Saturday, October 29, 2011

date morning

daybreak in the marsh
we saw a new pair of white - tailed kites
thrilling to see them take up residence here.

and we saw the fox, sly fellow that he is
didn't know we were there to watch
as he steathily tip toed by...
(no photos, he's too quick)

hunting here

crossing through the marsh, landing on the sea shore
we pulled out our stand up paddle boards for a near perfect
paddle up the coast. grinning to each other as we passed the
house we were married at six years ago today.

and then, dolphins came (how do they know we wish for them?)
to escort us back home. the video i've included down below
was taken a couple years ago, (from my kayak previously, neither of us
had cameras out in the ocean yesterday) but this is how it was.
so exciting, it makes me cry everytime.

stopping to see a group of sanderlings

happy anniversary dear husband.

love, lori


  1. It all looks so lovely. Happy Anniversary!

  2. So amazing! I feel that way when I'm close enough to touch dolphin's too. They are such incredible creatures. Beautiful images from beautiful days!

  3. Happy Happy Anniversary! Stunning photos as always. Thank you for the video :-). xoxo

  4. Happy Anniversary! You live in an amazing place. I've never seen a dolphin before. I saw a 'school' (is that the right word?) of whales once in Tenerife and the feeling was unbelievable. How lucky you are :)

  5. Lori - I think you are a dolphin. happy anniversary to you both and may dolphin days continue forever xx

  6. Happy anniversary!
    How special the dolphins came to make your heart jump with joy!
    Lovely pictures!
    Such paradise

    Have a nice Sunday♥

  7. Ah - dolphins are drawn to special people. Have a wonderful anniversary with your dear one, Lori.

    ps - please feel free to email me any questions. xxx

  8. Lori, thank you for sharing parts from your special day, it is all so beautiful. It sounds like your Chuck is just perfect for you and I hope you have many, many happy years together doing what you both love!
    Watching the video was a pleasure. One of my son's loves to swim with the dolphin's, but we don't have any video of time!
    I hope your weekend continues to be filled with joy and happiness.

  9. Happy Anniversary! That video is amazing! I think you guys were dolphins in another life. :) What an amazing life you two lead! Wishing you many more happy days - xo Pam

  10. beautiful! those monarchs, the stillness of the morning, the light, your beach, the dolphins... so lovely! glad you had a magical day! i bet the dolphins helped bring you two together.

  11. Dolphins to help you celebrate your anniversary? A VERY auspicious sign! Such a perfect day. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful and lovely couple!

  12. first of all, i was perked already but triple perked when i heard your familiar laugh at the end of the video. (big grin) paddling with dolphins around like that: oh god, lori, what a joy.

    and speaking of paddling: may i take a poll on your blog? Friends and visitors: please raise your hand if you can 'stand up on a paddle board for a near perfect paddle up the coast.'

    haheehee. i am raising my hand gleefully and the goddess of magical thinking keeps pushing it back down!! oh, i see another raised hand or two; but alas, not mine :^)

    finally, your photographs. i love seeing the birds you love! the flock (/) over the ocean is astonishing. i can hear their wings flapping.

    nice post lori. very nice. as always.

  13. I never tire looking at your gorgeous photos! The sky is so blue and it is a picture perfect date :) Thanks for sharing!!

  14. i forgot to say a word about chuck.

    easy to say in a word: wonderful.


  15. Dear Lori, your photos are astonishing! I love the birds picture and also the dolphins that came by to escort you, so incredible!
    Wishing you many more happy wedding anniversary days to this beautiful couple Lori & Chuck!

  16. Sweet Lori,I love the photos of Hubby in the water..his dark figure in the shimmery water looks so cool!!But my favorite has to be the must be so wonderful to capture them.
    On our vacation,we all had the chance to go swimming with dolphins..something I will never ever forget..They are sooo beautiful and I'm convinced I made one smile...I was so nervous and I squealed a bit,but be quickly put me at ease and as he looked at me,his eye smiled at me!!Really!!Beautiful creatures of the big blue.Big Hugs,Cat

  17. These pictures you took should all become postcards. I just love the butterfly ones! And the birdies. And Chuck on his board. I love it how you enjoy every moment and make it glow. You are a true dolphin as Val said. Much love from here.

  18. Once again--outstanding photos that I'm so glad you share!

    Picture perfect anniversary, too!

    Happy day.

  19. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful way to celebrate the day.

  20. what a beautiful way to celebrate your special day. i agree - seeing dolphins when i'm out on the water feels magical and fills me with joy. a good sign indeed~

    happy anniversary wishes to you both♡



  21. happy happy anniversary Lori and Chuck!!


  22. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had an amazing time!

  23. Oh MY gosh HOWWWW BEAUTIFUL the dolphins!!

    I love the kites, I could watch them forever.

    Happy anniversary, ours was the 30th :)


  24. Lori!
    Thank you so much for your recent comments and for joining me on the November challenge, "Thirty Days of Giving Thanks!"

    WOW - what yummy photos!! Congrats to you on your anniversary. Oh my, you are making me miss the ocean.

    I love your writing!

    Happy we've connected! xo

  25. Lots of fresh air & sunshine for a lovely anniversary!

  26. This was so beautiful!!! Your photos--especially of your husband paddle boarding with the mountains in the background--breathtaking. But the video left me speechless too...dolphins are one of my favorite creatures in the world (next to the owl) and you would think I would have many chances to see them up close living in FL. I have--but only in captivity :(. I've seen them in the ocean, but not while I was in the water too!! I think I would have cried seeing them up close and so free!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us--you truly do live in a wondrous place :).
    ps...I wanted to tell you I purchased Lucy from yoborobo...I made sure I let Pam know you sent me her way :). Can't wait for Lucy to arrive!!

  27. Such amazing images.. thank you for sharing!

    Happy anniversary!

  28. Every single drop of this post is magical!

    You and Chuck share such a special kind of love.

    I love your laugh that was nearly a soft crying sound in your gratitude for the dolphin visit.
    You're truly at peace in the natural world and I love that about you (and Chuck.)

    Thanks for sharing another wonderful experience.



xoxo lori