Wednesday, October 5, 2011

knit through everything

knitting can be a source of comfort. the simple act of holding wool and needles in my hands
is recipe for joyful minutes, sometimes even hours, in a day. since losing my mother last week, i've found that the thing i can manage, the thing that soothes my broken heart, is still knitting.

sadie, my granddaughter, chose this yarn, for her sweater. she was so pleased with it she told me she planned to wear it for her school photos. and she also wanted to wear it to the 'home' she and her brother built on the beach. after all, even though there is an outdoor kitchen and garden, inside the bamboo hut is a seaweed chandelier, and dressing nice is always welcome. (i love how much my daughter and granddaughter are looking alike in these photos).

sadie's sweater
yarn : kaleidoscope by loops & threads, 100% wool
color: painted desert
needle : size nine
pattern :  here
book i'm reading : a journey of hope by susan k beeney, r.n. (it's helpful.)


giveaway winners for the needle pouchs (from two weeks ago) are greer and linda, of typically red and natural suburbia. dear friends, please send your post information so i can send these right off to you. linking with ginny at small things, where weekly sharing of knitting and books takes place.

for your prayers, kind words, and wishes, thank you.
bless all your hearts, from my family to yours.
keep safe, hug often, love always.
xxx  lori


  1. that sweater is really stunning, and will make her school photos even more special than usual. x

  2. I love these colours Lori and it looks like your granddaughter is having an idilic childhood...what a wonderful place to play...


  3. Love the sweater, and the colours work so well on the beach for some reason :)

  4. Oh I love the yarn your daughter chose, what a wonderful sweater. Your pictures are wonderful too!

  5. Oh wow. This is beautiful! You're so talented :) You have a beautiful family. Just look at that sun highlighted hair. Sigh xxx

  6. Knit on, Lori! Consoling yourself and giving others such pleasure! Yes, all is so beautiful, the tepee with the chandelier, your two girls, and the sweater! And YOU.

  7. Sweet Lori, I am so glad you have found comfort in knitting and your heart is healing. The sweater you did for your granddaughter is so lovely on her. Your family is just beautiful!xx

  8. Must be a true hit with your granddaughter, if she's already deciding when and where she'll wear it. Just perfect. You live in such a gorgeous place.

  9. I can relate.

    Thinking of you Lori - and your family.

  10. Lori, that sunlight bouncing off of those two sun-streaked heads - it transports me back to many happy days at the beach with my own chicks. :) I have been thinking of you. Sending love, Pam

  11. Adorable!... your knitting and those beautiful girls.

    Love Sadie's beach house.

    Do whatever, whenever to sooth your broken heart. The loss of a Mother is huge.
    big love to you Lori xoxoxo

  12. So good to see you back in this space. Knitting is so comforting, yes? I knit many stitches beside my own mum's bedside in her final days. My thoughts have been with you this week. And that little cardigan is beautiful! xx

  13. Dear Lori,
    I am so happy that knitting has been giving you comfort during this time of loss. I really love the sweater, the colours are beautiful.

    I am so excited to have won a neelde pouch!!! Thank you so much I will email my postal information through to you today:)

    I wish you love and light dear friend.

  14. Oh, Lori, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad that you have been able to find some solace, if only a little bit. Your granddaughter's sweater is so precious. I'm sure she will continue to treasure it for years to come. Much love.

  15. lori,

    your granddaughter is precious and your daughter equally gorgeous. the light in these shots is......well, california perfect.

    and now for that sweater — oh! i wish i had one like that! do you sell those in your etsy shop? it's a mini version of joseph's technicolor dreamcoat!

    sending love and big hugs as your heart heals, dear lori♡


  16. Gorgeous sweater and model!! Knitting is soothing to the soul, isn't it? She looks lovely in the sweater :)

  17. gosh they do look alike hey? love the new jersey colours and style. ah knitting...i think i should join you. maybe a scarf...
    hugs xx

  18. Thinking of you during this time of much sadness. I'm glad you've found something that distracts and comforts.

  19. Oh Lori, your family is so beautiful! I love the yarn Sadie chose and how happy she is with the sweater.

    That's one fancy beach house she built, and the photos you took of her in it are beautiful.

    Thinking of you and your family a lot these days. Keep knitting and hugging.

  20. Her sweater turned out so pretty! I love the colorway.

  21. How beautiful you and your family are, stunning family inside and out and stunning sweater. Glad you are finding comfort. Sending lots of love and lots of hugs. xoxo

  22. Beautiful sweater Lorii, as is your family!! And I adore the beach home Sadie built, and the seaweed chandelier :). Tell her she is wonderfully creative and looks marvelous in those colors :). Thanks for your lovely comments yesterday. I hope you do get to see M.O. in Santa Barbara, how special would that be!!

