Monday, January 24, 2011

a classic (surf) weekend

day one

day two

it was the weekend of this
two days in all...
there were beautiful waves
sandy grandkids
friends, food and fun!
and unbelievable weather (it really is winter here)

in between there was crafty day (a success!)
happy birthday lindy ♥
crayon making and handstand contests in the pool
more surfing and finally, the awards ceremony,
chuck made it into the finals in two divisions
(all these surf photos are of him),
and he won a place in each.
good job honey, we are all so proud of you.

have a great week ahead everyone!

♥ a little tired and sunburned lori :)


  1. I love your 'welcome to my world' ability to charm each and every one of us!!!

    My son Carl are headed to Atlanta early tomorrow morning ... for 15 days! I think our Bend weather is better than their weather. But we aren't there for the weather, we are there (like you) for family and lots of love and laughter.

  2. speechless once again!
    but not for long :)

    holy moly lori. (beep beep, just a minute-- a special text interruption):)

    it is almost beyond my comprehension that chuck can surf like this.

    and that you can capture it on film.

    i was playing too while you were on the beach and at the pool. cupcakes and beans that grow before your eyes in hot water. and yoborobo's amazing children's book. very amazing.

    we are quite a crew, aren't we? and for much of the time we we are lucky ducks.

    i love you sf! keep up the fun in the sun!

  3. great shots! great weekend! congrats to your man.. very cool at the rincon classic. it will be good to return to california in the spring. although i still know i will miss it here... my friend who is visiting me is actually a carpinteria mama. i'm feeling connected in many ways to carp/s.b. these days. i think it would be great to move back there one day.

  4. yay!!! go chuck go and big congrats to him!!!

    loved the fotos of all the surfing...........oh i wish how i could do that, but so scared of sharks can't tell you...

    fabulous weather for january, even if it means a little sunburn - glad your weekend was full of fun and love - you deserve it girl ♡

    love and hugs

  5. fabulous weekend!
    Go Chuck you good thing

  6. Surfing is something I cannot believe ANYONE is doing, and there is your own fabulous husband conquering the waves! I am deeply impressed! And love your sandy grandkids, too, and all your fun and lovely pastimes. Here, we don`t even SEE the sun, let alone get a sunburn! We have -1°C which is just cold and ugly. What a great difference to see your waves! Me, I am waving, too!!

  7. I MISS SANTA BARBARA! Boo hoo hoo. haha! Seriously, I do. :) But it was nice to visit with you and your lovely family, and soak up some rays and play in the pool. You know what? I think I get vitamin D from visiting your blog! xox Pam

  8. Congratulations to Chuck, bravo! And to you for the great photos, brava!

    I can't believe the photos of those kids in bathing suits and in the water!! It's FREEEEZING here!!!

    What are those colorful things you made? Are those the crayons? You are so great! I'm sure it was a wonderful weekend, your photos give it away.

    Like Amanda says, you definitely deserve all the sun, love and hapiness in the world.

    Lola xx

  9. Now that is what I call a wonderful weekend♥

  10. What a weekend Lori! Love the shots; you crammed alot of happy into your weekend. I am a little jealous of the sun, sand, beach and sea. I could do with a nice salty walk on the beach about now!

  11. Amazing photos. I have always wanted to surf. I can't believe it's that warm there, here it is about 13 degrees right now, no ocean either. Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  12. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! What a great weekend! Great big heaping spoonfuls of blessings. And Yay Chuck! Woohooo, congratulations! The water looked great. And the sun looked great! And the grandkids looked GREAT! At first I thought you had found the most perfectly-formed and multi-colored sea glass on earth, but then I saw they were crayons. Cool! :D

  13. Congrats to the hubby! Beautiful, beautiful photos as usual Lori!

  14. That is a wicked weekend!

    I love your ability to take us there, right into the moments, with your wonderful pictures.

    I love those kind of winter days... we get them here too.


    What's crayon making?
    How did you do that? Is it just old wax crayons melted down?

    They look beautiful.

    xx Robyn

  15. PS... I've been without internet and computer for a few days.... all sorted now (thanks to a technician) and I'm typing on my new computer :)
    Very exciting... everything even look different and for the better!

  16. Hi dear Lori Ann, I am sitting here in the kitchen slowly munching dinner. jeff is at a board meeting for the California Native Plant Society.

    So, congrats to Chuck. Those are great photos and I loved seeing the kids, the crafts, etc.

    Did Chuck see any sandhills? We're thinking of driving out there tomorrow on our half day off.

    I am in the throes of writing the children's bird book and Jeff is helping to organize me, but I need a day off.

    Sending love, love and I ESPECIALLY love the handstands in the pool (along with everything else you photographed).

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  17. Looks like a sublime weekend full of sunshine and salty air. How lovely that you got to spend it with so many of your special people.

  18. Rincon i betcha.
    The real deal.

  19. bliss! well done Chuck! and fantastic photos Lori - wow; are those crayons?
    i loved your weekend xx

  20. I'm so glad to see the sun still comes out somewhere in the world. It is raining here in Key West. Again!
    Fab photos!!!

  21. Oh my, what great shape that husband of your is in!!!!!!!!!

    Way to go on making it into both categories. You knew he would ;)

    Can I please have that baby Jack Russell??

    And oh, your beautiful grandchildren!

    Lucky girl, lucky them♥♥

  22. Oh dear...... I am sure born on the wrong continent!
    If that is winter then it is my kind of winter.
    Sure looks like you had a perfect time!
    And congrats on your DH for being in 2 finals.
    That grandkid has the face of an angel (bet he has your genes:))

    Have a nice day♥

  23. Hi Lori! Looks like you had a fun and fabulous weekend! Congrats to your husband!! The crayon making looked like a lot of fun. *sigh* I would like to be where you are right now. We just shoveled a foot of snow this morning!

  24. beautiful beach pictures! and love the fun crayons too :)

  25. i am so jealous lori! i need some sunshine this grey is properly making me sad......

    i really love that last picture on day one, i think, its the one of the surf board on the sand. it's awesome.

  26. what a great SURF weekend....i have to show this to surfer boy :-)

    BEAUTIFUL photographs, lori...and i LOVE the little cute

    happy to visit today, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  27. Loving your pics - I grew up in a surfing family and so pics like these are like home!!

  28. what a beautiful part of the world you live in Lori. I havent been here in a little while, taking a short break so i see I have lots to catch up on! Congrats to Chuck, looks like it was lovely conditions ofr him.


xoxo lori