Sunday, August 28, 2011

better now

did you hear that big sigh of relief? that would be me.
all is well. thank you thank you thank you
for the sweetest comments and support last night.
i really needed you. being here alone (chuck was out at the islands working)
with only the alarming news reports to keep me company, may have, no did,
make the situation worse. your comments made me okay. they made me want to hug you
really. thank you.

the entire weekend wasn't spent worrying though, there was ocean swimming, a trip to
the flea market, i got a vintage camera! and the coolest handmade thread holder. and the
most lovely little wooden flower people.
i played with chuck's macro lens (this is why you get to see photos of my breakfast).
and bee's. i tried forever to get photos of them,  it's not easy! they never stop moving,
it's even worse than hummingbirds or owen.

and in between all this, there was knitting, another baby sweater finished (ravelry notes here) and a hat made. it should be called the worry hat, with every stitch i felt anxiety dissolve.

do you see him jumping to the blossom below?!

have a wonderful safe unhurricany week ahead,
hugging you from here,


  1. So relieved to hear it. Was thinking of you all yesterday. xxx

  2. I so wanted to hug you too especially as one day I'll be in your shoes. I love all these photos and now really want a macro lense! Enjoy the vintage camera:) x

  3. Is that a regular old Pentax FILM camera? my FIRST camera!, I practically slept with it - I loved that baby.

    And those little flower people are so lovely.

    But of course the best news is that you are not worrying and that the big city girl is OK.

    (and the little hairy raspberry is just too cute)

  4. Wonderful news Lori and a big sigh of relief! Oh, fabulous pictures too.xx

  5. I'm glad all your chicks are safe and sound. Look at the light coming through that berry - like a little stained glass window. :) And the flower people, well, I just about swooned. Here's to a lovely, peaceful week! xox Pam

  6. the berries have HAIR?! i love your photos always and this small piece of information i will forget :^)

    so glad all is well ♥

    chuck's camera captures every molecule. amazing and astonishing.

    and finally, for now, those little people. i couldn't help thinking that is how life should be.


  7. Glad your daughter is ok! :)
    Lovely pictures Lori! I always admire them.

    Have a nice day without worries♥

  8. oooooh NO! I want a macro lens too . . . .
    Love the pics.
    Glad all is well with you and yours

  9. Dear Lori, I am so glad that everything is okay now and your pictures with the macro lens... fantastic! And you made the incredible bee´s picture! Congratulations, I love that!

  10. those little flower people look like they're from germany. i love them! and those fuzzy bees are so cute! score on the camera - can't wait to see your pics. i just got home to a lovely package from you waiting for me. thank you for sending your sweet self through that loving gift! it made me smile! still smiling...

  11. I followed the newscast all day yesterday, confident all was going to be ok... but still, nervous for all the increasing alarm the media pumped out all week.

    I though of you and Hanna, hoping she'd be safe in the warmth of the nest, away from the fear of Irene and her tremendous wake.

    So relieved to hear all is well. Well done on the nerves too, mama. I don't know if I could have knitted a worry hat in your same shoes, it would have turned out a very strange object in my trembling hands!

    Love the macro!

  12. I knew in my heart that it would be good news :-) so pleased for that.

    Isn't it funny to now have those wonderful cameras as vintage... it just seems like the other day that they were the new whiz bang thing. I still have all my vintage cameras and I love them... though they rarely get an outing these days.

    love to you... have a great week
    x Robyn

  13. ps... yum... i like your breakfast and bee shots very much x

  14. Wonderful news and astonishing pictures. Oh and the wooden children. SCORE.

  15. Lori, I knew it, but glad to have it confirmed that all is well.
    Love these photos! And that sweater is the cutest one yet.

  16. Glad all turned out well with your daughter and most others on the east coast. I'm happy you were able to distract yourself with the camera and that we reap the benefits-lovely photos. Have a great day. Lorrie

  17. So glad all is well Lori...we got hit with a lot of rain and downed power lines (up again in a few hours), but that was all. what a nerve wracking weekend.

  18. I know all of us were bracing for a bad storm. Thank the Lord that he is merciful. Glad your youngest is safe. That is always a worry area: your children. Love how the sweater turned out and love your macro shots of the berries and bees. Also love the little wooden figurines. I've seen them elsewhere but can't remember the name. Where did you get them?

  19. So happy to hear your daughter is safe and that you are feeling better. That leaping bee is awesome and a adore your wooden flower folk. :-)

  20. What beautiful pics. I am glad that the hurricane has gone and you are okay

  21. Lori, so happy that everything was ok with Hannah. Must have been a big relief. Those photos are fantastic -- and now I have lens envy. Gotta get me one!

  22. Glad your your family is okay. Ah, the worries of motherhood never end! Your photos and knitting are fantastic!

  23. I'm eating curry rissoto and green beans and breathing a sigh of relief right along sid eof you.

    Your Hannah is fine in spite of that greedy boss. yay!!

    beautiful photos, and an oh so sweet sweater.

    big hugs to you~


  24. Fabulous photos!

    I love those wee people!

    {So happy you were safe and creative during the storm...}

  25. lori i love your pics. that camera is tops! and i love the blue beret, stunning on you. i have such high anxiety, it sometimes feels its taking over my life. and i knit.. to overcome it, to keep it at bay. when i knit, i too feel it start to dissolve. love you xxoxox


xoxo lori