Friday, October 14, 2011

knitters anonymous

here is a voice message left for me by my oldest girl.
i've saved it on my phone since it makes me laugh everytime i listen
(you have to hear her) and the truth is she left it before i broke my
finger two days ago. but it fits well i think.

"hi,  ah i was looking for 1- 800 knitters anonymous
i, i just can't stop knitting. i mean i try to put down my little... knitting utensils
but i, i just can't stop picking them up and i knit all the time and
i knit scarves and i knit hats and i just want to stop knitting
so i heard this was the president of knitters anonymous
and i was hoping that you could help me stop.. knitting.. so.. much
ummm okay well i'm gonna go knit and i'll wait for your call
and maybe your knitting too
and then we could like...
oh no! never mind! we're not going to talk about knitting
um anyways bye bye byeeeee byyyy"

i am fine, my finger is an unnatural shade of blue and purple
and for the first (and okay second) day i could only cry, but see how i go now (slowly)
after my same (funny) caring daughter applied a splint to ease the pain.


  1. That message is a riot! So sorry about your finger. What happened?

  2. what happened?? poor lori!!! this wasn't a knitting accident, was it? ;-)

    your daughter is a hoot — i wonder where she got her sense of humor from, funny momma?? (hehe) ;-)

    ok - now you must tell us what happened!


  3. ah haha i hoped i wouldnt be asked that...rushing around so as not to be late for work, i made a mad dash from the shower (sans clothes). banging it on the doorway of the laundry room on my sprint back to the bedroom. hurrying almost never produces good results. unless your in a race. :)

  4. Ooh Lori! Ouch! Hope it heals soon. Sounds painful but am glad to hear you laughing too. Keep on knitting :)) x

    to have a passion that excites and comforts and exhaults and stretches and creates and tickles: i'd say that is definitely addictive behavior in the very very very very very best way.

    i wonder what i would find if i googled 'knitters' anonymouse (hahaha, look how i misspelled anonymous!!!) probably a group of clicking clickers.

    re: your finger. best if you say it's a sports injury...


  6. Oh my dear friend, your poor finger!! I hope it isn't too painful. What a sweet phone message:)
    Sending you love and light and healing.

  7. Ha, ha!
    Hi, My name is Tracey and I too have a knitting problem! ...
    Your daughter is just too cute.
    I'm glad to see you aren't letting one little ol' broken finger keep you from your needles and wool! Knitters are a tough breed! Knit on my friend, knit on! ;) And no more running in the house! Love ya!xx

  8. So glad that you can still knit and take photos. So sorry about your finger. Oww! I did the same with my little toe once I was rushing around getting bedrooms ready for house guests and .... kicked a door frame. So silly! 'least I could still knit!

    Love the phone message, but I'm not convinced anyone would join knitting anonymous if it existed. That probably suggests that I'm in denial about my own addiction!

    Take care.

  9. Okay, I am most shamefully laughing....much more than I should but the accident sounds a LOT like, ummmmmm, *me*.
    Hope you get healed soon, and the message from DD is absolutely hilarious!
    Hang in there!


  10. You have buckets of sympathy from me!! I hope it gets better soon and I hope you can still knit and photograph and hug grandbabies. Everything else is just not that important...? Right?

  11. "hurrying almost never produces good results. unless your in a race. :)"....... Ah, this is so true. I find that I always only make things harder than need be when I'm rushing around. I hope it heals soon. And that message is hilarious!!

  12. Omygosh,That message is toooo funny!!I have about three messages saved on my phone of the kids when they leave me something funny like that...You are so blessed to have such a beautiful,happy,loving Big Girl,...and she is lucky to have such a beautiful,happy,loving Momma.Now what happened to your finger?Hugs,Cat

  13. H ahaaa N.A. you can drink wine while you knit, extended wetsuited and silversmithed finger extended, start a craze.

    seriously though I hope you're feeling better.

    Hey, you can't keep a good woman down!!

    Healing wishes, Ro

    My word verification *deleckit :) take care xo

  14. I'm so sorry for your finger.....well wishes to you!
    I just wanted to say that I love your photos.....ALWAYS!(well, your knitting too).

