Sunday, February 27, 2011

the adventures of rose and thornbush in the big city

my young daughter hannah, (rose now, she has taken her middle name) lives in nyc. this is the story of what happened when i visited her last week and tagged along, hoping for a glimpse of her life. this would not be the trip where theatre and museums were involved, this was the trip where i could see how she lived.

fun began the moment i arrived, when the pilot announced it was snowing! i excitedly text rose this and she, less than enthusiastically responded she knew. she more than once smiled at my happyness seeing the snow. it's funny how quickly you get over that she told me. because by now she was. but she was glad it showed up for me.

the adventure begins where rose lives.

the adventure of stopping to look at and admire the snow. and touch it a lot .

the adventure where i (blissfully) choose new wool at purl soho and hannah rose takes liberties with my camera.

the delicious adventure of eating and shopping and sometimes doing both at once.

where rose goes to work at her bar tending job and i tag along adventure.

taking a taxicab home in the wee hours of the morning after a successful night of work.

the day in which hannah rose and i go to school except while she's in class i entertain myself, on campus, and off.

where we meet between classes for lunch and and an impromptu manicure and at the same time make new friends adventure.

the late date dress adventure.

hannah rose told me she had been invited to the ballet. tonight. but she didn't know if she should accept since i was in town. it only took one moment for me to insist she should go, after all, this was the new york city ballet, not an opportunity to be missed. but, she didn't have anything to wear. so when she headed back for her last class, i walked straight down lexington avenue to the shops.
acting as her personal assistant (hee hee) i took photos of potential dresses and sent them to her.
when she got out, at 5:30 pm we met and hurried back to the store. in the meantime she hadn't heard from her date and was beginning to feel concern. at 6 o'clock she got a message. she was to meet him at the lincoln center at 7 pm.
this was a big dilemma. first, she would not have time to return home to get dressed and second, i would have to find my own way to her apartment. alone. in the city. in the dark, and it is four trains away. and i don't know where it is. i'm petrified.
so, back to her. we narrowed down a dress, but now we had to find shoes and tights and maybe even accessories. we are each on different floors, searching, texting (where are you?), trying to stay calm. in a long queue to pay and then racing back to the dressing room to get ready.

stuffing old clothes in the new shopping bag. hair, makeup, check, check. how do i look mom?

we raced out to the street and hailed two cabs. she described in detail where my driver should take me (washington heights, a long way away) and she jumped in another going the opposite direction.
her roommate and i waited up. she arrived home with coronas and cheezits, and stories of her evening. the best part, she arrived five minutes before her date. and when it was over he asked her to la boheme next (and he told her she was gorgeous). this time she'll be ready.

the adventure of chelsea and how green sleeves had it's moment in nyc.
visiting the galleries in chelsea was greatly anticipated. so was highline park. what i didn't know was that there are very high end boutiques there too. they are unmarked and no photos are allowed (go here if you're interested). we went into comme des garcon and balenciaga, in between gallery searching.
if you've ever been in a couture boutique than you know how it feels. and especially if your in a wooly mammoth patagonia jacket and ugg boots. haha.
comme des garcon was as austere and stark and elegant as you could imagine. we recieved the look of disdain and i was asked to hand over my coffee cup (tea, i was cold). and then we looked around. 1000.00 for a slip of a teeshirt, yes please, i'll take two!
when it was time to leave, i went in search of my cup, more because it was wearing a green sleeve than for the tea. it was on a table all alone. in the center. picture ultra modern minimalism. then my little sweater wearing cup. all the sales people were looking at it. all five were interested. 'did you make this'? ' it is wonderful' ' you should sell them' . i felt like i had given birth to it. if i didn't care that they look down on me, why did it make me so happy that they complimented?

the train and the boy and the happy girl.

back to brooklyn.
rose is moving back to brooklyn this week. now when she says mama, i'm making tea. i'll know just where.

numerous adventures didn't make it into this extra long post. there were the friends i made, and how i got my name, thornbush, the tattoo night (not rose) and shopping at catbird. sleeping in a room the size of a short subway train, with four girls and a broken boiler. and the whiskey, oh the lovely whiskey.
thank you for everything my rose hannah daughter. your life is an adventure and i am proud, so proud of you. when i told you i was afraid and that you are much braver than me, you told me it was not true. you said i was brave and i had taught you how to be.
thank you for that.

thank you friends for coming along,
♥ lori + hannah rose


  1. oh lori i read every bit of this with glee and will be back to see it again. SOSO happy your trip went well (even if i didn't get to see you in cal :-( .... i'm so excited to read about all the cool things you did with hannah (oops i mean rose!!) i completely relate to that mommy and daughter thing in nyc as you know -- we loved the highline as well but now you've given me so many other ideas for my next trip to see my little girl in the big city!!

    you should be so proud of your girl, but she is right too -- she got her spunk from her momma. she is absolutely lovely (looked marvelous for her ballet date) and seems to have become a new yorker in a new york minute. yes, now you can picture where she is when she is making tea. that kind of knowledge a mother's heart needs...........

    sending love and hugs♡♡and glad you're back home safe and sound,


  2. Wonderful, Lori. I am all smiles. :))))))))) xox Pam

  3. many adventures. You were brave going back to the apartment on your own! I want to know more about tattoo night!!! and I see your daughter has some pretty amazing tattoos herself too!

