Saturday, January 7, 2012

the first good thing

today marks one week of the new year. i'm sorry for complaining about not having my
favorite camera. it took a few people much wiser than i to point out it is not really the problem
i'm imagining. between film cameras and my teeny tiny digital, i don't have to stop taking pictures and participation here is still possible!

the start of january and the first good thing...

the season's biggest swell came to town, making my husband and sons really happy. i love watching them surf. and taking photos. my tiny digital tried it's best. but then i don't think there is a camera that can capture the energy and excitement a large ocean swell brings. salty mist hangs over homes and fields, sea spray is tossed onshore with each crashing wave. at night falling asleep, i hear the rumble and i believe i feel it too. i'm reminded to be thankful we live here at the beach.

 good thing number two : at home a package was waiting for me

 can you see what was in the box?

 it's a portrait done by julie whitmore. if only i were better at this, i would have the proper
words to describe my complete joy and happyness, and gratefulness. and delightedness. thank you julie, for painting this.

in this picture is one of my favorite possessions in the world. a portrait done by my mother, of me as a child. now to have this one by julie too. beyond thrilled almost comes close to how i feel. visit julies shop
here to see more of her exquisite pottery and art.

and then. so many of you asked about the rock house and rock knitting grandma, i took close ups so you could see them better. i did not paint either. the house was found in a gallery in morrow bay, and grandma was at an arts and crafts fair. i wish i would have bought two houses (they were all different colors and shapes), wouldn't they be cute as bookends?

 the side

and the back. hee hee, a bird bath. i would like to live in this little pink house.

good thing number three:  christmas knitting! i forgot to take pictures of completed projects, this is the only one i have, but they were happily received, yay! i made three simple cowls and two pairs of these fetching mitts. (still knitting the second ysolda mitt).

good thing number four:  after recent inspiration found here and here, and all the encouragement to use up our stashes, before buying new. i uncovered an old counted cross stitch sampler i began (feeling a bit silly now) in 1986.

 it was soon after i had my third baby, that this was packed away. my sister and i taught ourselves counted cross stitch, sneaking in a few stitches between feedings and diaper changes. it's a lot like fair isle knitting, reading from charts. i don't know why i put this away so many years ago.

but it's out again now! see the giraffe? LOVE that one best. i've a ways to go on this sampler still, and i think i'm going to need one of those magnifying light up lamps. my eyes are not the same as they were twenty four years ago. 

 and last, good thing number five: a super healthy egg dish recipe. it's very yummy.

eggs florentine

2 large eggs, beaten
1/2 small onion, chopped
1 tomato, chopped
1 small zucchini, chopped
small handful of spinach, or chard leaf, chopped
1 tablespoon olive oil

heat a cast - iron frying pan for a minute, then coat with 1 tablespoon
of olive oil. add 1/4 inch of water and heat for another minute.
add chopped vegetables, cover with lid and cook for 3 minutes.
then pour two (beaten) eggs over mixture, cover and cook another
three minutes. scoop out entire mixture with spatula and serve.

this is a great way to add more veggies to your day, starting with breakfast!
(chuck adds salsa, i like it topped with a bit of avocado)
xxx lori


  1. What lovely paintings. And I have been wondering about the rock house and Grandma. Too cute!!

  2. Looks like a good start!
    The eggdish is a good idea only I don't think we have fresh spinace at the the moment here.
    Great surfing waves. Nice sampler, please finish it.
    And the portrait is finally hanging on your wall . It is delightful!
    I have painted my kids too when they were small. Hope they will like it later on. Right now they never look at it.
    The rock is great!
    I just like that spot on your home. Love all the white.
    Have a wonderful second week as well♥

  3. So much beauty here, Lori. Thank you for sharing it. I love your cross stitch - so intricate looking. I guess it was a busy busy time back then. Your portraits are lovely, and you now have me searching the beaches for house shaped stones. Your boys would love Dalmore beach, our local one. There is always a swell there. I stand there and take photo after photo of countless waves, but I can never capture the power and energy of the sea there. xxx

  4. That portrait of you as a baby is so incredibly sweet..and the whole area is so beautiful and serene.

    Little Lucy is getting big so fast...before my eyes...thank you for asking.

    Hope you get your camera back soon!

  5. Lori - such lovely things! Love that portrait of you - it's wonderful. Always loved the one your mom did and it's so sweet to have.

    And I Love LOVE the counted cross stitch! LOVE it - it's a wonderful beautiful pattern.