  15. You soldier on...
    Seriously though, you are bit of a show off! I can't even knit with ten good fingers!! :D
    Your Daughter sounds awesome.

  16. Does Knitter's Anonymous have an east coast group? I have three UFO's and am tempted to start a 4th. SAVE ME!!!!

    (poor finger...what happened?)

  17. the message is a scream! EINA!!! (the expression we South Africans use when we're in pain) Hope it heals quickly xxx

  18. Poor you! Hope time will fly by, and soon you will be back to normal.. I loved your daughter's message - she knows you oh so well!!

  19. Wow what joy you have in your family!!! So you all are knitterholics? Not sure if I should be hanging around you then...hee hee. I love it :).
    Sorry to hear about your finger, but good to see it's not stopping you at all!

    take care Lori and have a lovely weekend!!

  20. Ha! Funny girl! So sorry to hear about your finger, though.

  21. i bet she thinks you secretly broke your finger knitting!

  22. Hi Lori, I'm sorry to hear about your broken finger! I hope it's going to be well soon so that you can knit (more comfortable)!
    I love taht grey yarn - looks so lovely! Thank you for sharing again your amazing photos!
    xxx Teje

  23. that is such a funny message :) so sorry to hear about your finger. what a neat splint type thing though - i thought it might be a knitting gadget but now i know. No stopping you eh? hope it heals fast xx

  24. Lori, You are so right about hurry.
    Sorry about your fuinger, but glad it is not slowing down your knitting.
    Funny message, I need to go for painter's anonymous :-).

  25. Ouch! So glad you have a loved one to splint you up and "stitch" you up ;-) Awesome message!

  26. You know, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Wait, no, backup. The first step is even HAVING a problem! You and your lovely nursemaid funnygirl daughter have a gift! At least this was your pinky finger, not a major knitting finger. Now you can look tres elegant making your purls!

    Heal quickly!

  27. Lori, I am so sorry for your finger,I hope you get well soon.
    And what a funny message to listen!Your photos are always so great! Have a great Sunday, here it´s rainy and getting cold. What kind of spring is this?

  28. ... i too thought this was a knitting accident. Hope you heal soon!
    Your daughters message is hilarious! Im glad she left you smiles♥

  29. Oh Lori -- so sorry for your pain! but that message had to make you smile - it made me! : ) Be well my friend. xxoo

  30. I hate it when my friends have booboos :(

    I love that phone message! I know you laughed until you cried. What a sweet daughter.

    last year I was closing the bathroom door but I forgot my other hand was in the door jamb. yes, I closed it...tight! I cried like hell, I swear. The rest of my black fingernail just grew out a couple of weeks ago. Ouch!

    We do need to slow down sometimes and stay mindful and present.
    Darm jobs make us hurry!


  31. oh no poor lori!!!

    i hope your finger gets better soon.

    and congratulations on being the president of knitters anonymous ;) hahaha

  32. Ouch! I'm sorry about the hurt finger. Hope it heals quickly. Knitting 'utensils'? I like that! And'll invent a new method of knitting - the upper crusty version with pinky finger extended. Only kidding of course.

  33. i love your daughter's sense of humor! and i love that you're still knitting with a broken finger. hope you heal up nice and well. :)

  34. You poor thing Lori...How on earth did that happen...It must be so difficult to do anything...I hope it heals really quickly...

  35. I was scanning down the pics and saw this really cool knitting gizmo that you were wearing that I was sure either held an extra needle or cabling needle or something--I love "toys" and I sure hadn't seen one like that. OOPS. Splint. So sorry. Glad to see it's not keeping you down. And now you have more time to field calls from KA (knitters anonymous)--I'm a life member. I have the number on speed dial. Talk to you soon.

  36. Ha! Your daughter is hilarious! But oh, your poor finger...I hope it heals quickly and perfectly so you can get back to warp speed knitting.

  37. Hello, my name is Susan and I am a knitaholic.

    (Just had to say that :-)

    That phone message is a keeper!

    Hope your finger feels better soon.

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