    Fabulous photos. You actually make me want to go NY!

  4. Oh this is so happy. I remember when my sister moved to New York for school and the visits I had up there. It really is amazing and scary and fun.

    Your daughter is beautiful and obviously wonderful. I'm so scared that will be my daughter the next time I blink. Not the New York part, the grown up part.

    Thanks for the vicarious adventure.

  5. Dear Lori,
    Where to begin? I feel as though I tagged along with you and the lovely Rose. Do you know you have the same mouths? Do you know both of you are brave and beautiful? I love NYC, you made it come alive for me - all over again.
    Please tell Rose hello from me!

  6. I've been eagerly awaiting this story of your adventures. it's a gorgeous wonderful story and Hannah Rose ( a lovely name) looks just like her wonderful mama.

    Where in Brooklyn (my home state)? Best place to live in the world. (I think)

    I'm gonna go back and read this all over again - it looks perfect.

  7. I loved this beautiful story of your adventures in the big city with Rose Hannah!(actually my niece's name is Rose Hannah)
    It was such a treat to have a glimpse of the city through your eyes and to see you and your daughter. What a wonderful way you have of expressing your experiences and observations with words and photos.
    So glad it snowed for you!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I can see why you may be sleepy!

  8. you always know how to get to the heart of the matter lori. i'm close to tears at the last passage of rose telling you you taught her to be brave. i was thinking throughout the post, "look at lori's beautiful daughter. she's so young and so far away. she tends bar and rides subways and taxi cabs. this will be my child one day. off in the big world without me. wow!" i loved the dress buying adventure for rose to go to the ballet. what a great memory and i hope she loves 'la boheme.' it is my mom's favorite opera and certainly one of mine. sigh.... beautiful shots. one of my favorites was your tea in the snow with the sleeve on it. i can see why you were proud of being complimented by the comme des garcons staff. and i totally know what it feels like to be wearing a puffy patagonia in a couture shop! when we were in paris that is what i was wearing in prada and a few others. i wasn't cool enough then to not be embarrassed - not too much though... i'm glad you're back safe and had a memorable trip to see your precious rose.

  9. Oh Lori -- I was right there with you. I know just how you must have felt getting a taste of your daughter's grown up life. She is so confident and beautiful and vibrant. Thanks for sharing. Your pics (as always) tell the story. You did good Mama!

  10. oh my, I've been waiting for this post! There's so much to say and it's already late here, so tomorrow I'm going to look at each picture and form my thoughts. I will say this though...seeing your greensleeves on a cup in the S-N-O-W!!!! hee hee heeeeee! And your beautiful (Hannah) Rose♥

    Goodnight for now, but I promise I'll be back.


  11. Oh Lori~ Simply splendid again! I so love when you take us on a journey. And Ms Hannah Rose is just beeming! Truly she has a sparkle, just like her Momma♥

  12. Sweet Lori and Rose(I dont know if I can get used to that)thank you so much for taking me along on such a wonderful adventures.I cant help but think of the days that I too walked the same streets and lived that different long ago now.But seeing all your wonderful pictures made me think back on those days and smile.
    I think your beautiful Rose is doing just fine,making memories of her own and yes,I am still filled with tears she said you taught her how to be brave.I'm praying Lori,everyday,that I teach my own something so wonderful.
    I'm thankful for your post today..its in everyway..a reminder..of how we need to love and live every minute of it.
    Big Hugs,Cat

  13. ♥♥♥♥

  14. p.s. did you notice the perfect little heart in the snow, to the left of the coffee cup and your greensleve?


  15. Wow, what an adventure, thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  16. Lovely post Lori!
    You are such a pretty couple. You are like sisters
    I enjoyed all the pictures and the story.
    Wow what an adventure!

  17. love this post
    love that you had a great time in new york.
    love that hannah is now rose. she intrigues me so much!!

  18. Oh, how wonderful! I read every word and felt like I was back in NYC with you all. What a great city!! And i am so glad Rose is doing well and you all had a great time together... Love, Silke

    P.S. Love the story of your Greensleave!!

