Wednesday, August 28, 2013


endearing is knitting for weddings (and babies!). i've made a shawl for my dress, this is 'flying home' again. the moment the first 'flying home' was cast off, this one began. i think the first time i've made a pattern twice in a row. as soon as it was completed, this morning at a cafe with a friend, i gently pinned it out (at home) gave it a light mist with water and three hours later it was dry. well, almost... :)  patience not being my virtue today, i couldn't wait to try it on, see how it went with everything. i think i'll try to braid my hair, something like this maybe:

the shawl was made with lace weight silk mohair from lion brand lb collection, in the colorway wisp. so pretty, so soft, it knit up beautifully, i'm glad to have tried it. this shawl weighs less than a feather, less than air! yet so warm too! it will be good for travel i think (ten more days, eeps!) taking very little space in my carry on.
raverly page here.

thank you for the heartfelt words on my anniversary post
made my heart swell, and my eyes fill
and feel forever grateful

the winner of jade sapphire exotic fibres is:


and the seaglass:

annie coe

thank you for entering my anniversary giveaway!

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(just finished moloka'i by alan brennert, now one of my favorite books,
will try to remember to review later!)


  1. so is that the hair style for the wedding? you shall be stunning

  2. Your shawl is breathtaking. It looks so incredibly soft. I love those braids. Have a wonderful time at the wedding.

  3. Dearest Lori, the shawl is perfect for you with your beautiful dress and shoes. I think you hair done in braids will be just the thing. Oh, a wedding, so exciting.

  4. gorgeous ♥
    congratulations to the lucky winners!

  5. Is Kim getting married!? Where are you going? How wonderful! Or is it Hannah?! Congratulations. Beautiful shawl and your dress. You have killer ankles by the way. Xoxoxo

  6. Hi Lori, have been away settling my son in at college in Colorado. It's good to be back and I've caught up with your posts. I see you haven't posted as much lately but when you do, you always have such wonderful outdoorsy adventures to share and the most beautiful knitwork. Happy blogiversary. Congrats to the winners of your lovely giveaway. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. So ethereal. Great job! I had a midwife once that wanted to knit a shawl that could fit through her wedding ring. I bet this lovely shawl would!

  8. What a wispy decadent knit :) you are going to be beautiful at the wedding, love the photos :)

  9. So beautiful... like all that you do. Wonderful!

  10. What great taste you have, my friend! Each item is beautiful individually, and stunning collectively. WOW!

  11. What an absolutely beautiful, wispy shawl. With your stunning dress, shoes and beautifully braided hair, you’ll look angelical. Oh please post pictures of the event happening. Such wonderful pictures you always leave with us, I so look forward to all that you share with us. Thank you Lori for all you do for us who so enjoy your talents from afar.

  12. Lori, as always, your knitting is perfection, and I compliment you on your choice of this yarn for the beautiful shawl that will be the perfect addition to what you will be wearing for a very special occasion.

    Best wishes to you, and of course, to the happy couple.


  13. Oh my gosh - such gorgeous photos! Every little bit is just beautiful!

  14. Lori, you are going to look stunning. And I mean stunning.

    So happy and so proud of you .


  15. Oh my goodness, everything is just so beautiful...your photos, your shawl, your dress, your shoes. And your hair done up in braids like that will be just stunning.

  16. What a gorgeous shawl and I'm glad to see what the LB Collection - Mohair looks like knitted up. Simply stunning Lori :) Congrats to the winners!

  17. Stunning Lori. Love your outfit. Can't wait to see the pictures of the big day. Very pretty hair style you have chosen, will you be able to do it your self?

  18. All so beautiful, Lori! The wonderful delicate shawl, dress, shoes and such a pretty hairstyle that will really suit you! I love all these romantic photos and deliciously soft colours.
    Have a wonderful time at the wedding!
    Helen x

  19. A beautiful shawl, just perfect for a wedding. Love the hair style as well.
    Thanks for the book suggestion, have added it to my 'read now!' list!

  20. perfection!!! the dress, the shoes, and of course----the shawl!!!! and I'm sure the wedding will be, too!! so very excited for you and your loves!!!!

  21. Truly- endearing Lori- it's all so lovely.
    So very happy for you, here's to a glorious day!

  22. Your shawl and photography are exquisite! You will look so lovely on that special day. I hope to see many pictures.

  23. What a lovely shawl, and those shoes and the dress, I really like them! You will have such a great time at the wedding in those clothes I am sure. And the pictures, I adore your pictures!!
    You say that you want to visit Sweden, check out my latest post, there are a few pictures, that might inspire you further;)

    Hope you stay away from the fires! Or the fires from you...

  24. You are amazing. I love your project. Recently I lifted a shawl from my friend's shoulder, and you're right, it was lighter than a feather and so, so lovely.

    Your hair would be perfect in that do.

    Ginny returns to Carp soon so you know I'll soon follow.

    Sending love, love,


  25. It's beautiful Lori! Such a versatile scarf. It looks beautiful on you! Hope you will have lots of fun at the wedding!

    Congratulations to Stephanie and the other lucky lady!!

    Happy day Lori!

    Madelief x

  26. That shawl is so beautifully light and airy.

  27. You know you are gorgeous, right? The shawl, too :) Your hair would look so good up like that. XOXO

  28. You look lovely! And the shawl is equally lovely - I bought the pattern when you first showed shawl No. 1, but haven't started it yet.

  29. Oh, Oh, Oh, HOW FABULOUS!!!! Oh, I am so excited and I feel so hugely fortunate, Lori. Thank you so, so, so much!!!!!!!!!

    Manic tap dancing will ensue here in the Loire Valley where the sun is shining almost as manically as I am grinning.

    Gosh, how could I miss this?

    Hugs from France,


    ps Please do take your time sending this beautiful gift, Lori. I can see you have much more important fish to fry. Let me know when you would like me to email my address to you...


  30. Oh it's exquisite Lori! Absolutely dreamy and romantic and the just perfect. Yes to the braided 'do'. Hope you will show us pictures of you all dolled up. And how gorgeous is Stephanie's reply above, made me smile :-) Have a lovely weekend. Mel xxx

  31. Lori! Thank you so, so much! I will love this seaglass even more because it comes from you. I am thinking how I can use it in a painting :-). So excited, bit I echo Stephine about taking your time sending it. I think you have my address, but let me know if you need it.
    You look like a fairy princess, the shawl and dress and you are all beautiful!

  32. Oh Lori, this is so perfectly "you": beautiful, delicate, gentle.

  33. Sharing your knitting with us, I've certainly gotten to know you as a person; your style is just impeccable and as gentle as your nature. The shawl is absolutely perfect and I bet you catch your hubby with a smile, remembering the bride he married, XOXO

  34. Oh my, that's so lovely. Yes, do up your hair like that, it will be gorgeous! And I love the glitter shoes, too. You're like a fairy godmother. :)

  35. Oh Lori, your sparkling shoes and outfit are delightful, including the hair and the shawl! The shawl! You have been so prolific with your knitting!
    Go well.

  36. This is all so lovely Lori and the pumps are so cute and your hair will look gorgeous braided. I can't wait to see all the wedding photographs. Have a wonderful time.


xoxo lori