  23. A sweater that will look lovely by the light of a seaweed chandelier or any other light. We were in S.B. over the weekend , Lori, at old haunts and there it was, that pink gold light I've never seen anywhere else.
    You catch it with your stunning pictures.

  24. I'm sorry you lost your mother. The sweater is charming.

  25. Such a sweet granddaughter! And your daughter is beautiful. You're right about knitting - it is very comforting. Is your grandson into picking out yarn too?

  26. beautiful sweater for a beautiful girl! i know she will treasure it.

    so sorry to hear about your loss. sending you much peace!

  27. Glad you are finding comfort in your beautiful knitting. Your grand-daughter's sweater is gorgeous and so sweet she wants to wear it for pictures. Lovely photos, too!

  28. What a beautiful sweater, and what a complement that your granddaughter wants to wear it for school pictures (and to her special "beach home"!). I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. Knitting was a balm to my soul after my mother died, too. Peace be with you.

  29. Dear Lori,
    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. Knitting has been such a source of solace for me too since the loss of my stepmom last year.

  30. Dear Lori, Sadie looks lovely with the Lori´s handmade sweater, she is an adorable model!
    Wishing you lots of peace and love,

  31. Dearest Lori,

    I'm so sorry that I was away from the blogosphere so this is the first I'm learning about your mother passing away. My deepest condolences and I will pray for your heart to keep being as strong as it is.

    I'm not sure what else to say, so I'll just say that I'm glad your hands are staying busy and that it seems like it's helping your heart heal.

    Much love to you,

  32. Lori,
    The sweater is beautiful. Your family even more so. I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. I am still feeling raw from the loss of my mom this past January. Such a difficult thing. Thinking of you!

  33. a tee pee of twigs, a child of joy, a daughter of love, a sweater of warmth, and you, lori: a daughter and mother and partner and friend for the ages. i love you so much. did i tell you that i think after all that hearts bounce even when it seems like they break?

    you will not be on this path alone. that's a promise.

    lucky sadie and lucky you.

    and lucky me too.


  34. so sorry about your mom. i am glad you can find some solace in your craft, the sweater is truly beautiful.


  35. What a beautiful legacy your mother has left...a gorgeous
    Granddaughter and great granddaughter! The circle of life is difficult.
    Knitting has helped me through difficult times, too.

    Lovely photos of your family.

  36. this cardi is so darling on sadie and i noticed too how much mother and daughter look alike. very sweet. what a cool life it is to grow up in carpinteria. must be fun for your daughter to relive her own childhood with sadie too.

  37. Lori,

    Your images are always comforting to me. I wish I could send you a big hug to comfort you. Your mother left you a legacy of love that you have magnified and infuse in everything that you do. Knitting seems to be a perfect creative metaphor for healing, comfort, and sharing that love. Peace.

  38. Beautiful Lori,
    I like the way you channel love, sorrow, hope and joy.


  39. beautiful sweet Sadie, cherishing her sweater. And you. She cherishes you.

    Kimberley Summer is a beautiful lady too, just like her mom.

    I'm glad knitting has brought you a small bit of peace and comfort.
    It's because you put your heart and soul into everything you do and it gives back.

    Sending love and hugs~


  40. what a gorgeous sweater.. and so sorry to hear about your mother.

  41. Hi Lori,

    I just came across the sentences you posted about standing on holy ground just before your mother died and want to tell you how much I think they will mean to my sister-in-law as she waits for her dear sister's death. My brother and Nga left for Viet Nam yesterday as Nga's sister's days on earth are almost over. It has been hard for Nga to be in America and not by her sister's side during her bout with lung cancer.

    I thank you for your words and I hope they will comfort Nga, just as I was comforted reading them.

    Diane in North Carolina

  42. Lori, I'm so glad you have the comfort of knitting. You are in my thoughts and prayers...wishing you love and peace and comfort.

  43. I loved these photos of your grandaughter playing at the beach. Her new sweater is beautiful, as is she and her mother.

    My heart goes out to you during this tender time of grieving.

  44. The little sweater is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by Wild Whispers! I would never have found you otherwise! I will be back... soon!

  45. Your granddaughter has very good taste in yarn and colors.

    The photographs have such warmth to them.

    Lorraine :-}

  46. What a gorgeous sweater! And my goodness, your daughter and granddaughter simply radiate with beauty. My grandmother knitted loads and loads of sweaters, and I still cherish them dearly.

    Speaking of gorgeous, that incredible orange sunset is beyond anything I have ever seen! You are amazing for capturing it all so perfectly. And happy birthday to your very handsome son!

  47. so much love, comfort, hugs and healing from my heart to yours.



xoxo lori