have wished to be somewhere else x


xoxo lori