Thursday, February 3, 2011

knitting a home

this morning, here on the california coast, was my favorite kind... it was warm and sunshiny, birds were chirping and singing, the sun was scattering shadows around the house, there was pretty light that inspires me to get busy. and i had a few solitary hours before work. bliss.

here is the project i've been working on. can you guess what these are? or better, what they are used for?

they are knitted, with a drawstring, pouches. their almost done, needing the cotton flannel lining, that i'm still making.

they are for joeys. baby kangaroos.

my little hedgehog is demonstrating how they'll be used by wildcare australia

for the little wild orphans of the big floods in eastern australia.
a cozy home.

i learned about this need from annie, an australian blogger living in queensland, here is what annie has to say:

"I'd also asked about making pouches for the joeys - carers need pouches all year round to keep the little ones warm and secure whilst being cared for. So this will be one of my projects this year - the thought occurred to me that some of you might like to join me and make one too - just imagine some little joey secure and warm tucked inside your made with love pouch ... Wildcare have provided me with a copy of their how to instructions - so please let me know if you want to make one or please spread the word amongst your crafting friends."

for more information, go to this post of annies at her blog bimbimie. or you can email me for directions as well. i wish i could take that imaginary magic carpet and fly to each of you that would like a little knitting lesson!

xo lori

p.s. for those that asked about the recycled crayons that were made a few posts back go here for a great tutorial!


  1. you really are the best mate the world can have xx

  2. Um. Ridiculously cute and sweet idea. I'm sure those little joeys in Australia will appreciate them very much.

    Lori, you are about ten thousand kinds of awesome, you know that?! :)

    smiles and hugs for you.


  3. Thank you Lori :)

    I agree with what Robyn and Phoenix have already said about you

    you and your needles are pretty special*!*

  4. Very cute pouches.
    You're talented, kind and lovely person Lori!
    I wish I too have the magic carpet to attend your knitting class.

  5. Hi Lori! That is such a cute idea!I would never have guessed what they were for. Such a lovely gesture. And beautifully made too!x

  6. Oh Lori, you are always finding a new way to make a difference with our talents and creativity. These are adorable - so bright and colourful and you are inspiring me to learn how to knit. Wonderful! YOU and the pouches.

  7. ooooh, Lori. That is SO you, jumping in with your huge heart and both feet.

    How wonderful you ladies are doing this! It warms my heart...and the joeys too, I'm sure.


  8. i love these! your pouches will by far be some of the cutest...

  9. Lori, how sweet of you to make those.

  10. Lori, these are sooooo cute and sweet and I love the idea that they are helping baby kangaroos!!!
    I wonder...can these be woven too? Why not? I am going to do a weaving project with some 5th and 6th graders in the spring and I have been looking for ideas.
    I will e-mail you for more info!

  11. AWWWWWWW! What a FANTASTIC idea! Ohhh, your hedgehog looks SO adorable and cozy in there. I can just imagine how happy a little joey will be cuddling in there. Lucky joeys. :) Now you are a mama kangaroo.


  12. Lori - you are the coolest! what a fabulous idea and i love the colours :) have linked this on my fb page..

  13. very cute! safari craig is in california...don't know where exactly and i think is headed to mexico imminently! x j

  14. Lori - you are awesome times infinity! I love thinking of those sweet babies tucked inside one of your pouches. What a lovely thing to do. You rock, girlfriend. xox! Pam

  15. You are a TENDER HEART dear Lori, and I love you even more because of it.



  16. and a cotton flannel lining too?

    funny about these warm pouches you make from love: i have my own from you.

    me and the joeys are ever appreciative.


  17. This is just wonderful! I wish I knew how to knit! Lovely project!

  18. Oh, utterly amazin! How wonderful to know you are helping with your pouches! I remember reading about an organization that was using old fur coats to make snugglies for newborn orphan animals like squirrels...You are an inspiration!


xoxo lori