Friday, March 4, 2011

in deep

i arrived at my work wednesday morning to find my husband parked out front in his truck. he was there (smiling his really cute smile) to hand me this , the new green issue of deep magazine.

green sleeves is in deep magazine! can i write what it says?

"Is there anything more perfect than a steaming cup of coffee after a surf session has left you chilled to the bone? There is, thanks to Lori Graham and her colorful Green Sleeves. The hand knit cup sleeves are more than just a fashionable accessory for a drab paper cup; they offer another way for us to do our part to save trees, energy and landfill space. Every day millions of cardboard coffee sleeves wind up in the garbage, ultimately contributing to our growing trash problem. But a handmade Green Sleeve-- which Graham says has that "feel-good factor" ends up back in your pocket, purse or glove compartment where it can be easily resurrected for your next cup of joe.

Graham herself doesn't go anywhere without her Green Sleeve. At her local cafe`, the baristas all know that she'll pass on a cardboard cover. She says the sleeves are great for smoothies and other cold drinks too-- the wool and silk yarn is comfortable to hold and does its duty keeping the temperature of the beverage away from sensitive skin."
Graham's Green Sleeves can be purchased for $12 at or at Epic Bowls, 819 B State Street, in Santa Barbara's Paseo Nuevo.

hee hee
thank you honey for helping with this. (my husband is editor of deep)

i've been making several in new spring colors. these are my favorites so far. i've added all of the above to my shop, where shipping in the u.s. is free and everywhere else in the world a dollar. and because i appreciate so much all your kind words (and because you've patiently listened to me go on and on about g.s.) i would love to give a couple away. if you'd like to have one just let me know in the comments, and i'll choose a name (or two) next friday, a week from today. unfortunately i haven't figured out how to send a coffee, tea or latte to go with them...

it was hard to stop at just three photos of this new wool of mine. i bought this in nyc at purl soho. hannah, i mean rose, helped me choose the color. she said it looked like sunshine and that made me think a soft golden sunshiny sweater was really what i needed. thank you hannah rose and erik, my middle son, who gave me the gift certificate and money to shop in the city (purl!) i love you both so much and this gorgeous yarn!

pattern :leah's lovely cardigan
book: more last- minute knitted gifts (love this book!)
author: joelle hoverson
yarn: madeline tosh, tosh merino light
color: alabaster

here is what two hundred and sixty eight stitches on a size one needle looks like. it is a bit like knitting on toothpicks. but don't worry, after the ribbing i'll move up to a size three. haha! oh dear what have i started? remember the title of this post? i really am.

happy weekend everyone! my sister lindy and i are going here tomorrow!!

♥ lori


  1. Wow congrats Lori!
    So sweet of your DH but it looks fantastic in this issue so it wasn't charity;)
    Lovely new yarn.
    And soon you won't have any time for it you have to knit your sleeves dear because sales will rocket!

    Have a wonderful weekend♥

  2. Gorgeous wool, gorgeous and cozy green sleeves. Well done to you!

    & it looks like a great time will be had for you and your sis this weekend. I'm looking forward to the pics. I'm wondering what kind of rare colors you find in the sea glass there. I see red at least. I haven't come across red here yet, but I do find old crockery shards, do you?

  3. Congratulations on being in Deep - I'm so impressed. Of course, I use my green sleeves everywhere.

    I am SO jealous that I can't be in Cayucos with you! If you see a gorgeous red-headed 5'8" beautiful girl wandering around - it's my niece Jody. Give her a kiss for me and one for you too.

    I love that yarn, but those toothpicks!

  4. that is so cool that you are in the zine! i love it when couples join their creativity - it's usually a beautiful thing. of course i would love a sleeve! but, i will also be so near so soon that i may have to go to epic to buy one. the yarn is gorgeous. i love the color and can just tell how soft it is. mmm... you will look great in that cardigan. and how cool is it that you have a sister to go to a sea glass festival with along the california coast! have a great time. i'm looking forward to the beautiful pictures you will take there.

  5. YAY LORI! I am so impressed with that gorgeous article, and your new colors on your sleeves (and I LOVE the cover of DEEP). Ain't life grand? Have a wonderful time with your sis. I hope you have a sunny day together. xox! Pam

  6. Yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    You deserve that plug! That Chuck, honestly. But Lori, I think your greensleeves are better than any I've seen out there :)

    Beautiful yarn. How long will that sweater take on those teeny-tiny needles??? Egads! It will look wonderful with your blonde hair ;)

    have a wonderful weekend!


  7. I love your Green Sleeves! I just purchased several, two to mail to my brother (who lives just up the road from you) and his girlfriend, as a "welcome to Spring" gift.

  8. Lori!!! How wonderful! And a give away too! Please add me in, even though I never buy coffee out, I will carry them and show them off if I win, we need some green sleeves in Taos!
    Beautiful new yarn.
    Sea glass, I love sea glass, have a wonderful time! And photos please so I can drool. xox
    P.S. I bet you will have to quit your job so you can make all the many green sleeves you will be selling :-).

  9. OHHH! OHHHHHHH! You have the BEST husband in the world! Awwwww, how incredibly thoughtful and sweet. Plus, there's that YAHOOO factor.

    I love the color of that new yarn! And what's the title of that book now? Last-minute? So NOT. At least not with me. It would take me years to knit what you're knitting.

    Sea glass!!! Can't wait to see your treasure trove.

  10. Hoot Hoot*!* What a team, you two are on a mission to ban the universe of paper sleeves. I can see a green sleeve love movement ahappening Lori.

  11. What a dear! congrats on the publicity and good luck keeping up with all the orders that will come your way-they look too cute to pass up.

  12. Thats great Lori, brought a smile to my face to see your green sleeves in the magazine!! I think they are pretty awesome too! The yellow yarn is definately calling for a golden sunshiney cardigan, its lovely :)

  13. BIG congrats lori dear!!!! yay!!! getting some well-deserved press for your greensleeves!! i travel everywhere with mine and will keep trying to interest baristas everywhere in them!

    please put my name in the hat for one of your cool spring models of g.s. -- but it will be hard to top the gorgeous bluegreen one you gave me!

    btw i love cayucos -- enjoy the beach there -- will await a future post with fotos of your seaglass finds!!


  14. Congratulations on being in Deep. How exciting, well done you.
    I love the wool and your cardigan. I have the same book, all the patterns are great, I can't waitto see it's progress in that gorgeous sunshiny wool.

  15. Congratulations - I am so proud of you :)

  16. Hooray! In print!
    wonderful new yarn, can't wait to see that piece finished.

  17. Lori! How sweet that Chuck placed the ad for you in the magazine. They must be seeing like hot cakes! You need to plug them as teacher gifts... I gave 3 over Christmas. They are perfect alone or with with a gift card. Love the new yarn. Have a wonderful time with your sister!
    Susan :)


xoxo lori