Sunday, October 25, 2009


Do you know that feeling of eating dessert for breakfast, running and skipping everywhere, following your heart instead of a map?
This is what it's like to spend a day with a grandchild.

On Saturday I got to watch my grandson play football, I only have baseball photos of him, the football photos are still in my film camera, but here is Travis running the bases when he played baseball.

After his game he was invited to a college game in L.A.
My little girl grandchild was sad, she was going
to have to play alone quietly while her mother studied.
This didn't seem like a good idea to me since it was too glorious a day to spend inside being quiet.

Sadie and I went to the Zoo instead!
here, we ran through the grass...

...rode the Zoo train...

...ate a picnic lunch beside two Elephants...

...that were in love...

We looked in the Zoo gift shop...
(and found a special furry ellie to take home)

...and daringly walked where Mom's say "Get down!" and
(Granma's say "How's the view from up there?!" )

we watched penguin's contemplate the water...

...and then we watched them dive in... here Sadie taking her own photo's with my cell phone. She had taken photos all day, zooming in and out, sending pictures to her Mother and confiding in me that she was really a good photographer. I said I have no doubt. :)

Watching the penguins swim gave us an idea, since it was still almost 80 degrees out when the Zoo was closing, we headed home, changed into our bathing suits...

and jumped in our own pool...

When I took Sadie back to her Mum, she hugged me
bye Grammy!
and then whispered in my ear,
You are my best friend.
Can you hear me falling into a million pieces?

Spent the evening in reflective bliss, thinking about the day and then relaxing while my husband got dinner for us. And then knitting for my child who has requested these leg warmers for her cold days up in the Pacific Northwest. See Hannah? I'm past the knees, they'll be to you soon!

thankful and exhausted, yet ever so grateful



  1. Oh Lori Ann it sounded like you were me when I am with sweet Josephine (2 year old granddaughter) and Domenic (3 month old grandson).

    How I love them, you have helped me with this.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. A lovely day with sweet Sadie, doing fun things together. Yes, your Hannah will need a few leggings to keep her warm, and the envy of the dorm.

  3. Dear Lori,
    How can you possibly be old enough to have grandchildren? You look young enough to be one of the children! I loved, simply loved, your diary of the day. Lucky children indeed.

  4. I was with you on during this wonderful day and my favourite thing to do was watch the penguins
    :) so much fun Lori and especially the way you tell it.

    I hope that I too live long enough to have the pleasure of being a Grandmother. In recent weeks I have become a Great Aunt which I feel is quite special.

    Thanks for a wonderful day and how lucky is that lovely little girl to have a best friend in you :)

    xx Ribbon

  5. PS..
    I think the leg warmers are very cool!
    Doesn't get cold enough in my corner of Australia for leg warmers... and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing ;)

  6. where to start?

    the elephants.

    how well you see.

    a love like no other.

    a gram and a child in love like the elephants.

    i am so blessed that the universe has chosen you as my friend. everytime i come here now, i think that.

    love love

  7. what a wonderfull day! wow...I LOVE the leg warmers. They are too cool...I bet you could make some money with those...

    This post made me happy...

    much love

  8. What a good idea to rescue Sadie like that.Hmmm.....I wonder who had the most fun? Lovely to see you happy, sweetie.xx♥

  9. Oh Renee,
    I'm really glad, 2 years and 3 months? oh, babies...sigh..and the other one, I understand, I really do.
    a really great day, it's been a long time, the entire summer. Hannah is anxious for her leggings, I hope she won't want a 2nd pair, they are taking forever.
    haha, thank you. Luckily I get that alot, I was a made a young grandmother, and just keep getting younger! (in attitude)
    Congratulations on your Great~Aunt hood Ribbon! Oh I hope you do too, I really do.
    The penguins are Humbolt penguins, they bray like the African ones, so fun to watch, I love them too!
    It's hard to knit in this heat, but it's cold where my daughter is, :)
    gosh kj,
    what beautiful words, i'll treasure them, thank you my friend. ♥
    Hi Stacey,
    Thank you very much, I really appreciate you coming by, I'll come visit you in a little.
    it's wonderful to be feeling better. So great. I missed my life. Hey, I guess I have to go to F.B. to see you!?

  10. Lori, you'd be the coolest grandma ever. I LOVED spending time with my grandma when I was a little lass. Such special times, they'll stay with her forever.

  11. Yes, Bonnie Lori, Tam is right. These one-to-one afternoons with Grandma-Oma and grandchild create the most precious memories for both! What a wonderful inspiration of you to pass the day with her! And yes, I bet she is a great photographer, if she is coming after you!
    Those leg warmers are cool. And as Rosaria said, they`ll be the envy of the dorm! I used to knit sweaters for my daughters and nieces, but only as long as they were little! Maybe I should start again this winter? Have you got a simple pattern for me?

