Tuesday, March 15, 2011

small spring

some small spring things,

little chirpy song birds,
a new small candle holder, found here
small blossoms
and tiny new vines
a just found doll house (can't wait to sew new curtains and knit new rugs, and paint and paper! for the small person still in me)
and the teeniest wee cupcake (a gift from a big hearted friend)!

spring is showing itself in many subtle ways, mostly with the time change. i like these longer days, the sun is still shining when i get home from work now!

in my excitement of the africa posts, i forgot about the give~a~way and green sleeves . so tonight, i added all your names to a bowl and chose two pieces of paper: pam of yoborobo and anushka of journey. i hope you'll like them.

happy spring everyone, or fall, depending on where you are!

♥ lori


  1. Aah, I love the little birds (and the dollhouse) and is there a butterfly, or is it a leaf? Our tree buds are still so very tiny, it is too cold, but I`m hoping. At least we had another bird visitor again, coming to our now ice-free pond - a crooked-legged duck, asking for black bread crumbs. That made me happy.

  2. Ooh I love those birdy pictures! We have autumn on it's way here - the leaves are changing and the birds are begging for food every morning. It's luffly :)

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  4. oooooh "small spring" is looking magical :-)

    If you arrived here today you would believe that we are in the middle of summer... sooo warm...hot,
    but the tiny little soft white clouds give a hint that Autumn will come.

    Love your sneak peek at Spring to come... so nice to see good news after so much global sad news.

    xx Robyn

  5. Thank you for this...spring is coming here too, albeit not quickly enough for me. These sweet reminders make me smile.

  6. Thanks for the cheerful signs of spring Lori. We still have residual snow on the ground however the days are getting longer and we have had the odd day of bright sunshine. This morning was like a typical London morning ... dark, damp and foggy.

    lvoe your photos and especially your special little room. : )

  7. oh, how I love the song of the White-Crowned Sparrow! I used to answer them on my walks along Asilomar.

    I love the dollhouse. You'll soon fill it with Lori-love with the things you make :)

    I'm loving the longer days too. I feel a bit of hope when that happens.

    it's raining here today, so thank you for this "Little Spring." It's just what I needed.


    Oh, and I love the birch candle holder with your initials. Nice touch♥

  8. I WON???? Yippeeee! Thank you, Lori. I will think of you every time I use it, and I just have this feeling they are magic anyway, so I am a happy camper! :) I LOVE your dollhouse. Isn't it great to get to be a wee one every now and then? xox - Pam

  9. How wonderful our Pamee won! And congrats to Anushka!

    Lori, this is a lovely tribute to Spring! It gives me hope....here, all we have had for a week and will continue to have for another week is....RAIN!

    Beautiful photos - as always! And that teeny cupcake - perfect for those of us who count calories!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. lori, your eye, your mind, your camera: magical magical.

    this is so chirpy cheery it's lifting my challenging mood this morning right this minute! i can hear these little birds, a reminder that all is as it should be.

    'small spring' is the perfect title for this. and since i'm into metaphors this week, what a great way to think about our days.

    i am imagining the fabric and design of little curtains for the dollhouse.

    with love from my little girl to yours

  11. Love that little doll house! So perfect. I have always wanted one just like that. Simple. Pretty. Love it. pea green with envy - that's me. :O)

  12. what! no way! i'm the luckiest giveaway winner ever! i'm smiling and am so excited for my soft sleeve waiting for me. : ) i love this post, the birds, the dollhouse with furniture, and a sweet little cupcake - what a fun thing to read and get to the bottom and see my name and not expecting that at all. thank you lori!

  13. I can almost hear the birdsong...

    My daughter and I planted bulbs this weekend; I'm sure we'll be out there on a daily basis checking for results. It's amazing how quickly spring is advancing here; each day there are more buds and more color. It's so exciting!

  14. i love these small signs of spring -- esp the birds with the interesting caps on their heads! ;-) hehe (is one a nuthatch by any chance?)

    such wonderful photographs to look at -- the tiny lopsided cupcake looks delectable....what a nice gift from a friend~

    blessing for a great week, dear lori♡

  15. Love the photos of your birds, they are so fun to look at. And I love the idea of a "big" person working on a little house how much fun you will have.

  16. You know what they say: great things come in small packages! And now Pam and Anushka will soon receive their own small packages filled with great prizes! Wooohooo, congratulations, you lucky ladies! Yay for spring!

  17. Lovely pictures I love all of that white in your home.
    Since I came back I see signs of Spring. Only been away for 4 days. Amazing how fast it can go......
    It was a cold grey today. But I know it won't be long now.....
    Lucky winners!!!! Congrats
    Still have to read your Africa post.
    Catching up. Story of my live ;)

    have a nice day dear♥

  18. Ahhhh, I am so glad it's finally spring here! Those gray days were killing me!

    Everywhere I look, birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and it is bright and warm out. I love it!

    And I too love all things miniature - I had a huge, Victorian-style three floor, six bedroom dollhouse that my parents put together for me, and wherever I traveled, I would find something miniature to bring back and add to the dollhouse, such as a vase with Japanese characters written on it (from when I visited Japan) to tiny little jars of pickled vegetables that were labeled in German. I had so much fun!

  19. My dream is owning a doolhouse, to this day! Yours looks beautiful, I can imagine after the Lori-remodeling!!

    Spring is trying hard to explode here too, but not quite there yet. Dad told me you're on Daylight Saving time, lucky you, we're behind on that too, here.

    Hey are those blue jays? I love the blue California plumed creatures. Miss them.
    Miss you.

    Lola xx

  20. Dearest and sweetest LA,

    Just returned today and found the most beautiful Mountain Bluebird in our mailbox. what a wonderful and welcome surprise. I love it so much.

    My computer is I'll, so trying out the iPad, but feel clunky.

    sending a big hug and kiss.



  21. Beautiful photos, and the dollhouse is adorable. I am enjoying seeing the stirrings of Spring in your lovely part of the world.

  22. Oh happy spring! How on earth do you manage to take pictures of birds so well?!! I always end up with blurry blobs that make no sense!


xoxo lori