  19. Lori! What a great adventure! I love NYC and have not been there for many years, what a joy to go and visit with you and your beautiful daughter (Rose is a lovely name). Thank you so much for taking us along. xoxo

  20. What a great post, thank you for sharing this special visit with your daughter!

  21. Oh, Lori. Reading this, I started out all smiles and ended up with my eyes leaking just a little. You and your beautiful daughter, what a loving sight. You sure did teach her how to be, and I see so much of your infectious smile in her face. What a glorious adventure! I'm thrilled I got to tag along. I swear I can smell honey roasted nuts right now, and I want a bag of my own! I can hear the clinking of glasses and bustle of people, and the rumble of the train and the honking of taxis. Oh, how wonderful! She will definitely need another fabulous dress for La Boheme. Gorgeous!

    More than anything, I am extremely happy that you had such a fantastic time with your daughter, and that you made it back home safe and sound. :)


  22. I think you are VERY brave, both of you girls, and adventurous and beautiful too. The food and beverages (ahem) look dewish.
    Oh Lori that yarn shop.......
    and Rose , La Boheme!
    Enjoy every moment

  23. Okay, I came back to savor every word and photo.Here are my observations and thoughts ;)

    Mother and daughter twins.

    A Colonel Sanders snow cone!

    Wow, she has a view of the Hudson River!

    You are glowing in Purl Soho and you are making everyone there smile. Here too ;)

    You even look good as a barfly.

    Aw, your travelling greensleeves and the love they attract!

    Wow, nice cuticles! I've never had a manicure or pedicure.

    OMG~alone at night in the big city four trains away!!!!!! And look how you held it together abd even helped her pull off a great outfit. Unbelievable!

    Rose's date has a sweet, sincere smile.

    That apartment, wow!! It's like an artist's loft.

    What a whirlwind adventure you had! Oh're still glowing ;)


  24. wonderful Lori - just wonderfulxx

  25. Lori sweetie! You are such a warm loving soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the birthday wishes. AND more importantly thank you so, so much for the lovely package with the sea glass and baby abalone shells. I was so touched and thrilled when I received it in the post just in time for Christmas. I had such the best intentions of returning my package to you immediately but as you can tell I'm the world's biggest procrastinator.

    Thanks again and I'll be sending yours in the mail this week.

    Your trip to NYC to visit your beautiful youngest daughter was a fabulous journey walking in her footsteps and we got to walk along In yours. Xx Aden

  26. Dear Lori - I LOVED this post!!! I want to read it again. I enjoy your storytelling and learning about new places to visit in NYC. And guess what? I was just in Brooklyn and Manhattan Feb. 18-20! Were you there then?!! Imagine--we could have met! We went to see Don Pasquale and then to the Sketchbook Project opening at Brooklyn Art Library (wrote about it on my group blog)
    Anyway, you and your daughter are both beautiful!!! I loved the story about the dress and trying to get to the ballet. (I can so relate---had a similar rushed incident in NYC with my daughter forgetting to pack certain things and having to find a store and make it to the opera on time.)
    Hooray for Rose looking fabulous and being early!!! And hooray for mom's help!!!
    Thanks for sharing your story and pics!! Made me smile!!
    Let me know when you are in NYC again. I am about 4 hours away.

    Ann Marie

  27. You are both so beautiful! Great things are happening indeed :)

    and there is absolutely nothing better than Nuts 4 Nuts (hot, fresh ones) during the wintertime in NYC. YUM.

  28. Truly enjoyed traveling and sharing your NY adventures and photos!! I read this avidly and was sad when it was over.
    HannahRose is gorgeous, she looked stunning in the ballet cocktail dress. And her tattoo is bellissimo.

    You look so happy and proud, it makes me well up.

    I love you and never tire of telling you
    Lola xx

  29. What fun!!
    I felt I was there with the two of you.
    I'll return for a visit!

  30. Lori young Hannah Rose makes me think of fearless celtic princesses. She looked wonderful for her ballet date now I'm curious about the words on her tattoo and the one you didn't mention in this post hmmmmmm ;)

    I loved that "I see people" mirror!!

    So glad the two of you had a wonderful time together, I bet you're planning the next one*!*

  31. Gosh that is so beautiful to read. What an absolutley amazing adventure/s, you daughter is so grogeous and strong and definately brave but just from reading about you and your hubby, I can see why she would be. Looks like such an amzing place to visit too, maybe Ill go someday. I would have been worried going back to the aprtment on my own too! And a Tattoo you say?

  32. I loved reading this and I felt I was there with you and your beautiful Rose. It was wonderful to see the photos of Purl Soho, I dream about going there some day.

  33. Hi Lori, hope you find this comment. I came across this beautiful song/video, and wanted to share it with you, as I think it is perfect for someone missing their son or daughter when they grow up and leave home.

    I have enjoyed some of your recent Africa postings as well, so thanks for sharing all that! Take care! Enjoy the song....


xoxo lori