  12. Lori - sounds like the perfect weekend day ... full of fun and favourite activities spent with people you love. It's a satisfying feeling to be "spent" at the end of a day lived fully - and in the moment. I think I would love to have a Grammy like you! And such a pretty one at that!

  13. ball games and the zoo! and the cute elephants! and swimming pools and having such a cute little best friend! What a lovely time you have been having!

    I have been working hard these days and finding it hard to make time for myself. Thank you for making me realize what is important in life...I need to do a tad bit of re-prioritizing!

  14. Tam, Thanks! it's alot easier to be a cool g~ma, you don't have to be the rule maker (or even the enforcer!)
    Oma Geli, I have something perfect for Jojo and Caroline(which I've been meaning to make myself)lagging seriously. I'll send you a mail.
    Thanks Lyn,
    as you know kids force us to slow down,live in the moment and well, act like kids (if we're lucky!)
    I'd been far too long for me too. I hope you can take some time just for you, or maybe borrow a child for the day, you'll both have fun i'm sure!

  15. Well, I guess I will just fly downstairs to wipe the counter. Oh I forgot I am an angel, so I will just continue to sit here and tell the counter to wipe itself.

    Love Renee xoxo

  16. it is amazing to think of you as a Granma, and to have a little girl who thinks your her best friend. And another girl who knows her mum will knit her leg warmers. All because of love. What more is there.

  17. Yay Lori! I love visiting you! Thank you for the smiles :) You always brighten my day with a read of your world!

  18. This brings tears to my eyes and makes me utterly grateful for how involved my parents are siblings are in my daughter's life. We are so fortunate.

    Thank you, as always, for your glorious perspective on life!

  19. I still cant believe there are people out there swimming and wearing sundresses while we are wearing hats and gloves in the Midwest. At least we have yet to get snow ...

  20. This is such an amazing post! How wonderful to read about how much love you have for your grandchildren.

    Beautiful :)

  21. Hello lovely Lori - THANK YOU for my package received today!! I love my lovely knitted hat, but will have to pack away till it's nice and cold again, just like it was when you were here - perfect for those chilly nights! Glad to get a preview of Hannah's request. Very cool!

    What a lovely day with young Sadie.. that pool looks heavenly - just what I feel like jumping into right now - it is so hot and sweaty here!!

  22. Lucky you! Mine live a long way away and I don't see them nearly as much as I would like.
    This was my first visit to your post...thank you for sharing your thoughts, your grandchildren and your time with them.

  23. Hmmm! Empty nest....what empty nest. There seems to be a very special bond developing here. Somebody will need to be able to hold a little girls secrets for her. What a marvelous and adventurous time you had. Suc wonderful memories.

  24. Oh Lori, what a perfect day! It made me smile the whole way through! She is utterly adorable. The legwarmers are very very cool.

  25. how did we become friends so quickly, lori? i am forever glad.


  26. Renee,
    I think you still have to wipe the counters, even if you are an angel. :) xxx
    Thank you Mandy honey :)
    Janis, your blog does the same thing for me! i LOVED your last post, fantastic.
    Diana, we are so lucky, to have family close by is the best...good luck with your move.
    I think you need to look into relocating. We have some great races here. And I will babysit!
    I'm lucky they live close. And that they like me! They are pretty special.
    good it came! it's been a long time in the making. first being ill all summer and then making it and then mailing it exactly one month ago. Well, it'll keep for the cold weather sure to come. Enjoy!
    Hi Barbara, thank you for coming by and for the lovely comment, grandkids are great, aren't they? :)
    I know your right, and it really is wonderful to be a grandparent, it's just different from parenting. Way different. I loved your post on parenting.
    She is such a sweetheart, we love to hug and squeeze her. She's at a really fun age, we're getting ready to take her and her brother on a trip somewhere(without the Mom). That will be fun!

  27. What a wonderful perfect happy day with your grandchildren! You say it so perfectly in these words..."Do you know that feeling of eating dessert for breakfast, running and skipping everywhere, following your heart instead of a map?This is what it's like to spend a day with a grandchild." This is exactly how I feel when I get these moments with my grandchildren. Lori

    PS You have a beautiful blog with a beautiful way with words.

  28. you are so right.

    yes, friends forever.


  29. Lori that first photo is absolutely beeeauuuutiful....

  30. Hi Lori,
    I thank you so much for coming over and for your sweet words. I bet we have alot in common. Kids are the best, a blessing ♥
    kj and lori ☺ ff
    ♥ Braja,
    My favorite too. Thanks!

  31. You are such a lovely grandmother ( although you don´t look like one!), Sadie will have wonderful stories to tell when she grows up and the special moments she had with you! She´s lovely!

    I loved the leg warmers, beautiful colors!

    Have a blessed week!

    Love , Mina

  32. You tell the best stories. Lucky grandkids!

    Your penguin photo is outstanding.

  33. You lift me up with your every post my friend....

    Elephants in love...and penguins contemplating the water...and the joy of children...

    What more could anyone ask for?

    My warmest love to you,



xoxo lori