Saturday, August 27, 2011

to worry

the phone call i received tonight only added to my already escalating worry...
'mama, this is serious'

this hurricane terrifies. i'm worried for everyone absolutely.
but my youngest is alone with only one coworker, at work, and they are right in it's path.
she lives in nyc.

when the warnings began a couple of days ago i called her,
please pay attention, don't ride your bike or the subway either
(this was before we knew they would be closed down).

and don't go into work. you need to stay at home where you'll be safe.
that was what i asked of her. but her work insisted they stay open.
that's what she told me. and she is always doing what they ask, she
can't afford to lose her job.

so she's in lower manhattan, not able to get back home now to brooklyn
the subways are closed and the bridges too. she said it's like a ghost town,
no one is out. businesses are closed and some are boarded up.
she has plans now to stay with friends several blocks away from her work.
when she gets off, which will be in a few more hours, when the storm is
supposed to hit manhattan full force.

to say i'm not worried would be untrue. i feel anxiety and fear
this photo is one i took when my girl left for ny
and this poem is one that usually calms every time i read it, they both usually calm
i wish they would tonight.

just thinking about what i'd like to say to the the owners of this bowery bar,
hey, my fear just turned into full blown anger.


  1. Oh no! Adding your daughter and you to my thoughts and prayers this evening. Hugs to you, Mama.

  2. I wish there was something I could say to ease this fear,fear I too am feeling for my brother is in NJ and my sister is on the tip of Long Island..Here in Florida,having experienced Hurricanes I never get used to it,and now we sit and pray and hope for the best.Hugs,Cat

  3. Lori, thinking of you here and adding your daughter to my list! I've been following along on the NWC all day and watching as Irene makes her trip north. I'm with you on the anger to any boss who can really be so ignorant toward their employees safty. Please do keep us posted and please know that there are those of us who will be worrying for/with you! Hugs to you my friend.xx

  4. you are a wonderful amazing person and Mother and friend and i am breaking that guy's legs. what was he thinking?

    i am now to check when the wind will hit nyc. if it's within the next two hours, i'll be back.

    the shield is strong, lori.
    but still, what a jerk.

    love always

  5. You don't know me, but I've been reading your blog for over a year...
    So I'm praying for your daughter to find safety and for you as you wait.

  6. Anger is a great distraction from go for it! Praying for protection for your girl.

  7. Lori,

    Maybe she could stay there. There is certainly food, water, and shelter. There's a number, I think it was 311 that she can call if there is a mishap or damage to the bar.
    Mayor says to stay inside, I hope she does. Just til the worst is over.

  8. Adding her to my prayers. I'd be scared and angry too. If she is always doing what they ask maybe she'll stay inside...What the F*** is this owner thinking?!

  9. I will keep your daughter in my thoughts & prayers.

  10. I'm so sorry you have to go through this fear and that your daughter is in such a scary place. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you.

  11. i am saving 100 of my frozen brussel sprouts so you can throw them (hard) at that owner. i have frozen peas and frozen artichokes hearts if you have an extra large shooter or a good straw to use

    most sincerely,
    emily rabbit

  12. Lori,
    I would also be worried sick, and mad as hell! I am sending positive thoughts to you and your daughter, that she may be safe during this hurricane. My heart is with you Lori. : )

  13. thank you so much everyone, what a blessing you all are in my life. i'm deeply grateful for your kind words and wishes of love and support. i wasn't hungry before, but now i've decided wine and chocolate make a perfect dinner tonight. :)

  14. she will be ok - her mama's love is protecting her.

    Irene is passing through Maryland as I type this and my favorite tall tree next to my bedroom window looks threatening. I think the eye of the storm should be passing by soon.

  15. Sending hugs and cuddles hoping your daughter is safe. I can imagine how worried you must be and angry! Thinking of you xxx

  16. Oh my! Thinking of you all!
    And throw a rock at the head of her boss! What a souless half wit!

  17. Lori... your daughter was the first person to come to mind when I heard news of hurricane Irene.
    I'm sending big love and feel confident that Hannah will be fine with stories to tell to entertain.

    big love xx

  18. Hi Lori, I think it's so wrong to put pressure on young workers to front up when the bosses have no intention of doing so at such times as this.
    Sending you calming thoughts, please don't turn into Tornado Lori ... then again that boss deserves a fright*!*

  19. I am wrapping Hannah up in white light of protection. Breathe.♥

  20. beautiful picture, beautiful poem. not a beautiful situation. i hope hannah can find a new job after this storm passes. she works for a jerk.

  21. Hi Lori,
    Oh, I hope by now Hannah has been in touch and is in a safe place.
    What an upsetting and aggravating situation for her to have to go to work during this storm.
    It has just been raining here in Maine and the wind is picking up a little now. Hope the storm leaves soon for everyone!

  22. God lord! I'm sure she's ok but a bit wet and frazzled. Post and let us know she's ok!

  23. I've been watching all night too (after home from Opera rehearsals...ironically, a new opera about 9/11...)I even called my Ex...because of concern. Hannah will come through this experience STRONGER.....she's YOU....your daughter and she will make you proud. I would be seething with anger over her *boss* and his unreasonable behaviour.

    Now, at 7:30 a.m. (our time) it looks like flooding will be the main problem where Hannah is....loss of power could also be particularly as NY's power stations are all underground...

    She will find a way to ring you asap...

    I hope the red wine and chocolate (yes, I have *dined* on that particular course a few times in my life) helped you to untense...even a little.

    Adding prayers for Hannah to my long list of beloved East-Coasters...

    Keep us posted.



    ♥ Robin ♥

  24. Lori - My oldest was driving home from New England yesterday. It was good to see him walk in the door, and I know you know what I am talking about. Post and let us know about Hannah! xoxo Pam

  25. Well, first of all your daughter's boss is an idiot, who is going to be going out anyway, he is just putting his workers in danger! I would be angry too. Having said that I feel sure your daughter will be fine/is fine. All is well. I love that poem, it makes me feel so peaceful :-). Hugs.

  26. I'm sorry you are worried for your daughter. I am sure she will be okay, though she is strong and brave. She can stay with friends, they will keep her safe.

  27. Dear Lori,
    I´m praying for your daughter´s safe and for you, too.I do understand how worried you are but everything will be alright.
    With much love,

  28. Oh sh.. I understand your worry!
    My Gosh your little girl up there in that ghost town. st..... boss to let her work.
    But I am sure she will be OK but nevertheless I would worry too.
    Hope this storm will pass without too much damage.
    Keeping Hannah in my thought dear and you!

    Big hug and keep us posted please

  29. Worrying is the WORST! It solves nothing, and there's no way to get rid of it.

    Today it sounded like the forecast has improved.

    I'm hoping all turns out well and you are restored to a peaceful mind.

    Being a mom is not easy.


  30. What I'm hearing on the news and from my friends who live in NYC, is that everyone is okay. I hope that your daughter has talked to you already and your heart has slowed to a peaceful place. Hugs.

  31. Kj told me about this and I was enraged! The greed of that bar owner! I'm so glad hannah is okay, but how dare he risk anyone to keep the damn doors open? I'm here to tell you the storm was fierce in a different way. Not the usual hurricane/tropical storm from what I rememebr and I've been through many.

    Good for you mama bear! Protect your babies ;)

    I wish I could get caught up on every post but i can't.
    Thanks so much for the Wendell Berry piece. It's are you.



xoxo lori