    Happy new year - I'm going outside to find some rocks to paint.

  6. Love your pictures (as always). It always looks like Summer in your home. Love what you're showing as in the painting, the knitting, the rock and grandma and off course I especially love the cross stitch sampler. It's beautiful and you have done a lot already. It would be absolutely awsome if you finish it!!

  7. hi Lori! I have missed reading your posts and looking at your beautiful pictures. What adventures you have had in 2011, and yes you are right no matter what health, friends and family really is the most important. I am so so sorry to hear about your mum passing xx I wish you more health nad adventure for 2012 :)

  8. I love your little table with all the pretty odds and ends. The paintings are gorgeous. What a great way to begin the year!

  9. I'm glad you're still taking photos and the portrait of you is wonderful! What a lovely gift. Week one of the year marks 1 week of my husband not smoking :) and week one is the day Sam knocked my laptop to the floor - breaking it! Oh well. I would jump in that surf if I was there xxx

  10. I'm so glad that Julie gave you that painting, it is such a wonderful thing. you will treasure it always. I use to do counted cross stitch, one of my favorite past times, but the eyes gave out!!! I love your sampler. Such a list of wonderful things. Have a good day.

  11. Lori - a great post to kick off the new year. I agree -- you don't need your "good" camera to get great captures. Your heart always comes across in each shot regardless of the instrument you use. I gravitate to the ocean as well. Maybe part of us remembers that we are made of salt water. I too love falling asleep to the pounding of the surf. What a dream to live by the ocean. Hope you are doing ok ... xxoo

  12. Your good things are truly good things! I hope your 2012 is filled with goodness (and a newly repaired camera).

  13. Lori,

    It is all too wonderful, but I think the swell and the portrait are my favorite, if I had to pick :-).
    Good things indeed, but I think Owen should be on the list :-).

  14. Oh Lori,
    What a special gift to receive in the mail and such a wonderful friend to be had. The painting is just so special.
    I have a few cross stitch items I did in the 80's too. I think there is still some fabric buried deep in a bin somewhere :)
    I am so glad you are enjoying this super new year!

  15. The first good thing will be followed by many more good things, for sure. I promise ;)

    I miss the big swells heard from my bedroom and watching all the surfers looking like seals rollicking about in the waves. I'm happy for your boys!

    The two portraits are perfect together! I love her writing on the package as well.

    I wouldn't have the patience for cross-stitching. You were very good at it! I think you'll pick it up again. maybe it will call to you.

    Happy new year, Ms. Lori.


  16. Your photographs are still incredible! I had to have my camera in for repair and I missed it. I know it wasn't the worst problem in the world or even a problem, but boy I missed it. It's like a part of my body or brain or something.
    Love the portrait and the box in which it came. :)
    Thanks for the recipe and good luck with your stitches. I was gonna make some mitts for Christmas, but now they will be a birthday present.

  17. so very many good things, lori. truly.

  18. So many good things! The new painting is gorgeous!! Impressive waves. Tasty eggs. Lovely post, and I really don't think you need to worry about using your little digital because these photos are fab :D

  19. Do not worry about your photos! They are gorgeous no matter what you are using! This year my theme colors are green, pink and blue so I loved this post for soooo many different reasons! Thank you for sharing and happy new year!

  20. Your new portrait is beautiful, and the one of you as a baby is a wonderful treasure indeed!
    The counted cross stitch is amazing - such tiny stitches and detail. I do not like doing counted cross stitch (too much like math ;), but they really are so much prettier than the stamped kits, aren't they?

  21. Lori

    It's me thats happy because you like the picture so much.
    Oh that egg dish.
    and the rock house? Bet they make rock candy in the kitchen.

  22. So much goodness in this post!!! From the lovely painting you received, to the beautiful pink rock house and grandma, and hooray for you for going for cross stitch again!! And the frittata looks maahhhhvelous! Definitely trying this one!!!

  23. What a lovely post! I'm smitten with the cross stitch sampler. I've been meaning to do a sampler, and that one you've started is exquisite. What great memories you have to go along with it!

  24. The vivid pink of those mitts are gorgeous, and you reminded me of a portriat my Mum did of me, must frame it and display. And that breakkie, looks good...will have that tomorrow, maybe with some added mushrooms, yum, can't wait

  25. I made that same Noah's Ark sampler back in 1991. I have it framed and in my bedroom. It was a lot of work. Don't do cross stitch any more because my eyes are just not as good as they used to be.

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